Warning: The Internet Will Influence Your Future Relationship

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Warning: The INTERNET Will Make Your Future Human Relationship

What if the government sends us a letter in the mail that was tittled “Are we missing it? Kids are getting Stupid.

” It is more important to kids to know who Lady Gaga is, kids are not after real information today.

It might be a concern to some to see that kids who live their lives involved with technology for most of the day are missing old-fashioned pleasures of life.

Today kids, teenagers and most adults are spending more time watching movies and updating their twitter account every 10 seconds, rather then reading a good book or real information that would aid their life purpose.

Technology is taking not only the alone time we ought to have to ourselves but also the rewards that come with it, like getting to know our soul, an orientation to the unknown, and to know how to meditate.

We are experiencing one of the widest gaps of social interaction among humans today, and we owe that disconnection among humans to the INTERNET.

Social networks

The true purpose of communication is being lost because of social networks because they grow exponentially daily and therefore becoming attached to these websites; it is important for some of us that our social life online is being monitored and updated every day.

We are now satisfied with getting a fast overview of an individual’s life by reading a person’s character status update or watching a video or a picture online; we believe that this is communicating.

When back in the day it was long letters, a telephone call and visits were the way of communicating, people were able to paint picture of their lives and experiences.

People were able to expressed more emotions and their unique personalities would be reflected on the correspondence, by phone or a face to face conversation.

Expressing our emotions and letting our unique personalities be seen by others are all health benefits we can get from personal interaction with others.

Do all this technology makes our lives more meaningful, are we being disconnected from each other and life itself?

Seeing a post from a childhood friend or being their friend in one of those social networking sites; give some people the illusion that they are already connected with old friend; therefore, there is no point on meeting with that friend face-to-face.

Some people’s friendships are falling into the online world, and people are unable to find a way to change their friendships and bring them back into the real world.

Friendships are being lost into the personal messages we sent to each other online, conversations may last days, months or years but eventually some one stop replying and the other side, forgets to check their messages, or become disinterested in talking to the other person.

At that point whether the parties involved know it or not, their friendship has ended.

It is sometimes a good thing and sometimes it is bad thing because families and their relationships are becoming shortened, or diminished, this is when social networking websites become our most important part of our lives, because they change the dynamics of our relationship.


The Dangers and Benefits of Social Networking Sites

Endless of scams and crooks are on the move to find ways to catch their next victims.

Socialization is one of the ways that they are able to find those people, which they believe would fall for a well put together plan; which would take a lot of money away from their victims.

The way the online world works today, is giving scams and crooks a different platform, to execute their plans to rob their victims.

Fraud and Identity Theft are among the biggest dangers that the online world has today.

On areas of the INTERNET where scams are happening more often, is where people spend time online socializing.

Social networking sites

Such places are social networking sites; people are taking their social lives to the next level these days.

More and more people are worried and have to be concerned about their social accounts.

Crazy things can’t be posted online anymore ,from our accounts because they tend to follow us, for the rest of our lives, and our reputation is very much at stake.

There are many inherent dangers of social networking sites, because of the way the websites work.

One of the biggest dangers is fraud, sometimes having to do with identity theft.

Because these sites are based on friends and the passing along of bits of personal information, thieves realized the potential instantly.

There are endless social networking scams that crooks can try to pull off with this medium, and we have only seen the “tip of the iceberg” so far.

The newest mainstream social network is Twitter

It’s based on people following others and getting to read their tweets of 140 characters or less.

This is one of the dangers of social networking sites, because many people want as many followers as possible, and they aren’t shy about what they say, in their tweets.

This highlights the trouble with Twitter and many other social networking sites.

Many people’s goals on these sites is to have as many friends as possible, and they just don’t think before they message or add friends.

Unfortunately, this sets them up to be victimized by one scam or the next.

The biggest social network website in the world is Facebook.

Started in 2004 by a Harvard student, this site has had a meteoric rise.

Facebook has become a huge software platform, which houses every application imaginable and millions of games and groups.

This brings me to another one of the dangers of social networking sites

With the goal of becoming bigger than big, can these sites really protect the average Jane or Joe while on their site? Yes, this should be up to the individual user, but certain things cannot be controlled by the user, and when the site has 200 million users (100 million log ins everyday!), how much resource can be used for protecting clients of the site? Also most of these sites, make money by selling people’s identity, to other sources online.

With so many people logged in everyday, which contribute personal information constantly, the crooks have followed and committed Facebook identity theft to get what they need.

There are truly endless scams they have tried and will try to pull off on the social networks.

There are thousands and thousands of Facebook impostors out there looking to make an easy buck or harass people they know.

Be careful! If you are not careful with technology, you will do things, you didn’t think you were capable of doing.

You will also find yourselves in situations, where you shouldn’t have been, therefore be careful, with the way you allow technology to be in your lives.

The social network that was dominating until recently is MySpace

MySpace identity theft like any other online identity theft, can be extremely dangerous for teenagers.

With their brain still developing, it is very easy to take advantage of them by pretending to be someone else (usually a crush).

There have been many cases like this and it devastates the teen when the criminal reveals that it was a hoax.

Many teens have fallen into deep depression or even lost their life, an enormous tragedy and one of the biggest dangers of social networking sites.

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