The Oceans Are The Most Essential Ecosystem of The Planet Earth


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The planet is a wonderful place and it is our home, which we must keep protected, in order for us, to be able to live in it.

In today’s article we are going to be talking about the ocean, and how important and essential it is, for the ability of living organisms to live on the planet

The lifeblood of the planet Earth and humankind is indeed the ocean, because they flow over three quarters of our planet.

The water of this planet is mostly found held by the oceans, approximately 97% of it, to be exact, this is why we should really take care of our oceans.

According to the science of this current society, more than half of the oxygen, in the atmosphere is produced by the oceans.

The lives of families, friends, classmates, colleagues and coworkers are affected, by the ocean, no matter how far they live from the ocean shore.

The ocean is so important to our current society that, all the air that we breathe, the products that keeps us warm, safe, informed and entertained, as well as the water you drink and the food that we eat, all comes from the oceans.

The oceans are the largest ecosystems of the Earth; therefore, the oceans are the largest life support systems, of the earth.

The ocean also absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduces the impact of climate change

We all need healthy oceans to survive and prosper, given the fact that about half of the world’s population, lives within coastal zone, and businesses, which are based by the ocean, do contribute to more than, $500 billion to the economy of the world.

We are so silly, to think that our oceans could take all of the waste that we deposited into them, and all of the resources we take out of our oceans.

The history says that, we have been using the ocean to serve us, and our needs, but we never thought, to protect and serve the oceans as well.

We should have thought about, a win-win situation, where everyone was happy with the condition, which we have created over the years, regarding our relationship with the ocean.

There is a large number of people, which use and depend on the ocean; therefore, we need to learn to take care of them

However, what we have learned and adopted as a habit, over the years, has been to create problems for the ocean.

We as the current society, have learned to over-harvest resources, reduce the biodiversity and degrade marine habitats and species.

We are so silly that we think that shrimp, crabs and lobsters are specialties, and that we are supposed to eat them, because they taste good, but we are being deceived, because we are not supposed to eat those animals, due to the fact that they are supposed to clean our oceans.

Our oceans are not being naturally cleaned up, therefore, we end up with as polluted ocean over time, because the animals that clean the water, don’t exist as mush, due to the fact that we eat them.

We look like fools, because we are destroying the very ecosystem, which our survival depends on

Our purpose is to be better stewards of our oceans, our ecosystems, and our environment as well as with each other.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!