Computer Forensics Fields – A Brief Overview

computer forensic

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The computer forensics field, has helped the justice department lock up a lot of offenders, and as technology advances criminals, find it very hard to hide or delete incriminating data from a computer. The computer forensics field has transformed the justice system, because the idea of investigating, digital media, gives law enforcement, the ability to use digital files and media as evidence, in a court of law. Professionals who would like to seek a career in computer forensics, also a large amount of free tools as well as commercial tools, are available in order to conduct a digital investigation. Computer forensics was developed as a result of the increase in crimes, which are done on the computer. The validity of computer forensics though, is being questioned, due to the lack of standardization, certification and its infancy (Meyers & Rogers, 2004).

The data extracted from a computer, due to an investigation, has to also be validated, before it can be used as evidence, in a court of law. Computer evidence, is becoming a vital component, on many cases, due to the fact that computer technology is becoming more and more intertwined with the affairs of our daily lives (Meyers & Rogers, 2004). The fact that rogue nations and terrorist organization, continue to use the computer technology, in order for them to carry out their evil plans; computer forensics use, have increase in many countries, who are victims of terrorism, according to Rajesh & Ramesh (2016). Large organizations as well as police departments, are now equipped with computer forensics specialist, due to their vulnerability to computer attacks, and to conduct computer forensics investigations. Rajesh & Ramesh (2016).

Some areas of study, such as accounting, are required to have some skills in computer forensics, in order to know how to protect their important data (Kearns, 2015). Computer forensic is very beneficial to all who use this technology; however, the lack of standardized processes, and agreement on definitions, are slowing down computer forensics; therefore, preventing this discipline from becoming a mature scientific area of study (Bern, 2008). The legalities of computer forensics are tremendous, because the data that is being collected as evidence, can actually incriminate the prosecutors. Computer forensics, in under a lot of scrutiny, because the current procedures discussed on this paper, creates concern due to the owner’s privacy.

When the number of users is large, a lot of problems can be encountered as well, because the data would usually be on a distributed/shared storage. Also the fact that users can find tools and software that could help them, delete, hide and modify data easily, can hinder a computer forensics investigation. Computer forensics, is also facing the fact that legal teams don’t have all the computer skills and knowledge needed in order for them, to ask the important and right questions, regarding digital evidence.


The challenges faced during this paper, was the fact that although computer forensics is a good tool, many people have privacy concerns; therefore, the technology is not growing or being taken seriously. Also a basic understanding of the tools, which are used for computer forensics was also a challenge, because I couldn’t grasp the idea of recovering files, which are deleted. If the files are deleted, from the drive, how can a tool find it, in order to be used as evidence on a court case?



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