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In 2014 there have been many technological advancements; all throughout the year technology will not remain the same.

Instead, it will change, just as it does every year, and if you don’t change with it, you will be out of the loop.

I will be speaking about the existing technology that was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2014, it is very encouraging to see that we are still trying to make our technology better and better every year.

As many of you may or may not know CES is the world’s biggest platform for innovations.

CES is the place where successful companies have a chance to show off their latest technology or product.

The event happens in Las Vegas yearly for forty years; many innovations and breakthrough technologies have been discovered there, and that is where the marketplace is first flooded with next-generation innovations.


One of the products that were showcased at the CES was a three-dimensional printer that is wireless and can print out stamps for a craft project, such as a scrapbook, the printer prints rubber stamps that you would need for your family scrapbook.

The ability to be able to allow people to print out their own rubber stamps is a very good idea to get a piece of the pie of the scrapbook industry; because it is booming right now and for many it would be a good idea to take a piece of that pie; that is why Casio decided to make the Pomrie or the Stamp Maker.

Another product that made its mark at the CES this year was the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The massive 12.2-inch display is the best part of the notebook, ecause things such as web browsing, game playing and video watching have been enhanced fundamentally due to the tablet’s massive display.

The screen display is very impressive and it has a picture that is generally very crisp with a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

The tablet also comes with a pen that is considered to be one of the most important features of the device.

The S Pen

The pen is called the S Pen and it is a stylus with a tip made out of rubber; the S Pen gives you the ability to write on the table screen display and draw as well.

Another device that made its mark at the CES was a collar for dogs which records the activities, heart rate, calories burned and breathing of dogs.

Also PlayStation (PS) Now was unveiled at the CES, this service helps gamers play their old PS3 games on their PS4 console and among other things.

PlayStation Now will allow anyone to play games from PS3 and PS4 and you won’t actually need the console as well because it is all going to be available online for gamers to stream.

At the CES Sony also brought to the limelight a way for people to see tweets on their television, for those who are interested of course.

The next device that was also at the 2014 CES received its name after a state park in Southern California, the Oculus Rifft, which is a virtual reality gaming headset that has been improving since its release.

Oculus Rift is considered to be part of the future of virtual reality headset

Another device that took many people’s attention at the CES was the BRICK, which is a retro-styled handset of the old BRICK, but with a twist to it.

The BRICK is a practical phone for those people who have been doing business since the 80’s, these people know that in order to make a quick mil and have a good day you’ll have to be sharks out here, and stay away from procrastination, it will kill your dreams.

The BRICK helped many people achieve many of their goals back in the ’80s

The CES also brought forward the Martian Notifier, a smartwatch that can combined together the power of fashion plus the power of technology, and give the consumers a brand new device that serves a purpose while keeping up with your personal style.

It is an inexpensive item and gives you the consumer all sorts of technological features; such as hands-free texting, voice commands, and remote control of a phone’s camera.

The smartwatch is really cool and takes home the award for being one of the most attractive smartwatches on the marketplace right now.

The unique and cool feature about the smartwatch is that you can stay connected to your phones without having to take it out to check for new text message, phone calls, even your social network accounts and other important alerts.

The year 2014 also brought the self-balancing, motorized skateboard, that uses one wheel and is called the Onewheel

In order to move with the Onewheel, you’ll have to lean forward and if you want to slow down you’ll want to lean backwards, similar to the Segway; if you want to steer the Onewheel you’ll have to use your body.

The Onewheel is personal transportations, it speeds up to 12 miles an hour and has a battery that lasts for up to 6 miles, before it runs out of power.

Technology is moving forward and it is not waiting for anyone to jump on the wagon, when you are not well informed you won’t know of the advancements that have been made in the electronics world of technology.

But we got you covered here at King Info Life, we have all the information you thought you missed about the technology industry so keep coming back for more.

The technological advancements of the year 2014

We will see better and bigger technology, in the future and you shall have a life, which we only imagined in our brains.

However, with all the technology, which is being created today, we will be able to see things we didn’t think was possible.

We are not there just yet, but we are moving to that place little by little.

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