The Power of Obtaining Certifications In The Technology Industry – Part Two


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When you accomplish something great in your life, you will see how you will change, the way you look at yourselves.

You will experience greatness, therefore, you will be a great kind of person, and you will never again, be that average person, you once were.

In today’s article we will continue to talk about the certifications that can change your career, in the technology industry.

The confidence you gain, when you gain a certification, will spill over into, all areas of your life and you will be very successful, doing other things, you didn’t think were possible.

When you need it, you will also have the tools available, for you to use, if you are stock on stupid computer programming problem at work, which would stop you from performing your job, successfully, you will find the knowledge, tools and resources you need, because you are prepared to take on the challenges, of that the workplace, will most certainly throw your way.

Put your knowledge, as soon as you can, to the test; because once you have gone, through all the study, hard work and have mastered a whole new body of knowledge; you will be tested and will be expected to do more with your new found tools.

Take advantage, of the new knowledge

You certainly want to take advantage, of the new knowledge that you have gained, through your certifications, and want to show you employer or yourself that, you didn’t waste your time, effort and money, obtaining a certification.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that once you receive a certification, make sure that you are in the field of your interest.

This means that, if you are a network administrator, go and obtain, a network administration certification, don’t go for the Drupal web developer administration.

The reason is because, you won’t be able to use, your knowledge and take advantage, of your newly obtained certification.

Besides, if you don’t know certain areas in technology, and you just jump into that particular area, you will have nightmares and make your life a living hell.

Be willing to go through that hell

Until of course, you are done going through that hell, but of course, before you go through that hell, you must first be willing to go through that hell.

Working experience and your college education, as well as an advance degree are also an important tool for you, and it is said that experience, is the greatest teacher in life.

However, a certification will show you to be well rounded, and will keep your skills current, with the changing technology.

You also want to be able to think, outside of your experience, because it gives you a sense of leadership.

One is not better than the other

Education, is not better than experience, and experience is not better than education, or education is not better than certification or experience is not better than certification.

Each one has their advantages, but since we are talking about certifications, we are going to focus on the advantages and benefits of obtaining certifications.

But you should know that, education, working experience and certifications, can all work together, to make a very valuable employee.

Also you can become a better mentor, because you would be able to reach beyond your own experience and education.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!