The 101 Most Useful Principles, That Can Help Improve Your Life Forever


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If you have ever wondered why your life is not working as well as you thought it should, it may be because you need to employ certain actions, that can take you to the next level.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the one hundred and one most useful principles, that can certainly secure a persons, a successful life

Here are the one hundred one, most useful principles that will help you achieve and secure a successful life

Principle #1: Find a way to renew your mind :

You may think this is not important, but, the renewing of your mind is a critical part of a person’s life. A person can chose many sources to renew their mind, but the best and main source of life, to renew your mind, would be the bible, according to Romans: 12:2. Also go to school, educate yourself, don’t ever just stop at a high school diploma, and try to obtain the highest degree you can get, in your area of study.

Principle #2: Face your fears :

The only way to conquer anything in life, is to actually, do what makes you the most afraid. If you would like to conquer the MCAT test for example, but you fear the test, then all you have to do, is study and take the test. Don’t plan on not doing good on the test, but instead focus on trying to score very high on the test, and get the scores.

Principle #3: Everyone makes mistakes, admit yours:

When a person makes a mistake, it would be a great idea, if that person, would say I am sorry. It would make both persons better, if the other person just admits, that he/she was wrong. Whole new relationships, start, just because of the simple fact, that one of the parties, in the relationship, admitted their mistakes. Admitting your mistakes to yourselves, will help you really assess, where you really are in life.

Principle #4: Believe in yourself, and your dreams:

No one will tell you this, but if you don’t believe in your dreams, nobody else will believe in them for you. When a person starts to believe in themselves, that person realizes, how valuable that person is. The only way that dreams and goals are achieved, are only when a person, believes that he/she has the power to do it.

Principle #5: You must become disciplined:

Many people don’t accomplish in life, what they wanted to accomplish, because of the simple fact, that they didn’t do the everyday work, that it takes to tackle a big goal. In order for anyone to change their lives, they would have to be disciplined, because a well-disciplined activity creates abundance, uniqueness and productivity.

Principle#6: Watch your circle of friends:

When a person is around people who are very negative about life, then that person one day will be a negative person, about life. The people who you consider your friends will have a very strong impact in your decisions in life. Big dreams and plans in life can be deterred by toxic relationships, which don’t help you do anything. If you want to stay motivated to reach your goals and stick to better habits, take a moment to think about the people you spend your time with. You want to be with people that lift you up, inspire you, and push you to be more.

Principle #7: Stick to your to-do lists:

If you don’t have a to-do list already, you should create one and focus on doing what is in your daily list. When you start your day with a list of tasks you want to complete, you will accomplish more during that day. A to-do list will help you, create order, prioritize, be accountable, reduce and organize your time, feel productive and relieve stress.

Principle #8: Create a daily exercise routine:

You should always prioritize to exercise, if you don’t do nothing else, during your day, because without your health you wouldn’t be here today. A healthy body is very important, and people need to learn how to eat right and exercise daily so that they can have a longer life span.

Principle #9: Set big goals :

A person who doesn’t aim high, to the moon, will never be among the stars. Think of the most impossible thing you can ever think of, which will help you progress in life, and set that as your goal. When you set that big goal of yours, remember that you may fail many times, but don’t give up and break your big goals into chunks of goals, so that you can achieve that big goal of yours.

Principle #10: Don’t ever give up:

In life people get knocked out, but it does not matter how many times life knocks a person out, as long as that person gets up. When a person doesn’t give up, on something they truly believe, that person will find a way, to accomplish that goal.

Principle #11: Read a book everyday:

If you don’t want to lose your mental abilities, then it is time for you to read a book on a daily basis, or else you will lose a lot of brain power. Besides a book is the best place, where you will find good information, which can help you stay informed about a particular subject. If you want to expose yourselves to a lot of information, then it is time to read a lot of books, because they will fill your brain with new information every day.

Principle #12: Use your will power to help you:

If you don’t like your life, then stop doing whatever it is that you are doing, which is not producing the results you want in your life. Pick a new path and just take action, don’t be afraid of the outcome and expect to face the opposition, but if you do what you know, will help you achieve your goals then do it, don’t wait any longer.

Principle #13: Live to your full potential:

Always give everything you’ve got, in anything you are doing, even if it’s something most people would consider unimportant. Invest more in whatever you do, be a little stronger, a little wiser, and step up your contribution to yourself. Do everything you do, with more strength, more vigor, more heart and more soul, regardless of the outcome.

Principle #14: Speak a new language:

You may not think it’s important, but the more languages you speak, the better your life will be. Learning a new language can also give a person, the keys to understanding a new culture and new people. Learning a new language can be a mind blowing experience, which will help change your life for the better.

Principle #15: Be an early bird:

Have you ever heard of the phrase, the early bird catches the best worm? Well if you want to have a better chance at success in life, you may want to make it a habit to wake up early. In order to improve productivity and the quality of your life, waking up early will have to be a requirement in your life.

Principle #16: Get in an uncomfortable position:

If you don’t want to achieve any of your goals, then by all means, be a couch potato, you will never be successful at life. Being too comfortable doesn’t help us grow, instead it makes us lazy and we stagnate in life. Real growth and achievement comes from a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears, so be ready to get your elbows dirty, if you want to achieve your great goals.

Principle #17: Don’t waste your time:

Many people think that they have all the time in the world, in order for them to accomplish their goals, and never start to tackle the big goal, by chunks every day, because they believe that time is never over. But time is precious and one should learn to conserve it and not waste it, because we all only have one shot at life.

Principle #18: Don’t duel in past grievances:

If someone did you wrong in the past, try your best to learn from that event and forget it, so that you can move on, with your life. When a past event is holding you from doing what you want to do, in order to achieve your goals, then it is time to forget about that event completely.

Principle #19: Start a business:

Having a job and working for other people is not as bad as it may seem to people, but when you make it your business to give a company forty or fifty years of your life, then you may be committing suicide. Starting your own business, will secure your financial future and will ensure that you always do what you love to do, while making a profit out of what you are doing.

Principle #20: Commit to personal growth:

Before a person is truly successful that person has to commit to something that will help that person achieve the life he/she wants. If that person has no intention of committing to being successful, then there is no possibility of that person achieving any of their goals.

Principle #21: Treat others as you would have them treat you:

You never know, when the time will come, and you will need people. The people around you are valuable, and you have to learn to help them, and become valuable to them, so that they are valuable to you.

Principle #21: Have a new hobby:

Always try new things, even if you didn’t like them in the past, it will help you to experience new things in life. You can pick up a new sport, a new art, cooking, or anything that can help you to stretch yourselves.

Principle #22: Gain more experience:

If you want to continue to upgrade your skills, then you will need more hands on experience, doing whatever it is that you do. You want to become better and stronger at what you do, so that you can become a better asset to people around you.

Principle #23: Find your path and stay in your lane:

Many people try to do something that they are not good at and make a fool of themselves. Don’t do that to yourself, you need to make sure that, if you say you can do something, you really can do it, and then deliver. The more valuable you make yourself to people, the better your life will be.

Principle #24: Be loyal to yourself:

Being loyal and staying committed go hand in hand, but loyalty will gain you loyal followers, which you can use to better your life, as long as you do for them too. Be loyal to yourself first, and you’ll see a brand new set of people around you, who are loyal as well.

Principle #25: Fight for your community:

The next important thing, is to have a family, if you don’t fight to keep them alive, then you won’t be here neither. It is in your best interest, that the people in your community are treated right, so fight for the rights of people in your community.

Principle #26: Gain more education:

Learn to be educated, don’t just stop at going to school neither, but take up new courses here and there. Don’t be closed minded to the information available on an everyday basis, from different sources. Of course the best source of education and information is and will continue to be the bible.

Principle #27: Set up a working room:

If you don’t already have an office, then you can do this at home, set up a place where you can go to work on a daily basis. This place has to have the ability to change your mood, because your environment sets the mood and the tone for you. If you want to achieve great goals and dreams, you may want to be set up, somewhere in your house or apartment, where you can go to work.

Principle #28: Write a book about your life:

Writing about your life, will help you see where you are in life, and where you would like to go. Give yourself tips on that book to live your life, to its full potential, so that you can achieve great goals and have a successful life.

Principle #29: Think ahead, and about your future:

Often if you can write a letter to your future self, then do it. You want to start by asking yourself, where you see yourself, five years from now, and what you want accomplish by then.

Principle #30: Identify your flaws:

once you identify what is faulty about you, then you will be able to begin the process of self-restoration. If you don’t know what is wrong with you, then how will you be able to fix anything; which you don’t know is broken?

Principle #31: Don’t be afraid of criticism:

Being mad at someone for pointing out your flaws, is not a very wise thing to do. Due to the fact that we have blind spots within ourselves, we need someone to give us constant feedback on our progress, to become a better individual.

Principle #32: Action is rewarded with results:

The best things in life, come to those who take action, not just wait, but you must actively wait for your life to get better. By actively waiting, will mean that you must start something or be nothing, you can either be phenomenal or be forgotten.

Principle #33: Allow others to teach you a thing or two:

You can learn something valuable from any one; however, seek to learn from people who know more than you do, and can help you achieve, whatever great goal you have in mind to achieve.

Principle #34: Learn to break the cycle:

If your father was an alcoholic, then don’t follow after your father’s footsteps, instead develop new and better habits. If you are used to not working hard, then learn to work hard, because only good habits will get you the life, you deserve.

Principle #35: Learn to have friendly competitions:

There is nothing wrong with a friendly competition, because this can help you be serious about achieving your great goals. However, be careful that this friendly competition, does not become a real one and unhealthy.

Principle #36: Hard times don’t last forever but tough people do:

If you learn to deal with a tough situation, you would be a better problem solver. Don’t be afraid of tough waters, because smooth sailors are only made when the waters are tough to sail.

Principle #37: Find someone who can mentor and coach you:

on your way to success, you will find that many people are already there, so why not learn from the best, how to get there. You don’t want to cut corners on your way to success, you definitely want to know, what you are doing on your way to a better life.

Principle #38: Have a time line to finish things:

Don’t waste your time on unimportant things, such as social medial sites, unless you need to promote your business. Instead spend more time on your goals, and working on them every day, so that you meet deadlines, and accomplish small pieces of your great goals.

Principle #39: Learn how to devise a strategy or strategies:

Don’t just live your life, without a plan, always have a strategy, and if you don’t know how to do that well you can learn. You can play chess and learn to devise a strategy or strategies through chess, or you can also read books, which should teach you the best ways to devise a strategy or strategies for your life.

Principle #40: Challenge yourself:

Your challenge can have a time life, or it can be to achieve something specific, such as losing weight, but try to challenge yourself. Don’t just be contempt with a situation you don’t like, challenge yourself, to get out of that situation.

Principle #41: Have a sense of identity:

Many people don’t know where they are going, because they don’t know where they come from. If you feel you are not getting anywhere in life, then it is time to ask your family about who you are, and what you are capable of, you will understand yourself better.

Principle #42: Learn to relax and be calm:

Many situations which are considered difficult, can be overcome if a person just concentrates on remaining calm. A person can learn to be more conscious of their surroundings, and will be able to solve problems better, when their calm.

Principle #43: Learn how to speak to the public:

Don’t be shy now, speaking to a group of people can help you achieve a better life. You will have better communication skills, be able to present yourself and engage people better, when you are able to speak to a group of people.

Principle #44: Networking with other people is practical:

If you know someone who can help you get to where you want to go, you may want to befriend that person, and allow that person to take you to where you need to go in life.

Principle #45: Don’t be mad at your haters:

If you don’t have haters, then you are not doing something right. When you are going somewhere, you are going to have haters, so embrace them, they are the sign you need, to reaffirm you that you are on the right path.

Principle #46: Learn to smell the flowers:

don’t become a workaholic, many people who are in pursuit of their dreams, think that taking a break is really bad for their business. When in fact a break is what everyone needs, when they are on the pursuit of the life they want to live.

Principle #47: Keep your priories right:

Many of us have our priorities wrong, because we don’t spend time doing what we need to do, in order to improve. You must check your priorities on a regular, asking yourself, what is truly important in life for you.

Principle #48: Learn to be grateful:

Being grateful for what we have will only help our cause with The Most High, because He will bless us even more. When you are discouraged or bored, you can always be thankful to The Most High for everything you have accomplished in life so far.

Principle #49: Learn to be patient:

Don’t rush the process, because it takes time to achieve something great. Don’t be frustrated if your goals, don’t come all together right now, because you need to allow yourself time, to grow into the person you want to become, to achieve the things you want out of life.

Principle #50: Maintain a positive attitude about life:

no matter the situation, you want to keep a positive attitude towards it, because this will determine whether or not you come out of the bad situation winning or losing. A positive attitude increases your chances at winning in life.

Principle #51: Learn to love and respect yourself:

Many people do dumb things in life, because they don’t have any respect for themselves. If you don’t learn to love and respect yourself, then no one else will respect you and they will treat you as a second class citizen.

Principle #52: Problems are part of life, learn to solve them:

In life people don’t get to escape problems, because everyone has them. Problems are part of life, to help us grow stronger and wiser in life, so that we can take things head on.

Principle #53: Use all the resources you have access to:

You may not have a lot of resources, but you do have some resources, so exploit them. Use up all the resources you have, to help you achieve the life you want for yourself and your family.

Principle #54: Bless others when you are blessed:

The best part of a person who has a lot, is that the person that has the ability to change someone’s life. If you are a blessing to people, then you are also blessing yourself at the same time, because in life you get what you put in.

Principle #55: Learn to concentrate your efforts:

The more you narrow your focus on smaller and smaller areas of your life, you will have a better chance at changing your life for the better.

Principle #56: Have realistic goals:

You want your goals to be great, but be realistic about them, and learn to pursue a goal which is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. If you want to pass a test with a great grade, then studying hard for the exam would produce such results.

Principle #57: Don’t forget that you are special too:

When helping others, people tend to forget about their own needs, and don’t make them a priority. Instead many people just put their own needs on the back burner for too long.

Principle #58: Learn to forgive people of your own community:

If robbers enter a house and rapes, robs and murder a family of three, I doubt that the father would be able to forgive those robbers. So when you forgive and move on, make sure you forgive people of your community who don’t really mean you harm, but are just ignorant of your feeling. Seek justice first, then you can forgive your people, and move on.

Principle #59: Leave it all on the table:

Don’t wait until your life becomes interesting for you to work hard at anything you do. When you do anything in life, excel at that skill, and watch how you gain respect from people, you don’t even know.

Principle #60: Try to learn something new with every situation:

Every situation in your life, will contain a hidden message, which you must decipher in order for you to learn something new. Life itself is a big school, where every experience a person has teaches them something about themselves and their lives.

Principle #61: Learn to be humble:

Don’t be too proud when you achieve that great goal of yours. When you think too much of yourself, you can be brought down to the same situation you experienced, before you achieve your great goal.

Principle #62: Don’t care about what everyone thinks of you:

You shouldn’t care about what people think of you, because they will always think negatively, and you can’t control that. Focus instead on what you think of yourself and how you view yourself, in this world.

Principle #63: Take baby steps:

Don’t try to go to fast to your goals, you may break your legs and miss them all together. Instead take small positive steps, which will guide you to achieving your goals.

Principle #64: Be careful who you chose as your spouse:

Becoming someone’s significant other, is serious business and we need to be very careful, with who we chose to spend the rest of our lives with. Make no mistake though, seek that spouse, because you won’t be successful or have a better life, if you are alone, you’ll look dumb and stupid.

Principle #65 Don’t be afraid of change:

As long as the change does not go against your principles and morals of the bible, then it is okay for you to embrace the change that is coming to your life, such as having a baby.

Principle #67: Smile more often:

It takes more muscles to frown then to smile; besides you can keep your face looking better, when you smile more often. Everyone around you can feel better when you smile, and your brain tells your body that you are happy.

Principle #68: Failing doesn’t make you a failure:

When you fail in life don’t be bugged down, because you can get back up and try again. The more you fail, the closer you are to achieving your goals.

Principle #69: Be proud of your accomplishments:

You don’t need to brag about how great you are; but you do have the right to quietly tell yourself, how great you are. You are not perfect, but being worthy of being loved and accepted, boosts your self-esteem.

Principle #70: Don’t let life stress you out:

Slow down and breath, give yourselves a break, regroup and move forward with clarity. The last thing you want to do in life; is to live in a lot of stress and then catch a disease due to stress.

Principle #71: Learn from your mistakes:

Don’t be so judgmental of yourselves, when you make mistakes. Instead learn to not make them again, don’t fall under that trap a second time. The less mistakes you make, the better your chances at, attaining the life that you want.

Principle #72: Be organized:

Don’t leave any of your projects out of your view; when you organize yourselves; you will make sure that critical projects are completed on time. You are also going to be able to, manage the tasks you need to complete for the day.

Principle #73: Don’t be distracted:

Learn to be focused on one task at a time, until you finish that task. A fundamental quality of productive people is focus; we work best when we focus on one single task, because our brains was wired that way. Strive to complete one task, before starting the next, while practicing to stay focus, one task at a time.

Principle #74: Don’t fall short on finishing:

the way you finish, will determine whether or not you win at the game of life. When you are able to finish your projects; with a great finish, then you will see better results in your life.

Principle #75: Milestones help you achieve great goals:

when you are overwhelmed by a big project; setting milestones, will help you to tackle that big project, one piece at a time. If you want to keep your energy level high, by the time you finish with your project; you may want to break any project into mini-tasks and set individual metrics.

Principle #76: Be the person you want to be:

in order for you to be the boss of your life; then just be the boss of your life, don’t wait until you are actually the boss; in order for you to be the boss. If you want to live a better life; then start to live that life, don’t wait for any approval, just start living that life; and do what is necessary to change your reality.

Principle #77: Gain experience by mentoring others:

as you grow in your journey to achieve a successful life; you will find that you will be able to mentor others; who want to achieve what you want. So go ahead and mentor someone who needs your assistance; you will find that you can learn a lot when you teach someone else.

Principle #78: Learn to be a good listener:

effective communication only happens when people listen to each other, more than talking over each other. Increased productivity, and few mistakes, only happens when mature listening is utilized among ourselves.

Principle #79: Be confident in what you do:

even when you think you are wrong, don’t show your lack of confidence, instead try to aim for clarity; into whatever you don’t understand. You will be viewed as suitable for whatever job; it is that you have to do and will be able to accomplish that job.

Principle #80: Do your homework:

Before you begin a task, always do your research and your homework; so that you are not wasting no one’s time. If you are serious about completing an objective; you will want to do your research and learn about that project very well before doing it.

Principle #81: Watch out for the curve-balls:

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you might get. Always be prepared for the rainy days; they will come, and so the better prepared you are; the more chances you’ll have; at attaining that life you always wanted.

Principle #82: Brainstorm your life constantly:

Brainstorm to see if you can accomplish the same thing, but by finding a more effective way; which can help you produce the life you always wanted.

Principle #83: You will compete with almost anyone:

Know who your competition is, because you will compete with anyone. When you are trying to better your life; you tend to forget that competition, will be around the corner; so learn from them and observe them, so that you too can succeed at the game of life.

Principle #84: Form alliances:

Seek out to meet people who are serious about creating a business and have already achieved a better live. Those people need to be part of your close circle of friends; if you are serious about having the life that you want.

Principle #85: Be conscious of your hygiene:

If you want to prevent viruses and bacteria from making you sick, you may want to maintain your hygiene. When your body is clean, it helps you achieve the life that you always wanted.

Principle #86: Guard your reputation with your life:

Reputation is very important, because it can travel places, where you can’t travel. People are going to treat you; based on the reputation you carry; so guard that reputation and keep it as clean as you can.

Principle #87: Make sure that you have someone special in your life:

A lonely life, is a life where two people, didn’t get to be with each other forever. Learn to find your spouse, because your spouse will be your greatest ally.

Principle #88: Be good with your finances:

Don’t be wasteful, learn to maintain a budget and make money. Don’t be a fool with the money you make; learn to invest it into your own company so that you can achieve financial freedom.

Principle #89: Learn to forgive yourself:

When you make mistakes, don’t over criticize yourself; don’t let inner voices destroy your spirit because you need yourself to continue to fight; even in the midst of a lost.

Principle #90: Explore deeper meanings in life:

Don’t just be superficial, learn to explore the spiritual reality of life. By analyzing patterns and looking for deeper understanding about your life; it will help you to realize how much control you have over the outcome of your life.

Principle #91: Pray and read your bible:

You may not think this is important, but praying and reading your bible can help you reach a spiritual awareness; which can help you to have the life that you want to have.

Principle #92: Obey the laws of the bible:

The laws of the bible were given to the Israelite; but all nations have to obey them if they want to enter The Kingdom of Heaven. If you want to have a better chance at having eternal life; you may want to follow the laws of The Most High power of Israel; believe and have faith in Jesus as your Lord.

Principle #93: Your time is very precious:

Don’t waste your time on petty things, you will never be able to accomplish anything, if you waste your time. Learn to manage your time and do what is important to achieve your goals, during the day; stop wasting your time.

Principle #94: Be a responsible person:

You must be responsible about your life, if you want to have the life you think you deserve. If you are not responsible; then you won’t be able to do what is necessary, to achieve the life that you want to achieve.

Principle #95: Be a diligent person:

Don’t let things just sit around, if you know you have to accomplish an important task. Don’t allow for problems; to become great and over take you, because you were not fast enough or didn’t know much; of how you could’ve change your situation for the better.

Principle #96: Learn how to fight:

Many of us don’t think this is important; but you never know when you will need to fight to defend yourselves or someone else you love. You certainly can’t run from every fight, if your life depends on it. Learning a physical martial arts, will definitely save you in a tough situation.

Principle #97: Timing is everything:

Learning to do things at the right time; will help you to save a lot of embarrassment in your journey to have a better life. If you learn to do things when the time is right; then you’ll be able to exploit opportunities, which can change your life forever.

Principle #98: Be patient again:

Don’t expect for your life to change over time; all the factors have to be set in place first, before you can take off. Until you and the environment around you are ready, you’ll never change your life. Learn to be patient so that you can really see success manifest in your life.

Principle #99: Live a purposeful life:

Don’t let your life, become boring where you do the same thing every day; try instead to find purpose in what you do. Whatever you do, don’t do it for the reward, but have a deeper meaning for the reason you do it.

Principle #100: Be truthful to everyone:

No matter how much it may hurt, don’t allow people to let them tint your integrity; you don’t have to lie to any one unless you are scared of them. Don’t be scared of people, and always tell the truth, you will feel better about yourselves.

Principle #101: Join the 144,000:

You may not be able to understand this right now; but in the future the Kingdom of The Most High; will be the only place where so called Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans will find refuge.

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