The Revolution of Artificial Technology – Are We Opening Pandora’s Box?

artificial intelligence

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The technology world has reached new highs, and as we continue to develop brand new technology, we should also be aware, that with a lot of power, comes a lot of responsibility.

We should be responsible, with the technology that we are creating, because I do believe that we are opening Pandora’s Box and don’t even realize that we are doing that.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the potential, consequences of artificial intelligence AI

If we don’t proceed with caution, and don’t seek to understand, the long term effect of the AI technology, before we develop it, we could face some serious consequences.

People around the world, are already using AI and experimenting with new ways, to make AI better, to serve the human race.

SIRI, self-driving cars and Watson from IBM are some of the most notable examples of AI we have today.

Artificial Intelligence technology is progressing rapidly, and the people who are developing this type of technology, must be careful, so that they don’t end up destroying themselves and the whole planet, in the process.

Science fiction often depicts AI as human-like robotics, which can do everything a person can do

In real life, we are rapidly approaching that stage, where robots, no longer need a human being to function, AI today can be transformed into autonomous weapons, and that’s where the problem is for humanity.

AI is artificial intelligence, and it is designed to perform very small tasks for the human race today; such tasks include, self-driving cars, internet search and facial recognition.

The long term goal of our current society, is to move away from artificial weak intelligence, to create General AI (AGI) or strong AI

Although, weak AI is not as powerful, as AGI, it still outperforms humans in certain areas, such as playing chess, and solving equations.

AGI wouldn’t just outperform humans, in specific task, it would outperform humans, in almost every cognitive tasks.

We are definitely going down a path, we don’t really want to go, because we don’t understand yet, the fundamental changes, which AGI could go through, and would bring to society, as developers continue to work on this type of technology.

I mean imagine, if robots, were dressed similar to humans, and you couldn’t even tell the difference, between a robot and a real human.

We are reaching new ground here, and we may be stepping into someone else’s territory, when it comes to creating synthetic or artificial life

If we are not careful, with our actions, when it comes to AI technology, we may have to answer for the mistakes, and sins this society has committed, against the order of things in life and The Most High.

We don’t see a giraffe, trying to mate with a zebra right? Well why are we so ready to make synthetic life, and expect for people not to try crazy things, such as being in love with a machine.

We are going crazy people, and there is no stopping this train, we all just better go and hide, because it’s going to be really bad, for those who sign up to be part, of a society, which allows for a human being to marry a robot.

If you don’t think that’s crazy, then maybe you are part of the bunch, who will be destroyed by fire.

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