A Brief Introduction to The Science of Chemistry


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The science of chemistry, stands at the forefront of the change, that we as humans are anticipating in the new millennium.

Some of the changes we are expecting from chemistry are things such as: fuel cells, which can power society and sustain the environment.

Other changes are the creation of a new and more durable battery; also, the design of medicine, which is mainly based on our understanding of the genetic make-up of humans; in order to prevent the epidemic of new and old illness.

When we research the origins of life as well, and when we explore the solar system, and nearby systems to look for signs of life, elsewhere, the changes and our new understanding of chemistry can help us solve, year old mysteries which we couldn’t solve before.

The Impact of Chemistry in Our Lives

The science of chemistry has a tremendous impact, in our daily lives and the extent of that impact is we must say that it is indeed mind-boggling.

Chemistry is all around us from the time we wake up to the time to fall asleep, all through the night and when we wake back up again.

We can’t escape from chemistry, because chemistry, is actually working inside of your body right now for you to be able to read this article.

If you didn’t know it, you are a walking bag of water, with many molecules working together, to form who you are today. These molecules also go through many chemical reactions, to construct the most sophisticated God made creation in the world, known as the body. This explanation of who you are, is of course from a chemist point of view.

Your heart, pumping blood all through your body to make that exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2), is a perfect example of perfect chemistry at work.

When Chemistry is at work

If you ever needed transportation, chemistry is at work to make that happen for us, without the knowledge of chemistry we wouldn’t be able to accomplish many of the things, we have accomplished today.

We just simply wouldn’t, because we wouldn’t know, how hot could a car engine be before it overheats.

Chemistry allows us to understand the process of heating a car, but not to the point of overheating the vehicle.

Of course, there are other areas of knowledge, which play a role in this example as well; however chemistry is our current topic, and we must stay on topic.

The natural environment

The earth and all of its magic, which we also call our home is also found to be full of chemical elements, which are found on the periodic table.

The way that chemistry works in our environment, to give us the ability, to interact with our world, is remarkable.

A remarkable complex system of chemical interactions is formed, by the air, water, land and the many organisms, to be able to thrive, due to a well taken care of environment.

This of course, is another topic, which we could also discus, if you understood what I meant, by a well taken care of environment.

This means an unpolluted, environment

I don’t want to go further into that topic, because you all know how bad we treat our environment.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter; the science of chemistry deals directly, with the make-up of the entire physical universe.

Chemistry, is the study of matter

The properties of chemistry, as well as the changes which matter goes through, and the energy, which is emitted by those changes are all part of what we learn in chemistry.

In order to well understand chemistry, you’ll have to know where to begin, and a good place to begin, is with the definition of few central ideas and terms.

We will not get into this rest of the topic at this time, because we have reached the end of our conversation, and I would like to keep you coming back.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!