The History, That they Don’t Want You to Know

white crimes

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I don’t get it, you want me to truly love the people who enslaved my people.

I don’t get it, did you see Haiti, if God doesn’t hate, and then why are my people dying, because God loves them? I don’t think so, and like I said, my hate for your people, have nothing to do with God’s hate for your people.

I don’t hate you white people, we went to high school together, this is not personal, and it’s bigger than me and you.

In today’s article we are going to talk about, the crimes committed by the so called “White Race” toward the world

This is not to isolate anyone, or to pick on a group of people, this is history, and we need to talk about the history of crimes committed by the so called white people, toward, the so called black race, the Native Americans, and the Spanish people in Latin America.

The groups of people I just mentioned, have not yet been able to recover from the atrocities committed to them by the so called white people

As many of you know, the Caucasians, are not the original inhabitants of the American continent, heck this continent was not even known as the American continent until they came into the scene.

We need to know that the original people of this land were and still are Native Americans, as well as the Mexicans.

After the Caucasians, conquered this world, the Native Americans, were killed to near extinction, and the Mexicans were driven out, after the Mexican war.

The Caucasians, would argue that they won this land, during a war and that they deserve this land because they won the war

I would agree with them, yes they won the war, and took this land from The Native Americans, the problem we have now though, is that my people is in a very bad condition and we need to understand how did we get into our current condition in the first place.

But the so called white people would argue that they are not to blame, for our current condition; therefore, I don’t have any rights of complaining, or talking about the current condition of our people.

But look at our condition for a moment, and you will realize, that the war that was fought years ago to win this land, still goes on until today.

We are still having to fight for the right to be free, and for the right of people to have a good decent life on this land, which belongs now to the Caucasian race.

Also another point that I might add, I guess is okay to go into someone’s house, beat them and their children to death and claim to be the rightful owners of that house.

I don’t think so, it doesn’t work that way in life, but the Caucasians, did that anyways and think that they didn’t do nothing wrong

I have news for them though, the bible says that a town built on bloodshed and injustice, will be torn down, and the towns of the Caucasians, was built on top of the bones of Native Americans (Habakkuk 2:12).

Once the Caucasians killed off most of the Native Americans, then they went on to conquer Africa, they went to West Africa and made deals with the Africans, to sell off the real Hebrews into slavery.

That’s right, the so called black people who came here on slave ships, are really the Jews of the bible, who escape Roman persecution, look it up and read Deuteronomy 28 and then comment below and tell me, who is the bible talking about.

Once the Caucasians got the so called Negro, from the West coast of Africa, Negroes were sold, as property, on auction blocks

Negroes were slaves and still are today, because we are in the ghettos, we have a death rate, the unemployment in the black community, keeps on going up, and most of the men in the black community are in prison houses.

All of these problems, along with so many other problems, such as broken families, drugs, and crimes are plaguing our black community and society ignores it, or writes it off as if these are not problems, which we should address.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!