Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

artificial intelligence

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In today’s world, the technology, which we are using, is progressing so fast, that we don’t have time to consider, the cost and consequences, which technology, can have in our society.

We don’t know yet, what will the technology, we are creating today, will be like in the future, but we shall know soon.

In today’s article, we are going to focus, on talking about the artificial intelligence technology

This technology, is also known as AI technology, and the implications, that this technology could have in our society.

AI technology, has not been fully tested, just yet and the implications of this technology, and how it could affect our lives, have not been fully studied.

But leave it up to us, we know everything, we think that, our knowledge of technology, is beyond the knowledge of Our Creator, therefore, we don’t seek him, to make things the right way.

We tend to believe that the creator does not exist; therefore, we do as thou will, “Do as thou will”, that’s evil, satanic and against the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High, by the way.

AI technology, has a long way to go

Though we may think that we are making major progress in technology, we really are not making any progress, in technology, when you look at the grand scheme of things.

However, due to AI technology we believe that we are doing something major, so we go crazy developing this technology, and we don’t consider the cost.

The crazy part of AI technology, is that as we continue to make the little progress, that we are making in the artificial intelligence technology industry, we ship out the products, to the market, so that people have access to this technology.

We don’t yet comprehend the implications, of this technology

We don’t know what we are getting ourselves into, but we push developers to develop the technology, so that it become an essential part of our lives.

Which is not a good think, to be honest with you, I don’t think, we should take part, in the development, of the AI technology.

However, we are going to do it anyways, because we all believe that we can do better than The Creator.

But this is a lie, we are being deceived, by none other than the devil himself, because he knows that his time on this earth is little, and he wants to take down, with him as many people as he can.

Please don’t be part, of the devil’s wrath, which is coming to him, soon on this earth.

We are here, talking about AI technology, and we have not yet defined it, so let’s define AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence technology

This technology, is a part or a branch of computer science, which deals, with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers.

If you didn’t get that, I’ll make it simpler for us, we are trying to make computers, behave as humans do.

It’s going to be crazy, wao, we are going to regret it too, because we don’t know what we are actually creating.

I mean just imagine for a second, yourselves walking down the street going to your favorite store, to buy your favorite snacks.

You expect to see, a human person, to check you out of the store, and you do check out and go back to your home.

Then you sit down to eat your snack, and don’t realize it until you, bite on your snack, that the person, who checked you out at the store, was not really a person, but this person was a robot.

AI technology

That’s AI technology, a computer that acts so much like a human, that humans are no longer necessary, to work, therefore we can become replaced at work.

Right now, we can only see AI technology doing our jobs, but next these smart computers, will own us, because they will also have to have that behavior, in order for that computer to be able to, act as human, truly.

Computers, will have to be evil, and try to attack us, because that’s what humans do, we attack and kill each other, to possess the land.

Therefore, if a computer is to be truly a human, they would have to have all the behaviors of a human, good or bad.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!