The World Is Coming To An End – Get Your House In Order


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So the world is ending, we are coming to an end for real, and we need to be prepared for it, we need to get our minds ready for what is about to happen to the world.

If we don’t get ready for what is coming, many of us will die, physically, spiritually, and mentally; because we didn’t want to take heed and be prepared for the end.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, the current state of the world, and why we are in the end times

Well according to the bible, the world will one day end; however, many people don’t believe in the bible, but one day, everyone will know, that the bible is the word of The Most High and the word of The Most High, has the final say.

Let’s look around the world and see what is happening; if we are reading the news today, we can notice that there are wars going on, and also there are rumors of wars going on around the world, just as the bible says.

The major nations of the world, are preparing themselves, for a nuclear destruction, which is inevitable.

The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said, that there is an increase in dangers to humanity

The clock to midnight has been moved closer to midnight, it’s called the doomsday clock, which shows that the minute hand, has been moved closer to midnight.

We are now facing weather changes, which are very dangerous to us, as well as there are a nuclear warfare threats, which is becoming more and more apparent.

Since the 1950’s the doomsday clock, has moved closer, it has been moved to an unprecedented 30 seconds closer to midnight.

As of 2019 the doomsday clock is at 2 minutes to midnight

We have been experiencing many difficult years, and these pains that the earth is experiencing, is only part of the big picture.

The world is ending, and it won’t end without any signs, we are now seeing the signs that the bible talks about, when the world would end.

If the world is ending, then you know what this means, it means that Our Lord Yahawashi Ha-Mashiach is coming back, and He will collect a debt, which has been due for a long time, and He will repay them for the sins of their fathers.

So if I understand how The Most High in the bible really gets down, according to the bible, people will be judged and that means that a lot of people are going to die, because the world is wicked.

You know what is the crazy part about the world ending? Most people on the face of the earth, are going to die

The main reason, we are going to have many people dying, is because many of us are not going to be ready for what is coming to the world.

I hope that I am one of the people, who survive the nuclear destruction that is coming to us, because it is coming and many of us will certainly die, but with the help of The Lord we will live.

Thank you for reading this article!!!