Robots Will One Day Take Your Jobs, So You Better Be Ready to Become Self Sufficient


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One day we may see our lives change tremendously; due to the fact that we created machines, to do all types of work for us.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, how the robots that we are creating today; will one day take over the jobs of many people, worldwide

The work place has many robots working today, and many of us don’t even know, this type of information; because we are not paying attention to this change, which is happening right in front of us.

The workplace is full of robots, which are expanding their skills, and are moving up, in the corporate ladder

The robots at workplaces, are showing awesome productivity, as well as a high retention rate; which is only good for the economy of any country.

Robots at workplaces are also able, to shove aside and replace, other humans; because they prove to be better than humans, at performing certain jobs.

Crews from fast food restaurants, will soon be replaced by robots, because these robots; can work faster and better than any humans, without taking any breaks.

The robots, that we are developing, are self-independent; and we should ask whether or not we are taking it, too far

Robots can solder, paint, screw, glue, and grasp anything they want, to build their own parts; to fix themselves up, in case, they bust or wear out.

Worker robots, with personalities, are being developed, by many companies; because we think that this is the thing of the future, and the thing to do, to make progress, in our current society.

According to a report; more than twenty five percent of U.S. jobs, are at high risk, of being taken by robots, and artificial intelligence.

Over the next fifteen years, we are going to see, a change in the culture of many work places; because there will be many robots, working for many big companies.

Robots and artificial intelligence, are also taking over more than twenty five present of jobs; in the U.K. because robots are proving to be better

Japan also risks losing more than twenty percent of its jobs, to robots which can perform tasks, better than humans.

Sectors such as finance, transportation, education, manufacturing, and food services, are all jobs; which robots could do and replace humans at the same time.

IBM’s Watson, is becoming smarter than humans, and robots with similar technology don’t get bored with their jobs; and they can also make fewer mistakes than humans.

Worldwide, robots have taken more than one million jobs; since 2013, which means that for every five thousand people, there is one robot.

Documents can be analyzed, prescriptions can be filled and other tasks; which would be exclusively done by humans, are now being done by robots.

We are going to see an increase in robots, in the workplace, in the near future; because robots have proved to cost less, and do a better job, than humans.

Please don’t misinterpret the words of this article, because we are not trying to scare you; into thinking that a robot will take your jobs

But if they do, you just have to adjust and get a new job, so that you don’t get caught out there unexpected.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!