The Chemical Reactions, which Happen Every Day

chemical reactions

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The world in which we live in, wouldn’t be possible, if it wasn’t for all the elements, which exist in our environment.

The chemical reactions, which occur on a daily basis, are amazing, because they happen constantly, all over the place, inside and outside of your body.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the different types of chemical reactions

These chemical reactions, which exists in our environment, and inside our bodies, is a very good topic of conversation.

We are going to focus on some of the major types of chemical reactions, but if you believe we are missing anyone of the chemical reactions, which exists today, please write to us and let us know.

Some of the main types of chemical reaction, are: the combination reaction, which is also referred to as, a synthesis reaction, because it is a chemical change, in which two or more, substances, react to form a new substance.

When the product of the combination reaction, has more substances on the reactant side, and only one product on the product side, then you can tell that a combination reaction, has occurred.

The other type of reaction is known, as the decomposition reaction, which is a reaction, that occurs, when a single compound, known as the reactant, breaks down into two or more products, which are much more simple.

A decomposition reaction

This type of reaction, is identifiable, when you see one reactant, which a compound, and you also notice several products.

The next type of reaction, is the single-replacement reaction, which is a reaction, where one element, which forms part of a compound, is replaced by another.

The symmetry of this chemical change, is usually, the key factor in identifying, this type of chemical reaction.

The Earth Is A Better Place Thanks to Chemistry

The reactant and the product side, are similar, because there is a single element, and a compound on both of these sides.

In a single-replacement reaction, if the most reactive element, is already part of a compound, then there will be no reaction.

Another type of reaction, is the double-replacement reaction, which is a chemical change, which occurs, when there is an exchange of positive ions, between two compounds.

Double displacement reactions, usually take place in aqueous solutions.

Another types of chemical reaction, which falls under double-replacement reaction, is neutralization.

The neutralization type of chemical reaction, results in water and salt, when a strong acid and a strong base, react with each other.

The combination of H+ ions and OH- ions, is also involved in the neutralization reaction.

Another type of reaction is the combustion reaction, in which it occurs, when a hydrocarbon reacts, with oxygen, to produce carbon dioxide and water.

A combustion reaction

A reaction, which involves any combustible material, and an oxidizer, to form and oxidized product, is said to be a combustion reaction.

This reaction, releases heat; however, sometime, when the reaction, proceeds very slowly, the temperature is not noticeable.

Reaction, in which heat is released, is known as an exothermic reaction, in this case the combustion reaction, is an exothermic reaction.

In a chemical reaction, when oxygen is a reactant and carbon dioxide, water and heat is a product, then you are dealing with a combustion reaction.

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