The Lost of The Paperback Book


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The paper book to me is still very important; however, in recent years readers have switched to a device that can carry thousands of books and not have to deal with the weight of them.

But alas, I guess is a good thing, because now we are saving the trees, I still thought like my paper books, because they give you an experience that a reading device cannot give you.

Many people though, still use <a href=”” target=”_blank”>e-readers</a> a lot more than books; in America for example the number of people who are reading on a reading device is increasing.

We can also look at how most people today are sitting with their reading device for many hours; ebooks are gaining popularity in the world, there is no doubt about that.

The fact that digital books tend to be less expensive, more portable and easier to access, millions of people are choosing ebooks over printed titles.

The rise of the ebook

The literal landscape has been impacted by the rise of ebook creation and consumption.

The publishing industry has also changed a lot because many companies are now relying on the online retail store and they can see how important these stores are to their business.

Last year alone there was a not one online retail store that didn’t see <a href=”” target=”_blank”>growth in their online bookstore sales</a>.

Americans spent about 44 percent of the growth that online retail stores saw in that same year.


The growing prominence of ebooks has fueled the growth of ebooks according to a director at Bowker.

It is not too difficult today to obtain books online, it is also common to see someone with an <a href=”” target=”_blank”>e-reader</a>, because lugging around many books is not comfortable.

Also, many people experience with e-readers because a laptop leaves a bad stain on the eyes if you are trying to read a journal article online.

The fact that the Internet is present, has also pushed many people to choose a reading device over a paper book.

The Internet is a tool and if it is used the right way it can change people’s lives

It represents what we have achieved as mankind due to our knowledge and deep understanding of how things work around on Earth.

The Internet today is the main vehicle of textual information and communication; and due to the presence of the Internet many people don’t look at reading the same way anymore.

Reading online digital text differently than the printed word is commonplace in today’s society, and among expert readers such as university students and scholars.

Reading for many people is an everyday chore, it is common to read every day, and it is present in every aspect of our lives.

Reading is fundamental

It is still crucial in the formation and communication of human knowledge all around the world, so we can’t take reading for granted.

The operation of modern society depends heavily on reading and a small change in the way we read, can have major ramifications to the way we live.

We are only beginning to understand the online digital text, which represents a revolution in human learning and communication.

So we need to be very careful how fast we drop our paper books to go and pick up an ebook reader.

With that said, I should mention that every time you are reading something on a reading device, people are watching what you are doing and how you are reading, so that they are able to know you at a deeper level.

Reading a paper book keeps the experience of reading between you and the pages; however, with the new way we are reading books that intimate experience is disappearing little by little.

This is why I still like paper books because no one knows the knowledge that I am acquiring at the time and how am I getting the knowledge.

One of the downsides of all this is that when people know you that intimately, they can become entitled to you, because they know something about you, that you may not even know yourselves, because they are watching you and they use your device to do it.

Books that are made out of paper, however, don’t have the ability to study you, and I do also understand that we must learn to be more eco-friendly by saving trees, but paper books respect your intimate time.

You feel as though no one is in your mind when you are reading a paper book.

Imagine the kids who would know nothing but a reading device

The world that would be put in place for them would be amazing because the people who study them through their reading device would know exactly how to build a world, which satisfies everyone.

It sounds pretty cool and I may jump on that wagon, but we must not forget one thing, we may be giving too much control to other people about our lives.

Or we may not, we just have to wait and see what happens.

The best technology that we could create, which saves the world at the same time, is a technology that is naturally conducive with our planet.

And instead of causing all kinds of problems, the technology actually helps planet Earth, become a better planet for us all.

We must fight to continue to protect our planet, and eliminating paper books may be a start, but we should also know that there would be some repercussions due to this new way of reading.

We can’t forget about the paper book, because that’s the way that it all started

Without the paper book, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we wouldn’t have what we have today.

Therefore, it is imperative that we never forget the paper factor, which brings a different experience to the whole learning experience.

Many kids today and in the future, will only have a computer in their hands, to read something important or to learn in school.

Due to the fact that the paper book and printed material are disappearing.

Thank you for reading this article!!!