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the kraken

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When you don’t pursue your goals, you are subconsciously committing spiritual suicide, and instead of being an active individual, who wakes up every day to live your dreams.

You instead wake up to be, a worker bee for someone’s dream and big ideas.

Not more of a human being

The person who pays you is not more of a human being than you, and yet they control everything about you, including your life; because they have control of your finances.

The same person that pays you is also not above you, because they are better then you, instead that person knows something, which you don’t know and that person, make their dream become a reality.

Due to that knowledge that your boss has, over most people; they are able to write their own checks, and be in a powerful position.

The same person that pays your bill, whom you work for; uses everything they’ve got to make their dream become a reality.

In today’s article we going to talk about the kraken

The Kraken is which is in every man and women in today’s world.

The kraken is in everyone, and anyone has the ability to become one; women are not the only ones who can become one.

The only reason why we are focusing on the women today though, is because the women are found to be the ones, to hold the title of kraken.

The women in today’s world

Why do I say this, well because the women in today’s world, is the only ones being chanting and claiming that they are independents.

When a person, declares themselves as independent, then they are committing a sin, against themselves, because, they deny the fact, that they need help.

We all need help, from each other, when we don’t seek the help that we need, we therefore, don’t know how to accomplish our dreams and goals.

When we don’t accomplish great things in life, then we hate our lives, and therefore become krakens.

Many types of krakens

Indeed, there are many types of krakens in the world, and we need to understand how these krakens work, so that we are able to deal with these type of personalities, which are on the face of the earth.

The kraken epidemic is real, and it is indeed taking over the world, if you don’t believe me, just take a look around you, and you will see that it is taking over the world.

Many people today are becoming krakens, and one of the main reasons, for them becoming krakens, is that they are not realizing their dreams.

In life you have to realize your dreams with everything you’ve got, because when you don’t realize your dreams or give your life purpose, then you will not be able to live a happy life.

Some people are krakens and don’t even know it, because they think that their mind set is fine and they don’t need to change the way that they think.

Change the way that they think

However, many people do need to change the way that they think, because our thinking can naturally become corrupted.

The main people that need to change their thinking are those who are not in school, and are not constantly learning something new.

Those people in particular, who are not picking up a book to read, to utilize their minds, they run into the risk of losing everything, which is in their brains because they decided that, they don’t want to read anything, or learn something new.

Become a kraken

It takes a lot of energy to become a kraken; therefore, don’t waste your time doing what you don’t love.

Of course you do need to maintain a job, and you don’t have to realize your own dreams, but when you do that, when you give up your freedom, then you are telling your employer, that they can do whatever they want with you.

One of the main reasons why employers treat their employees as slaves, is because employers look at employees as slaves.

Do work if you have to

It is that simple, if you work for someone, you are helping them build their dream, and you are not helping your cause in any shape, form or manner. Nevertheless do work if you have to, get a job, don’t be broke and lose your house or your transportation.

You are just stagnant in life, and you refuse to grow, when you don’t work on your own dreams, and instead you choose to work on someone else’s dream, for the rest of your life.

Pay your bills

When your work does not allow you to work on your dreams, and it is that sane job, which pays your bills, you are going to have a lot of issues with you’re the way, you prioritize your time, but you must master the skill of time management, you cannot be lazy, and you have to give your dreams all, you’ve got.

Therefore, believe that realizing your dreams, will not only pay you, for the rest of your life, but you will also receive a tremendous blessing, which will forever change your life.

Going after what you want in life is very important, if you don’t want to be less than, and become a straight up kraken.

One important reason why you shouldn’t become a kraken, is your family, because they would be suffering the most, when you become a kraken.

Your family will suffer, because they have to experience your ugly personality.

Your personality becomes rotten

I am sure you know that your personality becomes rotten, when you decide to become bitter and ugly inside.

Yes my fellow readers, you do become an ugly, rotten person inside, and it is a decision that you make all by your selves.

No one points a gun at you and tells you, to not run toward your dream, to become a couch potato and to let your body look similar to that of a cow, because all you want to do is eat burgers and McChicken, all day.

Separate your selves from your feelings

You have to learn to separate your selves from your feelings, and learn to subdue your feelings, because the way you feel is not who you truly are.

Instead you have a long way to go, before you become the feelings that you are feeling at any point in your life.

For example, when you feel happy, you are not happy, your situation didn’t change, and you didn’t receive anything great to make you happy.

The feeling of happiness is a sign to you, that your situation is about to change, or that you are about to receive something great.

Brand new Lamborghini

Even when someone hands you the keys to a brand new Lamborghini.

When you receive the keys, you are not happy at that moment, you just feel the happiness rushing through your veins, and it is not until you actually get the car, drive the car and possess the car for a long time, you now become a happy person.

When you think about it, you could receive the Lamborghini yesterday and today you could get into a crash, because you decided to drive really fast, because you thought you were happy, and crashed and lose your ability to drive the car.

Brand new Lamborghini

Because first the car is destroyed, and second you have just lost your legs.

Now how happy do you think you are with the brand new Lamborghini.

So you see, you are not your feelings, you just become your feelings, after your feelings have been in your heart for so long.

The point I am making here, is that you need to watch what you are feeling and thinking, at all times.

Control your feelings

Your thinking, will control your feelings, your feelings will develop a actions, and your actions will become a way of life.

So you want to always, think positive about your goals and about your life, no matter what the circumstances are.

If your life has not been as good as you want it to be, then you need to look at yourself in the mirror and analyze, what it is that is putting obstacles in front of you, to prevent you from getting to the life, which you want to live and which you know you can achieve.

Don’t just accept life as it comes, and become a kraken because of it, don’t let life happen to you, instead you need to be an active participant in your life.

Active participant in your life

When you are not an active participant in your life, then you will start to lose a part of you, which was built inside you, so that you continue to live a full life.

It is ultimately up to you, whether you want to become a kraken, or you want to become a super you, if you become a kraken, don’t blame anyone.

Remember that it was all your doing, you and only you did what happened to your life, because you allowed your circumstances to continue to keep you down.

Decided early on

Instead of fighting, you decided early on, to give up and never get up, once life knocked you down.

Life is hard, accept it, don’t run from the challenges of life, meet those challenges, and when life requires, that you bring out the best in you, then do that.

Don’t ever rely on your feelings, because your feelings are not reliable, they always lead you on the wrong path.

Instead adopt principles, and stick by them, don’t ever let go of your principles, be a person of principles.

Find your principles

If you don’t know where to find your principles, then I suggest you read the word of The Most High, because His book contains a lot of good principles, which are useful to many people.

Once you have a set of good set of principles, then you’ll be able to live life based on a rock that is reliable, and you won’t have to worry about being in a situation that is too tight for you to resolve, because you obeyed the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High and made them your principles for ever.

Thank you for reading this article !!!