The Hair of The Chosen Nations Has Been Forced to Conform to The Ruling Class’s Style of Hair

woolly hair

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The society in which we live right now, has gotten very ridiculous when it comes to the style of hair of certain groups of people.

I say this because we can see how the whole world, conforms to a certain type of look, and we don’t even know where this type of thinking came from, to dress similar to everyone and wear our hair similar to each other, bald for the men and bone straight for women, of all races.

In today’s article we are going to be talking about the hair styles of the world

We need to understand how it has been changed, by the ruling class, race or nation of people.

The ruling class, race or nation of this world, is the Caucasian nation, also known as the white race, and the poorest class, race or nation of people, is undoubtedly the black nations of the world.

In this article we are going to use these two nations, as an example, to show how the ruling nation of the world, is indeed dictating the outfits and hair styles of the world.

The hair style of black people, in particularly black women, has been a very touchy subject for many people in the black community.

If you don’t believe me, ask any black person, if you can touch their hair and see their reaction, I bet you may end up running for your lives

Through incredibly tough circumstances, the black hair started its history of mistreatment and damaged hair, due to the fact that the black hair has had to submit, to European standards of beauty, ever since the black people were put in slave ships, and were scattered throughout the world, by the white Caucasian race.

The hair of black people, in particularly, black women, has had to be put through incredibly, unhealthy changes, which place a tremendous amount of strain on the hair, for the sake of it looking and behaving a certain way, the European way.

The damage done to the black hair, over the past four hundred something years, has been terrible, and it was wrong to force a nation of people to believe that their hair isn’t beautiful, for many years.

The psychological damage done to the black race, by the white race, regarding the hair style that the black race should wear, has been tremendous, and justice has to take place, in order for these type of crimes to be, eradicated from the world.

Even though today, the black people have the freedom to wear their hair style however, they please, many still chose to try their best to look similar to white people.

Many black people in particular the black women, do their best to flat iron their hair. We buy wigs and weaves, to look similar to their white counter parts

Many black people in the black community do this, of course, because they believe that their style of hair isn’t beautiful.

The black nation must understand that it possesses the wooly hair, also known in the bible as Jesus’s hair, who is a black man by the way.

The black nation has been suppressed by the white nation, for years, to keep their hair cut low for man and their hair bone straight for the women.

Another reason why the white nation, does not like our hair is because it represents black power, and it means that the so called black nation of people are going to be rising up soon.

The black nation needs to stop committing self-damage to their hair, and start loving their hair once again, because the woolly hair is beautiful, and needs all of our attention.

This is part of the black culture, and it should not be replaced by a standard of beauty, which is really beneath us, because we have the holy hair, the hair of the angel, the people of the bible, Jesus and The Father Himself.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!