The Development of Artificial Wombs Can Create A Generation of Demons

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The world in which we live in is indeed very beautiful, and we don’t need to meddle with things; which have been established already, because it was perfectly put together.

When we go and change the nature of things, because we want for things, to feel better within our lives; meaning that we want, an easier life, then we start to change the nature of things in life; which is wrong.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the artificial wombs, which have been developed over the years

In the near future, women will have the option to choose; whether or not, they want to carry a baby for nine months.

Scientists and doctors believe that there is nothing wrong, with this type of technology; therefore, there is a lot of progress being made in this arena, of science and medicine.

The way the technology works, is that a clear plastic bag; is filled with synthetic amniotic fluid, this is the device used, to grow the babies.

Also an umbilical cord is used, by a machine; to help the bag function, like a placenta, so that nutrition and oxygen; is provided, in order to remove carbon dioxide from the artificial womb.

The technology, of course is really to serve as a need; because a lot of babies become sick and even die, due to premature births

When a baby is not physically able to leave the womb; and the birth of the baby, takes place more than three weeks before the baby is due. Then this is known as a premature birth.

Breathing problems, heart problems, brain problems, temperature control problems, gastrointestinal problems; blood problems, metabolism problems, immune system problems, are some of the health problems that a premature birth baby, can develop.

Cerebral palsy, impaired cognitive skills, vision problems, hearing problems, dental problems; behavioral and psychological problems and chronic health issues, are also other problems which a premature baby can have.

Therefore, you see? There is a need for the artificial wombs, and we are all becoming well with the idea of microwave babies

However, are we opening Pandora’s Box? We can answer that question, and if you don’t agree, please leave us a comment, but the answer is YES.

It is understandable that the technology is used, in order to help premature babies; to finish growing outside of the womb.

However, when it comes to the spiritual side of things, the science and medical doctors; don’t believe that the baby would be affected.

Therefore, they continue to push this technology to humanity; so that we can start to get comfortable, with the idea of artificial wombs.

Of course, we should also speak about the atheist and scientists, who don’t believe in the spiritual side of things; and who would argue that, the baby would be fine, because the spiritual side of things are not real, because there is no substantial evidence.

So okay, it’s cool; let’s say that the spirit is not real and let’s keep the spiritual side of things, outside of life

But even then, that baby, who is growing in an artificial womb, is still missing something; which the body of a woman can naturally give to the baby.

Scientists and medical doctors; believe that they have enough knowledge about the process of birth; and that they can replicate the process of birth accomplished, by nature.

However; we should not go that route; we should not give women the ability to choose, whether or not she carries a baby for nine month; because we are not the creator.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!