The 23 Technologies, Which Revolutionized The Internet and The World For Ever

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The Internet is home to millions of users, who want to achieve goals, and gain respect from the rest of the world. If you are an Internet user, at one point or another, you too will want to use the Internet to serve you and not the other way around.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the 23 most innovative technologies, which revolutionized the internet

Here are the 23 most innovative technologies, which change the way we use the Internet for ever.

Innovative Technology #1: Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT:

Has revolutionized the Internet for ever. EFT allow banks to transfer funds, from one bank account to another, without the need of having any paper money exchanges. Direct deposit is one of the most popular forms of EFT, because many people need to have their money on the bank, directly from their employer.

Innovative Technology #2: Electronic Mail or Email:

Is utilized by virtually anyone who uses a computer and gets on the Internet. People are able to exchange computer stored messages, through the Internet to communicate with each other, with this technology.

Innovative Technology #3: The Domain Name System or DNS:

This technology is used by the Internet, in order to locate domain names. Domain names are translated into Internet Protocol or IP, for computers, to be able to locate the name people use, to locate a website.

Innovative Technology #4: The Website Browser:

Without a browser, an Internet user wouldn’t be able to surf the Internet. This special software was designed to read web pages, and anyone can obtain a browser, because they are free, as long as the person has a computer of course.

Innovative Technology #5: The Search Engine:

Many Internet users, wouldn’t know how to use the Internet, if it wasn’t for search engines. When you want to find information, that is relevant for your needs, then you just do a search online, but to accomplish this a search engine, had to be developed, for users to find websites, relevant to their search phrases.

Innovative Technology #6: Apple’s MobileMe:

When people want to synch their emails, calendars, and contact list into all of their Apple devices, such as Macs and iPhones, this tool can be used. People can also share their documents and photos; however, this application has growing pains, and gives it a bad reputation.

Innovative Technology #7: Web Servers:

With the help of HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, a web server is able to serve the files, which form the webpages a user is able to see on the Internet. When users get online and search for websites, this action is seeing as a request online, and the web server responds to these request, by serving webpages.

Innovative Technology #8: Front-End Technologies:

One of the reasons a user is able to see a website, is because the front-end technologies, are at work to make sure that the website looks and feels as it should. An essential subset of programming languages, which perform specific functions, within larger programming languages, such as C# or Java, are the front end scripting languages.

Innovative Technology #9: Back-End Technologies:

In order for the users of the Internet, to be able to come to a website and enjoy it, the back end technologies must be at work. The back end technologies, are the technologies, where the data is stored and managed. A server, a database and an application are all parts of the back end technologies, of a website.

Innovative Technology #9: The Internet of Things:

Is progressing very fast, data center monitoring, HVAC, building maintenance, supply chain management and home automation, are some of the things which are being connected and tracked through the Internet.

Innovative Technology #10: Multimedia – Video, Podcasting and Music:

When a message needs to be transmitted or delivered through graphics, text, video, sound and animation, then the power of the multimedia technology is used. Video streaming is one of the most adopted internet technologies, for use in instructional settings.

Innovative Technology #11: Blogs and Blogging:

Another interesting technology, which took the Internet and changed it forever, is the power of blogging. Users can quickly create blogs, because there are technologies available online where they can find these resources.

Innovative Technology #12: The Instant Messaging or IM Technology:

We have seen the IM technology, on many sites and such sites have allowed the exchange of text messages, through a software application in real-time.

Innovative Technology #13: The RSS Feeds Technology:

This technology, allows users to create their own push data streams. RSS feeds also don’t force users to search for their information, because they can fetch the relevant information, in real time.

Innovative Technology #14: The Broadband Technology:

Is talking about the high-speed network connections used, to make the Internet a reality to users. Broadband Internet connections, are known as the Cable modem and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

Innovative Technology #15: The Internet Protocol or IP Address Technology

This is also part of the Internet, because users are able to retrieve their website due to an IP address. IP addresses, are similar to a telephone number, however, it is online, and therefore it is used for different purposes, although it is used the same way. When a computer want to send data to another computer, it must first know its IP address, in order for the data to be sent.

Innovative Technology #16: The Firewall Technology:

When access control policy between two networks, need to be enforced, a system or group of systems is used, for the network to be able, to accomplish this goal. You will either find software firewall, which is a specialized software running on individual computers, or the network firewall, which is a dedicated device designed to protect computers.

Innovative Technology #17: The Emoji technology:

When people want to use a face, in order to express themselves, they can use ideograms and smiles, to transmit that message. The ideograms and smiles are known as emoji and are used to express facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather and animals.

Innovative Technology #18: Dating Website Services:

These types of websites have changed the way we date forever. We don’t any more seek to meet face to face, before we start to talk to each other and become intimate with each other. We instead leave it to the Internet, to find us a significant other; many people claim that they are too busy, and that these services are the way to go for them, and to tell you the truth, it has worked for many people, so why not use it.

Innovative Technology #19: Cloud Computing Technologies:

This technology, has changed the Internet as well, because it allows businesses large and small, to operate smooth via an Internet connectivity. Rapid on demand expansion and mobility without fear of downtime, crashes or loss of data, is permissible due to the cloud computing technology.

Innovative Technology #20: Network Service Providers (NIP) :

Help the Internet to run smoothly, because a business or organization sells the bandwidth or network access to Internet service providers.

Innovative Technology #21: Internet Providers:

It was necessary that there is someone who the people, would be able to go to and acquire the Internet. As many of you have noticed, many of us have to pay for the Internet, because a provider has to be able to meet the technological demands required, to make the Internet a reality in the lives of many people around the world.

Innovative Technology #22: Internet Protocols

This technology, allows the Internet to have rules and principles, in order for it to function correctly, all throughout the world. The data that is sent over the network, wherever the Internet can reach, has to be formatted a certain way across the board, in order for the Internet to function properly.

Innovative Technology #23: Video and Music Streaming Technology:

This technology is indeed, the best part of the Internet, when people can go on live. Nowadays many of the social networking sites, allow people to go live, and people are taking advantage of this, because people’s lives are changing.

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