Our Daily Lives Involves Many Things, Including Cell Phones

mobile phones

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Our daily lives, is full of things that we do as if it is a religion, because we have realized, that we cannot live without doing these things.

One of the things, which we do on a daily basis, because we believe we would die, if we don’t accomplish this event, every day, is the fact that we have to brush our teeth.

I hope you brush your teeth, at least once a day, if you don’t your teeth are probably rotting.

Take care of your teeth every day

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you must take care of your teeth every day, but I know you know this already, so we won’t talk, about how important it is to brush your teeth.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the hardware of the cell phones, which are mobile devices, which we cannot afford to live without it on a daily basis, in the twenty first century.

In order, to compress and decompress, the voice stream, modern cell phones are able to process; millions of calculations, per second, through the software and hardware, which work together, to make the connections needed that can make a phone call, become a reality; must take place.

The cell phone

Without these calculations, a cell phone wouldn’t be worth much value, and you and I wouldn’t be so dependent on the cell phone.

A phone call, is a very complex event or series of events, which take place, within a cell phone’s hardware.

If you don’t agree with that statement, then you should take a cell phone apart, and in it you’ll find, that it contains individual parts, which are wired to make phone calls a reality.

The parts of the cell phones today are: A circuit board (which contains the brains of the phone), an antenna, a liquid crystal display or the LCD phone screen, a keyboard, a microphone, a speaker and a battery.

The circuit board

The heart of the system, is the circuit board, because it houses many of the other components, which take part, in making the cell phone perform its duties and bring a valuable service, to all of us.

Many of us, do understand how important cell phones are; therefore, we don’t appreciate, its features and the values that cell phones bring to our lives.

Twenty years ago, none of us, knew what a cell phone could do, but as the years progress, we see, time and time again, the enormous potential that a cell phone has.

Therefore, many app developers, try to develop applications for mobile devices, more than for a desktop.

The hardware of cellphones

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, the hardware of cellphones.

The housekeeping chores, for the keyboard and the display, are handled by the microprocessor.

The command and control signaling, with the base station, is also handled by the microprocessor.

The functions of the circuit board, are all coordinated and handled by the microprocessor as well.

Customization features, such as the phone’s directories and the operating system of the cell phone, are able to function, thanks to the memory and flash memory chips, which can be added to the phone, so that it has more storage space.

Radio frequency (RF)

The power management and the recharging of the phone, are handle by the radio frequency (RF) and the power sections of the phone.

The RF amplifiers of the cell phones, take care of the signals, which travels, to and from the antenna of the cellphone.

As the number of features, increases with the cell phones, we can only expect to see more changes, to the hardware of the cell phone.

One of the most obvious and recent changes, we have seen, with the cell phones, is the fact that the display has grown tremendously.

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