The Power of Obtaining Certifications In The Technology Industry


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In the computing world, your programming skills are very important, but most importantly, is that you continue to maintain your skills polished, and upgraded.

If you don’t upgrade your skills, you would be similar to a computer, which has not been upgraded, for years.

The computer world, changes on a day to day basis, and your skills need to be able to stay current.

When you don’t want to be fired from your job, if you have one in the IT industry, you are going to want to keep your skills always updated.

If you don’t know, how to continue, to keep your programming skills upgraded, you will be behind in the technology curve, and you will not be ahead of the computing game.

Yes, of course you can go to school, and continue to receive all these degrees, which is good, but you should also know, that you are only learning concepts, you are not gaining any practical knowledge.

Education is great, for those who would want to have all the knowledge in the world, but schools are not practical.

When I say not practical, I mean that you don’t become an expert in the real world, in whatever your area is, as fast, if you choose, to pursue, a goal, that will make you feel proud of yourselves.

School is a good thing to have

Get your degrees, and become the best that you can be, because, while education, may be the long way, it’s the best way.

As I have heard before, there are no shortcuts to success, you have to take the long rout and learn through the way.

You should also know that, gaining working experience is good as well, but there is one more thing, that you need to work on, to be able to continue to upgrade your skills and keep them current.

When you maintain your skill polished, you will be very valuable to your employer and to yourselves.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the benefits, of obtaining certifications

Certifications can help you continue to keep your skills polished for a lifetime, if you of course are in the technology industry.

It is worth obtaining certifications, because after you put in all the work that you are going to have to put in, to obtain your certifications, you will see the benefits for your particular situation.

One of the benefits you will see, is that you are different from your competition and even co-workers, if you have a job.

Due to the fact that during an interview process, for a job, your competition, will be in fear of you, because you will almost always look better and have more to offer to your potential employer.

Advantages of having certifications

When you have certifications, but your competition does not, then you would be at an advantage, and your competition at a disadvantage, for certain.

You are also going to gain, a new array of network of people, that are either getting their certifications, like you, or people who already have their certifications.

The people you meet during your journey, in obtaining your certifications, will certainly be useful, in your career, so make sure you stay in contact with them.

Another thing you gain with certifications, is confidence, because you have passed through the microscope and have proven to yourself and to your certification professors, that you are ready to tackle any programming or computer task, which is presented, in front of you.

Confidence is something that most of us are missing

It is (confidence) most times the different between the person who gets the job done, and a person who does not know what to do, in the mist of pressure.

When you are confident, you don’t let anything get in your way, between you and accomplishing your goals.

You would also feel accomplished, because you have set, your eye on a goal, you have put together a plan, worked hard to execute your plan and reached your goal of obtaining a certification.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!