Fighting to Achieve Your Goals, Through Relentless Fight, Effort and Determination


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Some people learn by force, a lot of other people learn by simply reading a book, but most of us learn through experiences in life.

Whether the experience, is a positive or negative experience, we learn better, when we go through experiences in life.

Our experiences and what we experience in life, often lead us to have an understanding of what it is we need to do, about our current situation.

When you don’t experience anything challenging in life, then you are committing suicide, because you don’t grow as a person.

In today’s article we are going to talk about achieving your goals

Through fighting and not biting more than you can chew, and not putting too much on your plate, than you can handle, we can achieve our life goals.

When we are born, we are born with a lot of energy, and as we grow into a toddler, we start to dream and have goals, which seem very easy to achieve when we are not an adult.

It is real people, you can one day achieve all your dreams in this life time; the same dreams, as you originally thought, when you were a toddler, can actually become real.

However, reality comes into play and life happens, then we get distracted and we forget about who we were, and the purpose we had, when we first started to live this life.

The original purpose we have in life

It is actually easier to forget, about the original purpose we have in life, than to forget your bank account or social security number.

You know why this is? Well is because we are all pulled into a life, where we are forced to remember things, which are not significant to our growth as a human being.

When you think about it, what does remembering or knowing your social security number is doing, to help you grow in life.

Not a thing, all it is doing is just, telling the government, that you are here and exist in the country, which belongs to the government.

Some of you might argue that a social security number serves a purpose, but I would have to disagree with that.

A social security number, is just a distraction and it should be eradicated, because it hurts us humans as a whole.

The purpose of our lives

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, the purpose of our lives.

We also have to remember to keep up with our keys, cell phones and wallets, which are supposed to make our lives better.

But how much better are these things making our lives, are we really living a better life, with all of these inventions? Well I think we are, but a better question would be, are we using all of these inventions the right way.

What is happening to our society and why do we rely so much in in the things we have so far created in life, because life is clearly not going in the right direction.

Most people who are working in corporate America, don’t really enjoy their job, and they hate their lives.

The ruling party

I wonder why, is it because the system, which has been set up, by the ruling party, is corrupted, and it is killing people rather than helping them? We ought to ask these and many other questions, because we don’t seem to understand the way that life operates.

Many of us, including me, believe that the ruling party, is not really trying to help other people, but themselves.

The nation of people who are ruling this world, are very egotistic, they don’t believe that nothing can happen to them, because they rule the world and they have more money than a lot of people.

Therefore, these people are treated with respect, even when they don’t deserve it, because they have all of the wealth of the world, and the people or the earth is at their mercy.

Extremely careful and patient with people

We ought to be extremely careful and patient with people, but the ruling class does not care about the people who are at the bottom.

The ruling party instead tries to keep the poor people poor and the rich people rich.

In order for those of us, who are not part of the ruling party, we much do certain things, to fight the power.

One of the things that we must do together as a people, to fight the ruling power, has to start with the bible, in the middle of our fight.

We have to remember to follow the law, statues and commandments of the Lord our God Power.

The Most High, who created you

If we don’t learn to do this, first and for most, nothing else will work in your life, because you didn’t have the patient and respect for the Most High, who created you and I and everything you see around you.

He created it all, and has the right to do with His creation, whatever it is that He will do.

Trust and believe me my fellow readers, this life is not about any of us and it doesn’t belong to anyone else, but to the one and only who created all of us.

If you don’t want to accept the fact, that you are not in control of life, then you will be a very frustrated person.

You also have to participate, you can’t just quit because you feel as though you can’t live life anymore.

You can’t just quit at life

Oh nooooo, you can’t just quit at life, even when you want to quit, it doesn’t matter how you feel.

You need to get up and do what it is that is in your heart, because your heart and intuition were put there to push you to become, who you are supposed to be.

You have to push yourselves, because they way that life, has been made, it has been made to destroy each and every one of us.

The reason why the system of this current life, is destroying us, is because this life, destroys dreams, and kills goals.

A dead person without purpose

Once your dreams, goals and aspirations are dead, then you can consider yourselves a dead person, because without dreams, goals and aspirations, this life has no purpose.

Without purpose, this life is dead, and if you live without purpose then you might as well be dead, but you won’t physically die until The Creator says so, but mentally and spiritually, you will be dead.

Many people are at the bottom, because they want to be there, and I am talking about many people not all the people of the world, because some people just don’t have a choice, they must be at the bottom.

However, there are other people who have an opportunity to reach their best, because they were made a certain way, but they don’t reach anything in life, because they say to themselves, no and that they can’t do what they need to do to achieve their dreams.

We cancel out our dreams, because we don’t have any courage or faith to live this life, and to attain our greatness.

In the mist of trials and tribulations

Now remember only a special kind of people are able to achieve their dreams, even in the mist of trials and tribulations; if you think about it, look around you, or look at yourselves, have you accomplished everything that it is, you needed to accomplish in your life?

Has anyone around you, done the same, do you have a circle full of accomplished friends? If the answer to these questions was yes, then good for you, you are that special kind of person and the people around you, must be special as well.

However, if the answer was no, then my friend you probably bit more than you could chew and you are now regretting the fact that, you should have designed your life differently.

Dreams, goals and aspirations

You even had dreams, goals and aspirations, but you are mad today and hate your life, because you couldn’t even achieve them.

Most people don’t know how to hold on tenaciously, most people are not relentless, and they go after their dreams tentatively, they don’t give all they’ve got, instead they simply allow the defeat of failure in life, to bring them into a place, where they feel is impossible for them to achieve their dreams.

Don’t bit more than you can chew, and don’t put more on your plate than you can handle.

Put more time into your running

Always seek to find the easy achievable goals, that you can accomplish during the day, to achieve your ultimate goal.

For example, if you would like to lost weight, then start by running for ten minutes every day, once you have mastered the ten minute run a day, then continue to put more time into your running.

Don’t ever do too much, in one day, because you have to come back the next day and run some more.

Of course running is not the only thing that factors your weight, you also have to worry about what it is that you are eating.

You need to make sure that, you are not overly eating, this means that now, you are going to have to change your eating habits and eat a lot better than how you are currently eating.

When you want to achieve a goal

You need to do the same with your eating habits, don’t just change cold turkey, because you will never become successful, you have to make gradual changes every day, until you have fully mastered your eating habits.

When you want to achieve a goal, whatever that goal may be, you have to break that goal into pieces and attack those little pieces of goals, which are very possible to achieve.

Always do what you can, with what you have, because what you have is enough, and don’t ever be satisfied.

Keep on pushing every day, and don’t bite more than you can chew, so that you can achieve your ultimate goals, and aspirations.

Thank you for reading this article post!!!