Wi-Fi HotSpots Give Life to Other Devices, Through Your Smart Cell Phone


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In today’s society, we have been used to operate a certain way; and when we don’t have the tools that we need to operate, in this society, we feel unable to accomplish certain important tasks.

This is true, for every single person, performing any task, because you need tools and resources, to accomplish any task, in life.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the ability, that your phone has, to provide any other device, the Internet

We are going to talk about a process, known as tethering.

Mobile devices, are able to share their internet, by becoming a hotspot, for other devices, to be able to find it.

For example, the article, I am writing now, has been written, with the help of a hotspot found on my phone, because I was on the train while writing this article.

The right term, which is used to describe, the process of transforming your phone into a hotspot, is tethering, and this term simply means, that your cell phone, or any other mobile device, is able to share their internet connection.

The Internet connection, which your device shares, is allowed to be visible by other devices, which have Wi-Fi capabilities.

You have to also keep in mind, that many people out there, have this capability, on their phones; therefore, they are recommended to always protect their phones.

Set up a password

So if you are allowing, other devices to connect to your phone, you will be asked to set up a password, and the name of your connection.

You set up a password, so that others, won’t be able to connect to your phone easily.

If you don’t put a password to your connection, then you will not be able to keep other people from connecting, to your phone.

Other people will try to connect to your phone, trust me, many people are using mobile devices, in the world today, and those same people, are always looking to connect to a connection, which is not password protected, and is really good.

It’s okay though, you won’t be able to set up, tethering, without setting up a password to your Internet connection.

The user name, have to be set up as well, so that your own devices, know which Internet connection, they are supposed to connect to.

You can also set up other things on tethering, such as, when should the connection go inactive, and how many users, can connect to your Internet connection.

You should know, that tethering only work with smartphones

Therefore, any non-smart cellphone device, will not allow you to share mobile data, with other mobile devices.

In many cases, you won’t be able to set up tethering, because your smart phone tariff, will not allow you to set up tethering on your phone.

My phone is great, because I am allowed, to connect laptops to my phone, and share mobile data.

If tethering is not part, of the deal, you will be prevented, from tethering, from your mobile operator.

However, if your smartphones allow it, because you have a great, service provider; then you will be able to connect your tablets and/or laptops, to your smartphone and be connected to the Internet.

The process of enabling tethering on your mobile device, is simple.

The process of tethering involves, having the hotspot option on your phone enabled, once it has been enabled, then you need to configure, the wireless security with a password.

The password will allow you, to prevent other people, from piggybacking on your connection.

Finally, you can make the connection to your wireless, Internet connection, with your laptop, or tablet, just as you would, with any other hotspot.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!