So Called Black and Brown People in The American Continent Are Still Slaves – Wake The F* Up Black People – We Are Dying!!!


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So called Black and Brown people in the continent of America are still slaves, and the worse part of it, is that we don’t even see, the shackles, on our brains, because we are too busy trying to be a good slave to the white man, who is the devil the bible speaks of.

In today’s article we are going to look at the conditions, of black people in the American continent, and conclude that black people are still in slavery

Many of black people, believe that slavery happened, when we were, under a direct master, who constantly punished us, by beating and mistreating us.

Due to the fact, that we don’t have the shackles, around our necks, feet and hands, we believe that we are free, but we don’t know that slavery, is still present, beating the skins of our backs, and letting our blood run our lose, without no one to help, except, THE MOST HIGH, The God of The Israelites.

Slavery is here, live but as a different form of slavery.

Many of us don’t see it, because we don’t understand, how sinister our former masters were and still are

Let me explain something to you, you were bought with a price, by a white man, who gave you a new identity, to till the land, and make him some money, this white man is not going to just let you go, unless, he could gain something greater out of you, which didn’t involve the obvious mistreatment of our people.

Slavery didn’t stop because the white man was a good man one day, and wanted to free us, slavery stopped because, we were more profitable as something more sinister, then slaves, to the white man, and which would still look okay to the world.

The new slaves of today, are prisoners, and free people too, but for the most part, black people live in prison houses.

Okay so let’s discuss the current situation of black people, in the American continent.

The American continent is divided into four parts, the North, the Central the South and the Caribbean

The Central and South American part of the continent as well as the Caribbean, all follow the same concept, blacks are kept poor, because the country itself is poor, so there is really not a complex idea to keep the blacks down in those parts of the continent, just keep those countries poor, and the blacks, will simultaneously, be pushed to the bottom, along with all the other poor people, no matter the race.

However, it is for certain that blacks will never be able to progress as a people, because slavery has destroyed them, and they are not able to form a nation again, due to the hard bondage of slavery.

Therefore, in the Central, South and the Caribbean, so called black and brown people are poor because the country is poor.

In North America however, blacks do have the possibility, to become a successful nation, because the North American countries, do have lots of money, and some of that money could, or will transfer to the black community, if a plan is not put in place to prevent it from happening.

So what happened to the blacks in North America, is that their minds were the main target of slavery here in America.

Most blacks are not given access to adequate education, then they throw most black people in the ghettos, where they are packed like sardines, something that would frustrate any human being, to live in such conditions, which are not favorable for the mind.

So blacks are frustrated, uneducated and on top of that most of them are poor in a rich country.

Factors that lead black people to hate each other, and to kill each other.

We should also mention the fact that the Willy Lynch letter, originated in The Unites states of America and it was purposely written for blacks all around the world, but particularly, for blacks in North America.

The results of the hard bondage, which lasted approximately 400 years and counting, the racism of America, and the results of all the warfare, which have been waged against the black community in America, have really destroyed us, and left us in a condition, which lets us know that we are still slaves.

We don’t even know who our forefathers are, and most importantly who our God is; and we believe that white Jesus, is coming to save everyone, including our former slave masters, who owned us and destroyed us.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!