The Negative Impacts of Long Hours of Television Watching – The Couch Potato Demon Is The Television

negative impacts of television

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The world and society that we are developing, has to be perfectly made so that everyone in our society is winning, if not, the end of the world would be eminent.

In today’s article we are going to talk, about the impacts of television on our society, in order to understand how it has shaped us

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the psycho social development of children, is fundamentally changed and influenced by the media.

A parent should be aware of their children’s exposure to media and in particularly television; therefore, it is important for physicians to have a discussion with parents, and provide them with the guidance they would need, to understand this issue.

The impact of television on the children of our society today, is indeed an issue, because the inappropriate use of all media, such as television, radio, music, video games and the INTERNET, is available freely to everyone, and of people of all ages.

Television is very interesting, because it has an even greater impact on people’s minds, and causes them to be programmed, to perform negative acts.

Of course, there are beneficial sides to television and all of the media in general, and we can also talk about them in this article; however, at the same time we need to also understand the harmful effects, on children’s mental and physical health.

We need to promote the healthy use of media in our society, but to do this, the negative sides of the use of media need to be explored and explained as well

Both positive and negative effects are potentially generated, by long hours of television use, and the impact of television in society, has been studied.

The children and adolescents, are still developing at early ages, in their lives; therefore, the positive or negative effects of television programming on children and adolescents, are carefully studied.

The negative effects, of exposure to inappropriate sexuality, violence and offensive language could lead someone to commit lewd, violent and inappropriate acts.

We need to understand, the negative and positive effects of television, in our society much better.

A children’s television viewing habits, needs to be monitored and changed, if the children are being negatively impacted, by the television program.

According to research, the children in certain developed countries, have access to television all day every day all year round; therefore, these children watch excessive amounts of television.

Research also suggests, that there is a relationship between an increase in violent behavior by children that are watching too much television.

Child hood obesity,also has a negative impact in society, due to watching excessive television.

Learning and academic performance, can also be affected, by children’s excessive television watching habits.

Irresponsible sexual behavior, may also be encouraged by certain programs, watched on television.

The time that a person of any age, in particularly children and adolescents, spend watching television, would determine whether or not that person is impacted by the television program they are watching.

The world shown on television, becomes the real world, as a direct result of prolonged television viewing.

Vital activities, such as playing, reading, learning to talk, storytelling, regular exercise, developing necessary physical, mental and social skills, as well as spending time with family, are some of the activities, a children ceases to do, due to too much television viewing.

It is important to monitor a child watching television, because television programs can be destructive to children

The media we use today, has served a purpose and will continue to do so, because it is an effective way of advertising products to children of various ages; however, we should not get ahead of ourselves, and create a monster, who will destroy our society.

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