The Earth We Have Today Is Precious; However Water Pollution Is Killing All of Us

water pollution

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The world that we have today, was a gift, and as a gift we should all treat it with appreciation and respect.

We have to really come to the realization, that the earth was given to us, and there will be no other home, similar to it; therefore, we should treat the earth, as a precious joule with respect and justice.

However; most of us, if not all of us, don’t really care about the earth, which houses all living creatures today.

A new earth

As if we are going to actually receive another earth, which will house all of the necessary things, we need to live.

Yes of course, you may be wondering, well what about the universe, are we the only creatures living on this earth? I know this much, we are the only creatures, on this dimension living right now.

But the point that I am trying to make here, is that we were only given this earth, the earth is what we have now.

Therefore, we need to take care of this earth, if we don’t want to die, and be exterminated forever from this earth.

By the way, The Most High, will also not allow us to destroy this planet, because this is His creation and He will not allow creatures, to destroy all of His ultimate plans.

Water pollution

In today’s article, we will be talking about water pollution, and how it is affecting all of us as a whole creation.

Water pollution does not just kill the animals, that live in water, but the pollution of our waters, can have adverse effects on us as well.

For example, we have heard of the many problems, which our tap water has, in the twenty first century.

Therefore, we need to learn to take care of our waters, if we don’t want to be in a really bad situation.

Judgement to our world

Yes, my fellow readers, The Most High, will bring judgement to our world, because we don’t want to take care of His creation.

We hear of pollution often in the twenty first century, we hear of pollution, in the news, at schools and at work in day-to-day conversations.

Some of the pollution, which our society has produced, are obviously more dangerous than others.

Although, scientists are studying the different types of pollution, in order to be able to control them, there is still a lot, which needs to be done, in order to reduce and control pollution.

The Most High

But, we won’t stop doing what we are doing to our waters, because we like to destroy our world and The Most High, will bring judgment to this society, for that reason.

Many times we as humans, we tend to add things to the environment, which makes it unsafe, for all of us.

A good example of the things, which we add unto the environment, in this case water, is oil.

Oil is very dangerous, to our environment and when, we add oil to water, we destroy our planet.

Oil spills

When oil spills happen, the pollution that takes place, takes a toll on the environment, and as a result, the environment suffers as well as humans, who live on this planet.

When water is overloaded with too much of one thing, the aquatic organisms, which are responsible for keeping the waters clean, are not able to keep up, with their cleaning responsibilities.

Therefore, the water becomes polluted and we become sick, because polluted waters can have tremendous negative effects, on the environment.

Not to mention, the fact that we eat shrimp, crab and lobster, which are aquatic creatures, which maintain the waters clean.

Part of the problem

So we are obviously a part of the problem, because we bring the numbers of the shrimps, crabs and lobsters down.

A low number of the shrimps, crabs and lobsters, which maintain the water clean, is not a good thing for us, because we can end up, with waters which are very polluted, over time, killing the fish by the billions.

We must understand, that when we pollute our waters, we also interfere with the natural development process, which organisms must go through, in order for them to develop properly.

Some organisms are growing way to fast, and others are not growing fast enough

Many aquatic organisms, also die from poisoning, because the waters are way too polluted.

Many things are today, contributing to our waters being polluted, some of these things are and are not limited to these: logging, mining, a port, cities, suburbs, waste water plant, factories and farms.

Everything we do today

Almost, everything we do today, is not contributing to helping and keeping the earth in great healthy conditions, for us to live in it for a lengthy period of time.

I understand though, why are we destroying our own home, it is because many of us are full of demons, which want to see this world be gone.

However, I know that there are a good group of people, who are greater and understand how to put their feelings aside, in order to take the earth and make it a better place for all of us.

Thank for reading this article!!!