Robotics The New Area of Technology Which is Changing The Order of Society Fundamentally


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Our technology is constantly changing and becoming new right in front of our eyes, we seek for better technology; therefore, computer scientists and computer engineers work very hard to make that happen for the rest of the world.

In today’s article we are going to talk about robotics. We’ll give you an update about the things which are taking place in the world of robotics

We need to keep taps on that area of life, because we don’t want to be blindsided, by the discoveries and progress. These are being made, every day in robotics.

Our society today, have robots, which can think deep enough, to compose and write their own songs. This is amazing by the way, but are we going into an area of life, which could cost us a great toll?

We don’t know and that’s something we should know, we should know. At what cost are we developing the type of robots, we are making today.

We are teaching robots, how to really be humans, I wonder if robots will also pick up the ugly part of being humans; try to take over the world because humans have the tendency of harming each other and the planet.

Nowadays robots are also being tested to be used on the combat field; to kill humans, which would be the enemy.

So it is not so far-fetched that we could actually live through a real life terminator movie. When everything is destroyed, and only robots would have the control, then we shall be doomed.

We must understand what we are building here, not just build it; when we give robots, so much power, even to look over our own lives

The one reason why we are pursuing this type of thinking, is because we believe that robots; could be used for a greater purpose to help humans, and make our lives, a lot more convenient.

Although, the robots, which are being created today, are full filing that purpose; which is to serve humans, and we have not seen a robot kill a human being, of its own will. We should all as a whole still need to keep taps, on what is going on with the world of robotics.

Robots are becoming extremely advanced, and with the progress, which is being made in Artificial Intelligence; we shall see robots, behaving as humans soon.

Due to all the progress being made in robotics, many of us, won’t be able to tell whether a robot is a human being or not.

Robots are becoming very complex, and are gaining many abilities. Replacing humans, in many jobs which don’t require the use of the brain

Tasks such as, assembly lines, cash registers, stock room workers, bartenders, soldiers, pharmacist, farmer, bomb squad, housekeeper, journalist, teller and clerk, are being done by robots right now.

We are seeing an increase in our dependence on robots, in our society. There is nothing we can do to stop it.

We need robots for virtually everything. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to function in a world, which is full of the robotics technology

Even in the jungle robots prove to be useful and when we fully understand, to harness the power of nature inside of a robot. Then robots, would have their infinite source of power.

We are at the early stages, of robotics and already, we are seeing major progress in the world of robots; the progress made in robotics, is bringing fundamental changes, which are rapidly occurring in our society.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!