Our World is Plagued by Our Actions – Thermal Pollution


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Our world is plagued by our actions, we don’t understand how important it is for all of us, to really take care of the planet earth, which was only borrowed to us.

The planet earth does not belong, to anyone, but to The Most High, because He created it all, including yourselves.

Therefore, you don’t even belong, to yourselves.

When we don’t take care of this planet, then the planet does not take care of us.

Instead we start to die, because planet earth, starts to die, by killing the animals of the ground and the fish of the water, through our actions of course.

So the planet is not, really the one who does the killing, but instead the actions of humans, drive the planet to be a living hell for animals of the ground and water and the environment as well as the vegetation.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about thermal pollution

This is a type of pollution which can have adverse effects, in the environment.

When an ocean, lake, river or pond has a sudden increase or decrease, in the temperature, and this sudden increase or decrease in temperature, is influenced by humans, this is known as thermal pollution.

When hot or cold water is discharged, into nearby rivers, lakes, streams, oceans or bays; by power plants and factories, then it is said that thermal pollution has occurred.

Deforestation, waste heat generated from electric power plants and run-off steaming from hot paved surfaces, are said to be some of the primary sources, of thermal pollution.

When humans cause rapid change, of water temperatures, most if not all, aquatic organisms, are unable to survive, the sudden changes in the water temperature.

Aquatic life

Many marine organisms, have specific temperature needs, which they must maintain, in order for them to survive.

Aquatic life, may experience thermal shock, even with the smallest temperature changes, which are cause by our actions.

When the organisms that are in water, go through a shock in temperature, they usually have difficulties reproducing and have low resistance to disease.

Thermal pollution can and it is causing, mass genocide, of aquatic life, thus, this is why we are seeing many fish of the sea die, today in the twenty first century.

We are of course seen the mass kill of the fish of the water, because we are definitely in the last days, but The Most High, is allowing that we kill the fish, so that prophesy, can be fulfilled.

We are very ignorant of our actions, and don’t try to put ourselves, in the fish population’s shoes.

From too hot to too cold

I mean imagine if the weather, went from too hot to too cold in an hour, I can only imagine the amount of people, which could die from this sudden change.

The body will not be able to take it, even after you play sports, or exercise, you need to rest and cool off, before you take a shower, therefore imagine the fish of the sea.

Water temperatures, is supposed to change the same way, that our environment changes, slowly and gradually, with the changes of the seasons.

The aquatic life, is on a cycle with the earth, therefore, they have been engineered by The Most High, to change their metabolisms, according to the temperature of the weather.

When the weather is cold

There are fewer food sources available, and the metabolisms of the fish slows downs, when cold weather comes.

However, when the water is heated up, due to industrial discharges, then the metabolisms of the fish, speeds up as well; therefore, causing malnutrition, because there is no food during the cold weather.

When thermal pollution occurs, then the mass kill of fish occurs, as a result, around the world.

We should definitely be more careful with our actions, and really wake up to the fact that we are the ones, destroying the planet.

However, this is all part of The plans of The Most High, in order to fulfill prophecy, which must be fulfilled.

Thank you, for reading this article!!!