The Top 22 Network Monitoring Tools Used By Most Network Administrators

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In the world of technology, computers have to be able to communicate with each other; therefore, a network has to be designed and implemented, in order for the computers to be able to communicate.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the 22 best tools that are used in order to monitor the networks, designed for computers to communicate.

Here are the top 22 tools and software used for network management and monitoring,

These tools which are used for monitoring and analyzing the networks, which have been developed all throughout the world.

Networking tool #1: Nagios Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Helps network administrators, ensure that critical systems, applications and services are up and running, all of the time. Alerts, event handling and reporting, are all features, which Nagios provides, to its users; and at the core of Nagios, users would find the monitoring engine and a basic web user interface UI.

Networking tool #2: Microsoft Network Monitor:

Network traffic are captured, viewed and analyzed, through this network monitoring tool. Networking problems and applications on the networks, can be troubleshooted, with this network monitoring tool. Over 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols and simultaneous capture sessions, are all features of this networking tool.

Networking tool #3: Cacti Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Allows network administrators, to collect data from almost any network element, such as routing and switching system, firewalls, load balancers and servers. The data collected is then shown into robust graph, which can be used for polling other devices for similar data sets.

Networking tool #4: Zabbix Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Is a networking tool, which comes with a simple graphical user interface or GUI, and makes it easy for network administrators to manage their networks, once they understand this tool. SNMP, ICMP, Telnet, SSH, etc., are all supported by Zabbix.

Networking tool #5: NTOP or NTOPNG Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

When a network administrator want to have a report on traffic, then this tool is useful. NTOPNG can be fed data packets from a network for analysis, once this tool has been installed on a server.

Networking tool #6: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) :

When the performance and ability to handle the traffic, needs to be monitored, then this tool is used for that. Response time, availability, and uptime of routers, switches and other SNMP-enabled devices are all tracked by NPM.

Networking tool #7: Unigma Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Is another networking monitoring tool, which can be used for public cloud management, cloud cost optimization and cloud billing. A unified cloud monitoring tool, to manage report on public clouds, and have access to a various environment in the network is provided by Unigma.

Networking tool #8: Wireshark Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Is a powerful network protocol analyzer, it is free and it is considered the de facto standard in the industry. A graphical user interface can be used to analyze captured network data; the TTY-mode TShark utility, can also be used to analyze the data.

Network tool #9: NAST or Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool:

this tool does a great job at capturing network traffic. NATS is able to build LAN host list, follow a TCP-DATA stream, it can find LAN internet gateways, reset established connection, perform single and multi-half-open portsanner and write report logging.

Network tool #10: Angry IP Scanner Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Is designed to be incredibly fast and very simple to use, it offers features such as: Portability, ping checks, NetBIOS Information, MAC Address and fast multi-threaded scanning.

Network tool #11: LiveAction & LiveNX (Network Experience) :

Is a company, which develops the solutions needed, by network designers to be able to simplify network managements. An innovative visual display, deep control of routers and switches, as well as real-time big data analytics, are all part of LiveNX (Network Experience).

Network tool #12: AggreGate Network Manager:

The AggreGate Device Management Platform, is used for the enterprise-grade IP network management, monitoring and supervision system of the AggreGate Network Manager. Open-source SDK, integrated Report Editor and SNMP data analysis tools, are all unique features provided, by the AggreGate Network Manager.

Network tool #13: FlowScan Network Management and Monitoring Tool:

Is a tool, which can be used by network administrators, to analyze and report on Internet Protocol (IP) flow data, which can be obtained through routers. Perl scripts and modules, are the programming languages and technology used, to develop this monitoring tool. A view of the network border traffic, is provided through images produced, by FlowScan; which binds together flow collection engines, high performance databases and a visualization tool, to do its job.

Network tool #14: AutoFocus Traffic Analysis and Visualization Tool:

Provides network administrators the ability to, analyze the pattern of traffic, in order to provide them with textual reports and time series plots. Textual reports are measured in bytes, packets and flows, which allow this tool to generate the report with traffic cluster aggregation of the mix of traffic.

Network tool #15: Fluxoscope or NetFlow Listener Aggregation and Analysis Software:

Is a tool, which was developed in Common Lisp, to provide network administrators, the ability to manage their networks; through graphical and textual reports. Fluxoscope also provides network administrators, an interactive Web-based tool, which can be used to manage their networks. Also access statistics on the processing of accounting data is provided by this tool, because the NetFlow Listener tool, is an accounting processor with an SNMP agent.

Network tool #16: Paessler Router Traffic Grapher:

Is a network monitoring tool, which provide network administrators the ability to monitor IT infrastructure, which are used for enterprises and organizations, which are of all sizes and industries. This tool is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable Unified Monitoring solution for network administrators.

Network tool #17: OpenNMS Network Monitoring Open-Source:

If an enterprise needs a network monitoring tool, which would fit their needs, then this tool can help them achieve that goal. This enterprise-grade, integrated, open-source platform, can be used, in order to developed custom network monitory solutions for large enterprises.

Network tool #18: Pandora FMS Network Monitoring Software:

Helps network administrators, to rapidly develop solutions for enterprise network infrastructures. If something is going wrong with the network, a centralize system of management, saves the clients a lot of headaches, because the system will send distress warnings, to the network administrators. The system is able to accomplish its job, because it performs network diagnostics, without external access.

Network tool #19: WhatsUp Gold Network Monitory Software Ipswich:

Is a tool, which allows network administrators, the ability to manage networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications. Network administrators are able to manage their networks with this tool, through easy-to-use and customizable maps, dashboards and alerts.

Network tool #20: Zenoss Core Hybrid IT Monitoring and Analytics Software:

provides complete visibility for cloud, to network administrators. This tool also provides virtual and physical IT environments, which are used to manage the network infrastructure of enterprises around the world. Through real-time analytics, Zenoss users are able to gain insight into the IT performance and risks of their unique IT infrastructure.

Network tool #21: OP5 Network Monitoring Tool:

allow network administrators, to gain control, over any size IT operations. A unified view of the performance of thousands of devices and interfaces, in a network are provided by this tool. If any element in a network is malfunctioning, this tool can be used, to access that element from any single interface, connected to the network.

Network tool #22: Pulseway Remote Monitoring and Management – RMM Software:

If you are a type of network administrator, who don’t like to be stocked in traffic, then this tool, will help you say good bye to the office and hello to working from home. This tool allows network administrators, to remotely perform critical actions on any IT infrastructure of a large enterprise.

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