The Fundamental Shift Occurring In Our Society Due to Mobile Technology, Needs to Be Analyzed

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The world in which we live in today, is more mobile due to the fact, that we have available to ourselves, mobile devices, which make our live much, more convenient, to find information and communicate.

The mobile technology, has fundamentally changed the way we live tremendously, and for that reason alone, we have to analyze, how the mobile technology, affects our society.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the social impacts, which the mobile technology, has had in society, for the past 20 years.

In today’s society it is very important, that a person, carries and knows how to use a smartphone

When a person, does not have a cell phone number, it is viewed as disrespectful, and taboo, you should always carry phones.

In many social situations, it is more and more acceptable to use mobile devices, as a way of communicating.

Mobile devices are used instead of other methods, such as the landline phones, which many of us don’t probably remember, or has ever known about it.

Unless of course, we see it at our grandparent’s house, and we are taken down memory lane

We are fundamentally changing the way in which, we view communication and the appropriateness of certain types, of communication behaviors.

Phone numbers, refer to people instead of places, in today’s world and the era, in which we live.

Throughout a person’s daily life, a cell phone acts as a constant companion, always being at the person’s sight, ready to provide, whatever service, a mobile device can provide.

The mobile technology allows us, to have convenience of easy access to other people through communication, and easy access to information

We are shifting our culture to an “always on” type of culture, where no matter where we are in the world, as long, as our mobile devices are charged, and we can get some good reception, we can always conquer the world, which is in front of us.

However, the use of mobile technology, to bring a life that, many of us would deem to be better, have many negative consequences, and we need to be aware of that.

One of the most alarming concerns, that there is with the mobile technology, is that a mobile device, is attached to a person, instead of a place.

Devices, which were once attached to places, such as homes or offices, are no longer necessary, because many people, communicate through a cell phone.

If a person, for example, places a call to a cell phone, the expectation is that the call will be picked up by the person who owns that cell phone, regardless of their location.

Most people assume that a cell phone accompanies a person, everywhere they go, and therefore, they expect these people to answer their cell phones

If that person, does not answer their cell phone, it is viewed as offensive, anti-social, and psychopathic.

It is no longer a taboo to interrupt the primary activity taking place, to answer an incoming call.

Being caught at the dinner table with family, with a ringing cell phone, is no longer an act of disrespect.

Even at a church service, where we are supposed to be coming closer, to The Most High, but church is evil, so who cares

Anyhow back to the fact of the matter, cell phones, are even present at dates, when a girl or a guy uses their friend, to get them out of a bad date.

There is no longer private time, because people are expected to be accessible at all times, regardless of where they are located.

Personal time and the time when people are accessible, is continuously blurring, and people don’t recognize the difference, anymore; and that we are infringing on people’s spaces and private time, this can cause many problems.

We need to clearly understand the cultural shift that mobile devices are creating within our society.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!