The Internet Is A Great Place Thanks To TCP


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The Internet is a great place to be at, because many of us, find new and better things on the Internet.

Also the Internet is a great place, to interact and meet new people, the social life online, sometimes also gives us a sense of being part, of a very big and important world, in cyber space.

Stay informed

The Internet also has a lot of information that can help you to stay informed, on current events or just general and common sense information.

In today’s article we will be discussing, a very integral part of the Internet, which wouldn’t exist, if it was not for this technology.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about TCP, not IP, but just TCP, we may have to talk a bit about IP, in order to understand TCP, but our main focus will be on TCP.

The Internet was developed, as a system that is divided, into protocols, the family of all these protocol, is known as the Internet protocol suit.

The transmission control protocol (TCP) forms part, of the Internet protocol suit, which makes the Internet a reality, today in our world.

The Internet Protocol

Application programs, are able to exchange data, through network conversations, because TCP defines how to establishes and maintain them.

The Internet Protocol, defines how computer send packets of data to each other; therefore, TCP works along with IP, to form what we know today, as the TCP/IP protocol suit.

It is important, for computers to be able to communicate, with each other, effectively and efficiently.

When computers, are not able to communicate with each other, then there are many problems, which can prevent civilian and government agencies, from performing important duties.

Standard protocol

TCP provides a standard protocol, which is used to make the communication, of computers possible, in cyberspace.

TCP is able to support, multi lawyered network applications, because it forms part of a layer hierarchy of protocols.

TCP is very reliable, and it provides a way to send and receive variable-length segments of information, enclosed in Internet diagram “Envelops”.

The source and destination of the different network packet, being transmitted, is contained in the Internet data gram.

TCP segments

Any fragmentation or reassembly of the TCP segments, required to achieve transport and the delivery of information, through multiple networks, and interconnecting gateways, is accomplished by the Internet protocol.

Information on the precedence, security classification and compartmentation of the TCP segments is also carried out by The Internet protocol.

Information can be communicated end-to-end across multiple networks, due to the TCP/IP protocol suit.

The Internet protocol suit

I hope that by now, you are getting the picture, of the role that TCP plays within the Internet, so that you are able to come to this website and read the articles we have to offer to you, the visitors.

The Internet protocol suit, is there to support and create the Internet, it defines how the Internet is to be established and maintained, so that other developers, don’t come and try to change the way that things work with the Internet.

TCP is part of the Internet protocol suit, and it has a very important role, which is to make sure that packets of information arrive to their destination.

Thank you for reading this article!!!