Internet Trolls Are Ruining The Internet Because They Need A Life

Internet Trolls

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The INTERNET is considered one of the greatest inventions discovered by man; which is why we should all learn to appreciate it and not make it a living hell, for other people.

In today’s article we are going to talk, about those people who love making the lives of other people; a living hell online, we are talking about trolls

When a person seeks to start arguments with people, in order to upset them, by posting off-topic messages in an online forum, chat room, blog or online community; then that person is considered a troll.

Often times, trolling usually causes emotional distress among their readers, because they become upset by the extraneous messages, that trolls type in an online community.

Harassing people and causing people to become emotional, is the end goals of a troll

The Internet has a way of bringing out; the worst in people, because trolls are determined to make the life of people a living hell.

We are not appreciating the Internet, because a troll is a byproduct of the Internet

People’s behavior online, is indeed very combative, trolls are ready to attack people, and have lack of courtesy; towards other people on the comment sections of articles and blogs.

Hurting others online, without any consequences, is what a troll loves to do, because they believe they can get away with the emotional distress that trolling causes.

A person who is a troll, would usually post comments, photos, videos or any other form of content online; in order to attack, disrupt, offend and cause trouble.

You will find trolls everywhere, where a community of people are connecting to share valuable information.

When you are encountered with a troll, you’ll find that this person could be a troll, who is a pure hater, who don’t have a reason to hate or insult anyone.

The Internet Trolls don’t have any specific constructive motivations, for their actions, and their behaviors are bizarre as well.

Attention, recognition, and retribution, is the reason why trolls even exists; trolls also believe that they should insult people online, due to the injustices, society has done to them; which is all just not substantial.

The veil of Anonymity afford it to Internet trolls, have given trolls the ability to insult people, without suffering any consequences.

Trolls have some power, over people, because they inspire them to engage in egregious behaviors

Trolls are ruining the Internet, they have changed the Internet’s personality; because it is not just about the free flow of information any more.

Instead, the Internet is now about helping people with your technical issues, and at the same time; people on the Internet, help other people commit suicide.

When a person commits suicide, due to using the Internet, or leaves the Internet all together; it is usually because a troll is leaving nasty comments about them online.

Every aspect of our lives, are being affected by Internet trolls and we should be careful, to engage one of them; because they are good at attracting attention.

Trolls feed off of attention, this is why they are turning social media and comment boards into a giant locker room; where racial, provocative and misogynistic comments can be found.

People of all ages, experience harassment, from trolls, and trolls all over the world have become better at what they do.

Recently, trolls have gone to memorial pages; in order to mock someone’s death, also people who are trying to do something to help society; may receive bomb threats and rape threats, from trolls who have nothing to gain from these threats.

Trolls have changed the way that the Internet is used and many people are leaving the Internet; due to the actions of trolls.

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