Drupal 8 is a Great Way of Developing a Useful and Valuable Website – Part Three

Drupal 9

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A website can either be poorly developed or greatly developed, it all depends on the tools that the developer uses, to accomplish this daunting task.

In today’s article we are going to continue our series on building websites using Drupal, we will continue to explain, important concepts which you should know, if you plan to build your website using Drupal.

Another important concept is the region, which defines where side builders, can place their content, provided by a theme. Regions on a theme can be the Header, Content, Sidebar, Feature top, breadcrumb, primary menu and highlighter, depending on what theme design was used. All regions are optional except for the only required region, which is the content region, because it contains the primary content.

A great site builder, should know that websites need to be planned before they are built, and the content is written. During the implementation, you should also know that the plan may have to be adjusted, either at the beginning of the implementation or at the end of it.

The development of a website is accomplished because developers have a list of the content, that the website will present to its visitors. Developers, should also know which type of information goes, in which type of pages on the website. For example, if you had a website that sells good, information that should be on pages which is supposed to take customers’ information, should be defined for that page, in the back-end Drupal admin site. The vendor and recipe details pages should also be defined, as well as the about page, which is going to tell visitors who, owns the website.

A developer should also be able to decide which content is more important on which page and decide which of these pages should appear on the main navigation. A small rough design of each page, should also be drawn, to be viewed on a small or large screen, to allow users to find the information they need easily. Alright now let’s talk about another concept that is very important in Drupal, this concept is content entity, or just entity. An item which consist of images, attached files, HTML mark up, text, and any other data, which can be viewed by visitors, is known as an entity.  The core software or modules may define content entities, which can also be grouped into entity types. Smaller variations of how entities are used and displayed are accomplished through entity subtypes, which is a way of dividing entity types.

Fields are used to store entity items, fields can be formatted or plain text, images, dates and other files data type.

Modular content is another Drupal concept, which explains that certain pages on a website don’t have to be edited pages, instead they can be generated from other content items. Editorial workflow is also another concept from Drupal, which explains that this is the process that an organization, create, review, edit and publish content.

It is very important that developers think of their website content before they start building the website and allow the content to guide them through the development.  Developers should also understand why developing a content model is important, they should also learn about Drupal’s tools, which support the implementation of a content model and they should also create a content model plan for their Drupal site.

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