The Linux Operating System and its Benefits

linux operating system

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Linux has been the operating system of my choice ever since, I was introduced to this technology. I have become very curious about learning more about the Linux operating system, to make contributions, and even develop my own operating system sometime in the future.

As a based system, Linux can power many devices, Linux is modular, like the Unix operating system, because it derives many of its principles established, in 1970 and 1980, from Unix.

Since the Linux Operating system can handle process control, access to the peripherals, file systems and networking, this operating system is known as monolithic. The Linux operating system is one of the most reliable, secure, and worry-free operating system, which powers many desktops, servers and embedded systems across the globe.

Most of the Internet, supercomputers making scientific breakthroughs and the world’s stock exchanges computers, use the Linux operating system around the world. Linux is an operating system like Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac OS X, and manages all the hardware resources associated with a laptop and a desktop.

The communication, which takes place between the hardware and the software of any computer is managed by the operating system, which is being used.

Linus Torvalds a student at the University of Helsinki, created the Linux operating system, which evolved from a kernel. The kernel tells the big chip or the central processing unit (CPU), which controls a computer, to do whatever you are telling the computer to do through a computer application. The best part of Linux and what makes it different from other operating systems, is the fact that it is free and available for anyone to view, edit and contribute to, when users have the appropriate skills. As one of the first open source technology, Linux has a wide variety of software, which have been contributed by programmers, free of use and open source.

Open source software means that it can be downloaded, and changed the way that users want, this explains why there are different distributions of Linux; such as Ubuntu, Debora and Fedora, to name a few, Linux is very secured, and it has a wide range of options, for many users who want to create something that would impact the world. It is important for an operating system to be secured because there are many trojans and viruses, which can affect a user’s progress on their work in the computer.

Therefore, Linux is very secure and don’t allow computers to easily become infected with a virus or trojan. Older computers seem to come back to life, as well, when people use the Linux operating system to revive them.

Not every distribution of Linux will work for every computer of course, a computer that only has 256mb of RAM and an outdated processor for example would need a low-end system such as the Puppy Linux. Unlike other operating systems, which require users to meet minimum very high hardware requirements, Linux could be fitted for a wide range of low end and high-end systems, due to its efficiency. All the major programming systems, such as Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C/C++ and others are supported by Linux as well.

The support for SSH or secure shell, is also brought by Linux, SSH helps users to manage servers quickly. Linux is not the best operating system there is, each one has their own strength and weakness, but it is free to download and modify, which makes it very powerful.

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