The Nightmares of Mobile Application Development, which Developers Suffer on a Daily Basis

mobile development

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The mobile world is so amazing, that many developers today focus on only having skills, for the development of applications for mobile devices.

Many developers make a sustainable income, just by developing application, which are cater, to mobile devices.

Many people use their mobile devices, and as a result, the world has changed fundamentally, because the demand for better mobile technology, is in demand today.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, the pain that a developer must go through in order for him or her to be able to develop a mobile application.

Sometimes, it feels as though, you are literally dying and then you realize, oh no, I am just developing an application.

I know you may not never hear developer talk about this feeling, but every computer developer has to go through some tough times, before he/she is able to fully finish a website, an application or a software.

All types of brain farts, occur and the developer finds himself or herself, in a tough situation.

On this article, we are going to focus, on application development for the different devices, which are in the market today

We want to demonstrate that developing an application for mobile devices, is as mush a pain as walking though the valley of death, where wolves and lions are waiting just for you to tear you apart.

However, developer can’t fear no evil, and really go through the tough obstacles, until the task has been accomplished

With that being said, one of the pain points that developers have to deal with, during the mobile application development process, is the fact that they have to develop and test their application for different devices, and different screen sizes.

The majority of developers, understand that their application have to be tested, once it is finished, in order for them to trouble shoot it and fix any issues they might find.

However, this task can become extremely difficult because of the lack of access to all the devices, because developers often don’t have access to all the devices and mobile platforms, which are on the market.

So the testing phase of a mobile application, can take a very long time, and on top of that, all devices can’t be possibly used for the testing of the newly developed mobile application.

Developers, need to have the ability to test, their new developed application on hundreds of devices at a time

Having the ability to collect hundreds of mobile devices for the sake of testing, is not a very efficient way, to test a mobile application.

Another pain point that developer have to face, when they develop a mobile application is time.

Developers have to ensure that their mobile apps deliver continuous quality experiences to users, but often, by the time an app launches, the newest operating systems and new mobile devices are already out on the market.

Developers, of mobile applications, are always under stress to finish a mobile application, in a timely manner

Another pain point, which developer have to face, is the fact that developers, have to balance performance and design their application to meet the requirement of all the devices available, while at the same time, they have to make sure that their application does not lose performance, due mobile device compatibility issues.

Another pain point, which arises during a mobile application development, is coding itself; due to the pain points mentioned earlier.

The coding for application development, have become a pain to developers, due to the fact that developers are entrusted with multi-platform development, with tight timetables and budget plans.

When developers don’t use any resources available online, and develop their application from scratch, which is the case for application development, then efficiency and rate and reduced.

Developers don’t have all the resource yet, in order to develop applications, with one click of the mouse

Developers have to be very clever, when they plan to develop a mobile application, because they have to keep in mind that upgrades, to the application will be necessary.

Therefore, the code have to be easy to upgrade and read, so that the development of the mobile application device, is not as terrible as many developers have described it to be.

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