Slavery Was Bad For Our Black People – Yesterday and Today – We Must Change Our Future!!!


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Slavery was very bad for our black people, as a black man, I must say, that we have been destroyed, at our core, because our values, when it comes to family, self-love and the love for other black people have been lost.

We don’t even know who we are, who our enemies are, and who is our Power, The God of Israel, because we are lost.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about, the conditions of black people in the Americas, and all throughout the world

We didn’t know how bad, it was for us to black people, therefore, we don’t know what to do, to repair the damage done, to us black people.

We have forgotten, many of us, what happened, to our forefathers, on their way here and when they got here.

Many of us don’t even want to talk about the fact, that we were and still are an enslaved nation.

We really need to look in the mirror, as a nation, not as an individual, but as a nation, because many of us, look at our-selves, as an individual.

Therefore, we move, in that matter and live our lives, this way, very selfish, and hating our own people

We should not hate each other, our hate should be redirected, to the other nations, but not to our own people.

Of course, do this at you discretion, don’t go and trust every black person in the world, because some of us black people, are really sick and we still need help.

However, in order to fix our problems, and have better situations, in the world, we must acknowledge the fact that, we are going to have to come together, and separate, from this devil, we all know as the white man.


Our current condition, as black people, not as the whole world, but our current black, nigger condition, has been solely crafted, and created by the white man.

You can believe whatever you want, and if you have something else in mind, I invite you to leave a comment.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, slavery was and it still is bad for our people, the black people

We need to fix the issues, which are plaguing the black community, us black people, and stop waiting for Massa to cover us and help us.

We weren’t brought out here, to be helped, we were brought, to this country, mainly to be slaves, and we still are slaves, don’t get that shit confused.

In order to make a good escape, out of slavery, we must have a plan, execute that plan, and continue to maintain a set of rules, laws and regulations, which none of us black people know not to break.

The best part about this plan, is that we don’t even have to write it, because it was already written for us, and it is called THE BIBLE!!! It is not a white man’s book neither, it is legit, and in it we will find our escape plan, and we will know more about us, our forefathers, why were are in the condition, we are in and most importantly, we will know Our Father, Our God and Our Lord and Savior, Yahawashi.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!