The Anticipation of a New Human Connection – Sex Robots

sex robots

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The world in which we live in today, is becoming very weird and people are trying new ways of interacting with their reality. We must be very careful with what we wish for, we don’t know yet what we are creating in our society, and we don’t know yet what problem we are causing for ourselves. In today’s article we are going to talk about sex robots, which are being produced, as I write this article, for people to live out their fantasies.

Sex robots are becoming very popular, and we don’t know yet what the ethical implications are, because sex is fundamental to being humans. However, people are programming machines to experience the same reality that humans have, such as sex. A person can choose traits and personalities for their sex robots, because coexisting with machines is a very realistic thing. Since a lot of people nowadays have problems, meeting someone, and starting up a family, a lot of people are looking to sex dolls to answer that problem.

Some manufacturers are now claiming that their customers are marrying their sex robots, because they rare so realistic. We are already using robots to clean our houses, build our cars and cook our meals, now robots are used to offer us private fun. The realistic dolls have sophisticated movements, which mimic humans for them to satisfy the sexual fantasies of their partners. For sex robot to create the feeling of body warmth, sex robots will have built-in heaters, in order to give their partner a realistic experience.

The sex robots will react to touch through sensors, they will also have a voice so that they can speak, and they will be able to smile and sing for their partners. The sex robots will also offer an emotional connection, which would make the experience for a human being very real.

As lonely humans look for love, these specialized robots, will be appearing at homes, in order to fulfill their partners’ sexual needs. People are obviously trying to avoid, fulfilling each other’s emotional needs, therefore manufacturers have a hard time keeping up with the demand for sex robots. Sex robots could one day be the perfect companion for some people, because they have customizable looks, voice, personality and sex drive. Sex robots such as Harmony, can smile, blink and frown, she can also hold conversations about anything.

She can tell jokes, quote books, and remember your birthday and other major holidays, as well as what you like to eat, the names of your family members; and of course, she is able to have sex with you as you please. It is very weird and new that people are choosing to have relationships with robots rather than humans, because only a human can satisfy another human. However, many people believe that a robot can fulfill their emotional and physical needs.

The implications of such relationships are not yet known, and the psychological damage that can potentially occur from all of this, could be tremendous. We are changing the constructs of our society, by choosing sex dolls, over real human interactions, and we don’t know what the outcome of this could be.

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