Internet Protocol (IP) Makes Your Access to Information a Reality

internet protocol

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One of the main reasons, why a society, would be able to grow strong, and become a developed, society.

Is of course, if the All Mighty, The Most High, allows it, and also the way that information is transferred from one party to another is very important.

In today’s article we are going to talk, about an important part of the Internet, which exist today, to make the Internet a reality, in our lives, so that we are able to communicate better, and live in a developed country, such as the United States of America.

We are going to talk about, the Internet Protocol Address

The Internet Protocol Address, also known as IP address or simply IP, is used on a daily basis, to access the Internet.

Without the Internet Protocol Address or IP address, we wouldn’t be able to access, information, which makes our society, very great.

In a network interface, the only way that information on a website, which is hosted on computers, is able to be located, is through a series of numbers, known as the Internet Protocol address.

The numbers, which you don’t see, are the way that you are able to locate information, in the cyber world.

Although you type in names, in the browser, such as, computers have the ability to translate, the names into numerical addresses, so that data is sent to the right location, in the cyber world.

IP address

Your computer, is able to send packets to the IP address, of the other end of a connection, and is able to receive packets, destined to itself, through its own IP address. When you send an email, visit a website or participate in a video, for example, you are using the IP address of computers, to be able to locate the information you would like to see, in the cyber world.

We need IP addresses, because they enable computers, servers, telephones, cameras, printers and nodes on a network, to communicate with each other.

We would have to copy data from device, to device using CDs, DVDs, hard disks, and flash drive, if we didn’t have the IP address at our service.

Also, without human intervention, devices, connected to a network, wouldn’t be able to send, data to each other, if we didn’t use the IP address.

Don’t take sending emails for granted

We wouldn’t be able to send email, instead we would have to stick to paper letters and memos, if we didn’t have the IP address.

We would have to send each other disc DVDs and tapes, instead of streaming videos on websites, if we didn’t have the IP address.

Even worst, we would have to go, and get our pizza ourselves, you can say goodbye to ordering food online.

Although, we do order food, on the phone, and we are very comfortable, with that way of ordering food, many of us do prefer to order food online.

The Internet protocol

This application, is part of the Internet protocol suit, which consist of a suit of communication protocols.

The most popular Internet Protocols are the Transmission Control Protocol or TCP and the Internet Protocol or IP.

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