Everyone Needs to Go to The Gym ASAP


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The art of exercising has always been in the minds of mankind because the prehistoric people had to hunt every day to eat their meal of the day.

Therefore, the prehistoric people were very fit, and they had to be given the fact that they had to hunt for their food and also they had to fight the prehistoric beasts such as the dinosaurs that exist back in that time.

Exercising is very important to our bodies, in this article we will be speaking about the machines that help sculpt our bodies and the best way to use them.

People throughout time have been contemplating and searching for ways, methods, and routines to gain a body that was similar to what we would all consider a perfect body.

One of the factors that lead societies around the world, to have to search for better ways to stay fit, was the fact that life changed, and people were not as active because hunting was no longer popular.

All kinds of health complications

In order to prolong your lives and fight obesity that can lead to all kinds of health complications, it is important to seek ways to stay fit.

Staying fit is not just something you do to be part of a professional team, staying fit also helps you live out your lives the way you should.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, we must stay fit and bring our weight to healthy levels.

We also must remember that there are tools that are very important to maintaining a fit body and a healthy lifestyle.

One of the machines that are very important to your health is the cardiovascular pieces of equipment that you can buy at your local sports club store or those machines that you can find at the gym.

Other equipments

The machines I speak of here, of course, are those we use to break a sweat such as the treadmills, bicycles, row machines and any other types of equipment that makes us sweat.

The first treadmills was brought to the market in 1875 when it was used in the manufacturing industry rather than the sports industry.

The treadmills that we see today that became equipped digitally to monitor your workout progress, didn’t sell commercially until later in the 1900s.

People also use free weights, which help them achieve a more muscular and powerful body that they could use for anything that is worth something.

Training for physical strength requires humans to use dumbbells, plummets, and weight plate, in order to achieve maximum results.

Free Weights Although body-weight, calisthenic and yoga-based exercises were practiced by the ancient Eygptians, Chinese, Indians and other cultures, the ancient Greeks are credited with developing the earliest forms of modern weight training equipment.

One of the first “free weights” used in athletic training were halteres, or hand-held weights with a hole for gripping rather than a handle.

Halteres were used as early as the fifth century B.C.

and were used to develop muscular strength and for training for sports like the long jump.

Illustrations of early Greece show muscular men using dumbbells, weight plates and plummets to train for physical strength.

Cardiovascular Equipment The most popular piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment, the treadmill, was first introduced in 1875, but it wasn’t used for exercise, it was used for manufacturing.

In 1952, University of Washington in Seattle doctor Robert A.

Bruce began using treadmills for human stress tests.

This inspired businessmen to turn the treadmill into a consumer exercise device that would allow someone to run or jog naturally while staying in place.

By the 1960s, treadmills were common in homes and gyms

Elliptical machines, which are similar in function to treadmills but place less stress on the lower body, were first released in the mid-1990s and have rivaled treadmills in popularity ever since.

Resistance Bands Resistance bands, which are essentially strips of elastic that create progressive resistance as they are stretched, were first used by former football coach Dick Hartzell for functional training in 1980.

Since then, manufacturers have modified resistance bands by attaching handles and creating anchors that allow resistance bands to mimic almost any gym exercise that can be performed with free weights, but without the bulk, making them much more portable than free weights.

Technological advancements

New Innovations Technological advancements over the past 30 years have helped introduced dozens of pieces of exercises equipment that weren’t possible before.

Home gyms like Bowflex have replaced weight plates with polymer rods that create tension as they bend.

Bowflex and other manufactures have developed dumbbells that can automatically change weight through a dial system.

There are many pieces of innovative cardiovascular equipment now on the market, including step climbers, climbing machines, and treadmills with two independent walking surfaces for each foot.

Treadmills The first treadmill developed as an exercise equipment was invented by a mechanical engineer named William Staub in the late 1960s.

He came up with the idea after reading a book written by Dr.

Kenneth Cooper on aerobics which said that running a mile in eight minutes four or five times a week would result in a better fitness.

Treadmills were only used by doctors and Staub wanted to develop these machines that would be commercially available.

He called his first prototype the PaceMaster 600

When his products became a hit with customers, he then began to manufacture treadmills for fitness gyms and for home use.

Since then treadmills have become one of the most ubiquitous fitness equipments widely used by a lot of fitness buffs.

Most treadmills are equipped digitally to monitor your workout progress.

Rowing Machines Rowing machines are row-the-boat simulators.

The first rowing machines appeared in the mid-19th century.

A US patent of the flywheel and ratchet rowing machine was granted to William B.

Curtis in 1871

Then by the early to mid-20th century, hydraulic designed rowers had been designed and manufactured by the Narrangansett Machine Company in Rhode Island.

Today many of the rowing machines are of motion type (with foot stretcher and handle) and damper type (with hydraulic cylinders) and are widely used indoors.

Aside from the fitness lovers who use it, rowing communities also utilize these machines for extensive training off the water.

Weight lifting Equipment Weight training is one of the oldest fitness disciplines.

There are different theories on where weight lifting started, but the most common origin appears to be in ancient Greece.

We all know that the ancient Greeks created the Olympic games, and weight and resistance training were one of the popular sports.

For these sports, the precursor of the dumbell was halteres which are free weights that are made of either stone or metal.

Halteres were also used in various athletic events in ancient Greece

Today, there are two types weight lifting equipment: free weights and weight machines.

Barbells are standard equipment in today’s gyms and health clubs.

Although no one can say for certain who is the exact inventor of the barbell, barbells with spherical weights first appeared in the mid 19th century at a large gym in France owned by Hippolyte Triat.

Athletes had been equipped with wooden bars for training, but it is said that Triat added these globe-like weights to these bars for added weight and resistance.

Changes over time have developed the look and structure of the barbells

Instead of the orbicular weights, barbells are now equipped with adjustable disc weights or plates, and their heaviness are coded by the color of the plates.

Many are used for bench presses, and there are some shorter and lighter varieties used for general fitness exercises and training.

Weightlifting competitions are held in many parts of the world, and are both men and women compete classified by their weight and height.

Dumbells are small versions of barbells, and can be used either one for each hand or in pairs.

As mentioned, halteres from ancient Greece were the forerunners of the dumbell.

The word “dumbell” was coined in England, believed to have come from a contraption made of a rod attached between two church bells whose clappers were removed, thus not making a sound.

That’s why they became silent, or “dumb” In the 20th century bodybuilding was becoming more popular, and women were also starting to take up this sport.

You may not have heard of the name Arthur Jones he revolutionized the sport.

Jones developed machines that would replace the free weights

He also wanted non-body builders to be able to train their muscles without using the cumbersome, intimidating barbells.

Barbells would also pose an injury risk to ordinary people who didn’t have the body like Arnold Schwazenegger’s.

And so Jones came up with machines that would hit the fitness market in the 1970s.

These now famous Nautilus machines would enable people to lift the weights easily and safely, which were also especially suitable for a woman who were starting out in resistance and bodybuilding training.

When his machines became a best seller, the Nautilus empire started to explode.

Jones became very wealthy from his inventions

Many of the of the fitness machines like treadmills and rowers are now equipped with digitally-enhanced features that let you track and analyze your progress in real-time.

From the rudimentary tools in the ancient era to the high-tech and innovative equipment today, the world of physical fitness has been revolutionized over the centuries.

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