Project Management is Essential for Projects

project managers

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A project must be managed well, in order for the project, to not go through certain problems and be able to face uncertainties.

Without project management, everything we see today, wouldn’t probably exist and most of us, wouldn’t like this life.

In this article, we are going to talk about project management

Understand project manage, its risks and the solutions that project managers, have available to them today; can give project managers an edge to complete their tasks.

Results are the bottom line of most companies, and it gets really complicated when, the people at the top of a company, have to be involved, in order to deliver consistent results, for their companies’ clients.

Today’s ultra-competitive, constantly shifting marketplace, is demanding a rigorous project management approach, in order to complete large and complex project.

Companies are able to identify and react to problems more efficiently, before schedules and budgets are blown, due to project management best practices.

A series of complex, connected activities with a common purpose, is known as a project, and principles of project management are applied to most project, in order to complete them.

Projects must be broken down, into a series of interrelated tasks, in order for project management to be successfully implemented.

The product quality, process quality requirements, labor cost, hardware, software, training etc

are all limitations of a project, as well as calendar time (schedule), requirements/objectives and/or quality, resources, people (skills), facilities and equipment.

In order for a project manager, to understand the fundamentals of a project, they must be involve in Project Planning.

Project managers must ask themselves these questions, what business situation is being addressed? – What do you need to do? – What will you do? – How will you do it? – How will you know you did it? – How well did you do? Managers must also be aware of the creeps, such as the scope creep, which are changes in the project specifications and the original plan, which can occur all the time for any number of reasons.

When the project becomes more complicated, meaning that the scope is wider, over time, due to the changes, this phenomenon is known as scope creep.

Project team members must also be monitored, in order to know what they have accomplished, if not hope creep will occur and the project will fail

Another type of creep is the effort creep, which happens when team members of a project, are not as skillful and can’t accomplish the job, because it is more complicated than anticipated.

When a team member works hard at their job, by spending a lot of time at the office, but is not being effective during their time, then effort creep occurs.

Project management can be classified as: traditional project management (PM) which involve waterfall methods, incremental PM, Iterative planning PM, adaptive planning PM and extreme planning PM (requires team members to work closely together as pairs).

Project managers have many tools that they can use today, in order to complete, the complex projects, that are being developed today.

Another good tool that project management should also adopt and learn, is evolutionary project management or EVO.

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