Green The World Project Is Just An Illusion, Ask The Logging Industry

logging industry

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The earth does not need us to “green it”, we instead need to be greened by the earth, because we are very toxic, and a campaign to green humans is what is needed, not a campaign to green the world.

As if the earth, ever had a problem growing trees, before the humans arrived with their technology and necessities.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the illusion, which the green the world campaign, is marketing to all genre of people, all over the world

If you head over to the green world campaign website, you’ll notice that these people are claiming that first, there is a situation that is currently at hands, the situation is that trees are being cut off from the earth, and that healthy soils are decreasing as well.

Our increased demand for wood, from trees, have driven us to cut down many trees all through-out the world, therefore, a lot of land in the world, are losing fertility.

As a result, of the soil being infertile, or unable to produce food, hunger and conflict also grow, among humans

When all the trees of the earth are cut down, biodiversity will dwindles, and water supplies will dry up, also the deserts creep forward, hastening climate change.

The website also claims, that there is indeed something, that we can do; they propose that we plant trees and support eco-agriculture.

The green world community, really believe that they will be able to heal degraded soil, and increase food security.

They believe that this is going to create sustainable rural communities and help woodland landscapes to thrive and remove CO2 from the air, which will as a result, preserve the environment for generations to come.

It sounds like a viable solution right? But I am afraid, that we are again wrong, about how we should solve our lack of trees problem

We have to remember that, we are not going to change, our ways, we will continue to destroy the trees, even the ones we plant.

The reason we will continue, to destroy our planet, is because of our system, and the way we do things.

If we don’t change our ways first, we will never save our planet, instead it will continue to be destroyed by our demands for wood.

We will accomplish our goal, of completely destroying the vegetation, all around the world.

We cannot stop it now, because we are sick, and we don’t know how to stop destroying this world, and taking all of the trees, our world has, to support life, as we know it.

We don’t understand how important, it is, for us to live with trees around, because we need to breath and eat food

But we are not going to stop destroying our world, because the wood industry is very strong, and they are not about to stop logging.

Loggers, get paid a lot of money to take down many trees a day, for us to enjoy all of the things we have today.

So yea, as I was saying before, we are not going to be able to, save our planet because there is an industry, which thrives of off the destruction of the trees all over the world.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!