UI/UX – User eXperience and User Interface Development

amazing user experience

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In many cases, we find ourselves, in situations, which can be very detrimental and difficult for us.

Therefore, we do what it takes to never again, be in that situation, because it was a painful situation and don’t want to go through it again.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about UI/UX development

You need to understand the difference and learn how, this type of development is different from the other types, of development, such as application, mobile and software development.

Alright, now let’s talk a bit about UX designers, these people are developers, who have the responsibility, of combining their research and design skills, as well as their understanding of the user needs; in order to produce, solutions, concepts and designs, which people can use, without a problem.

The job of a UX designer, is to give users, the desire to use a website or an application, because the experience is so good.

UX by the way stands, for User eXperience

UX designers must understand, the needs of the users, as well as human behavior, psychology and the reason why people do what they do.

It’s a lot of creativity on the part of the UX designer, so that the experience of the user, while they are using a website or an application, is not a terrible one.

UX designers, would usually be able to tell you, what an application should do, and why it should do it, but they can’t actually build something that works.

Another part of development is the UI development, UI developers have the responsibility, of filling the gap, between design and technical skills together.

UI developers, are able to make something look good, and make it function very well on the browser or device.

UI by the way, stands for User Interface

The UI developers, are able to use Photoshop to create, beautiful designs, and convert those designs into HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which can then be viewed by a browser.

If you want to be able to design something, which renders correctly, which has all those annoying pixels, lined up correctly, then you need to know about UI development, it will help you design projects the right way.

The last but not least part of development work, is the application development, which are people who focus on the development of the underlying functionality, which make the actual product work.

Although, the UI/UX development, do produce products, which can render very well, on a browser or device, they can’t actually make that product work, the way it should.

The application developers, focus on coding, logic and working their left-side of their brain.

Many application developers, would say

“I can make it work, but it won’t look pretty”

Your average, end users, will not be very impressed, with the work of an application’s developer, but they would sure appreciate it, when they are able to use a functioning website or application.

You will find people, who are able, to perform all facets of development work, but this person, is more like a family doctor, in my eyes, because this person does not specialize on one thing, therefore, the development will almost never, be as perfect and efficient, as it would be if, someone who specializes on the different parts, of development, was also part of the development of a website or an application.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!