Application Development – What You Need to Know

software development

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The world of applications has taken our society by surprise, because many of us today use them, and sometimes, don’t know what to do if we didn’t have them. In today’s article, we are going to talk about application development, in order to figure out what it is that developers need to know, in order to successfully develop an application.

A person who want to develop an application, should know that there are skills, which are critical for a developer to have, in order to successfully develop an application. A developer should have website development skills, such as HTML, HTTP, cross browser issues, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and other skills, which are very important to know, in order to develop that application. An application can be made available to millions of people, through publishing platforms, which are there for developers to allow users to find their applications.

An application can run on a computer desktop device or a mobile device and allow users to accomplish tasks easier and efficiently. For example, when a person wants to travel somewhere, and don’t know how to go to their destination, then a map app that can give directions, such as MAPQUEST, can help users arrive at their destination.

A computer programming background is indeed needed too, for a person to develop an application. A developer would also have to understand that a system development lifecycle, is the process, which needs to be followed in order to successfully develop an application.

A system development life cycle (SDLC), would include steps, which are followed by the developer, these steps are: planning, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation and support. There are methods, which are taken, in order to execute these steps, these methodologies are: waterfall development, agile development and extreme programming methodology.

Research, development, modification, code reuse and reengineering, maintenance, and other activities, may also be included in application development. Applications may be developed for websites or for mobile devices, and the procedure to develop these applications, is very similar; however, mobile applications are written, to take advantage of unique features, which are only available on a mobile device, such as the mobile device’s camera.

Businesses and organizations, use software to develop and manage applications, in order to exploit information for profit. Therefore, many would look at software development as a profitable career path, which can make a lot of money for an individual. The crowded marketplace in application development, however, would make it very difficult for an individual’s app to stand out and make a lot of money for that individual.

Application development has become very complex, therefore, the skills of a developer, must evolve and be sharpened on a daily basis, in order to for that developer to successfully develop an application. There are many applications available for us to use today, and what these applications have done to our lives is irreversible. Our society is dependent on applications, and many people wouldn’t know what to do without them. The only fear that can come to my mind regarding applications, is that if the lights are out, then many of us would be in a lot of trouble, without access to our applications.

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