The Benefits of Obtaining Certifications In The Technology Industry


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In the computing world, your programming skills are very important, but most importantly, is that you continue to maintain your skills polished, and upgraded.

If you don’t upgrade your skills, you would be similar to a computer, which has not been upgrade, for years.

The computer world, changes on a day to day basis and your skills need to be able to stay current, if you don’t want to be fired from your job, if you have one in the IT industry.

If you don’t know, how to continue, to keep your programming skills upgraded, you will be behind in the technology curve, and you will not be ahead of the computing game.

Yes, of course you can go to school, and continue to receive all these degrees, which is good, but you should also know, that you are only learning concepts, you are not gaining any practical knowledge.

Education is great for those who would want to have all the knowledge in the world, but schools are not practical.

You should also know that, gaining working experience is good as well, but there is one more thing, that you need to work on, to be able to continue to upgrade your skills and keep them current.

When you maintain your skill polished, you will be very valuable to your employer and to yourselves.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the benefits, of obtaining certifications

They can help you continue to keep your skills polished for a lifetime if you, of course, are in the technology industry.

It is worth obtaining certifications, because after you put in all the work that you are going to have to put in, to obtain your certification, you will see the benefits for your particular situation.

One of the benefits you will see, is that you are different from your competition and even co-workers if you have a job.

An interview process

Due to the fact that during an interview process, for a job, your competition, will be in fears of you, because you will almost always look better and have more to offer to your potential employer.

When you have certification, but your competition does not, then you would be at an advantage and your completion at a disadvantage, for certain.

You are also going to gain, a new array of network of people, that are either getting their certifications, like you, or people who already have their certifications.

Obtaining your certification

The people you meet during your journey, in obtaining your certification, will certainly be useful, in your career, so make sure you stay in contact with them.

Another thing you gain with certifications is confidence because you have passed through the microscope and have proven to yourself and to your certification professors, that you are ready to tackle any programming or computer task, which is presented, in front of you.

Confidence is something that most of us are missing, and it is most times the different between the person who gets the job done, and a person who does not know what to do, in the mist of pressure.

Don’t let anything get in your way

When you are confident, you don’t let anything get in your way, between you and accomplishing your goals.

You would also feel accomplished because you have set, your eye on a goal, you have put together a plan, worked hard to execute your plan and reached your goal of obtaining a certification.

The confidence you gain will spill over into, all areas of your life and you will be very successful, doing other things, you didn’t think were possible.

You have the tools available, for you to use

When you need it, you will also have the tools available, for you to use, if you are stuck on stupid computer programming problem at work, which stops you from performing your job.

Put your knowledge, as soon as you can, to the test; because once you have gone, through all the study, hard work and have mastered a whole new body of knowledge; you will be tested and will be expected to do more with your new found tools.

You certainly want to take advantage, of the new knowledge that you have gained through your certification and want to show you an employer or yourself that you didn’t waste your time obtaining a certification.

Once you receive a certification

Another thing to keep in mind is that once you receive a certification, make sure that you are in the field of your interest.

This means that if you are a network administrator, go and obtain, a network administration certification, don’t go for the Drupal web developer administration, because you won’t be able to use, your knowledge and take advantage, of your newly obtained certification.

Besides, if you don’t know certain areas in technology, and you just jump into that particular area, you will have nightmares and make your life a living hell.

Your college education

Working experience and your college education, as well as an advanced degree, are also an important tool for you, and it is said that experience, is the greatest teacher in life.

However, a certification will show you to be well rounded and will keep your skill current, with the changing technology.

You also want to be able to think, outside of your experience, because it gives you a sense of leadership.

Experience is not better than education

Education is not better than experience, and experience is not better than education, or education is not better then certification or experience is not better than certification.

Each one have their advantage, but since we are talking about certifications, we are going to focus on the advantages and benefits of obtaining certifications.

But you should know that, education, working experience and certifications, can all work together, to make a very valuable employee.

Also you can become a better mentor, because you would be able to reach beyond your own experience and education.

Experience and knowledge

As a mentor, you have to be able to take your experience and knowledge and estimate, how much knowledge and experience you can give to your mentee.

When you are a certification achiever, meaning that all you like to do is obtain your certifications, you are also, establishing yourselves, as a person who likes to learn.

In order for you to become a continuous learner, in the eyes of your employer, you have to be able demonstrate your knowledge somehow.

Other than, performing your job well, you have to also be able to show, that in paper you are able to learn well.

A certification would show your employers, or your potential employer, that you can learn

You will be showing your employer that without a shadow of a doubt, you can be a continuous learner.

Yes indeed, you are right, you may be thinking, what about my educational degrees, doesn’t that show, which I am a learner too? As I told you before, you are absolutely right, obtaining a degree, will definitely demonstrate, to your employers, that you can learn just about anything; however, we are talking about certification and I said that you want to be a continuous learner.

Once you obtain your degree, you get that for life, you don’t go back and take exams to polish your skills and stay current, with the industry.

Certifications will keep your knowledge current

Certifications will keep your knowledge current and you are also establishing yourselves, in front of your employer as a continuous learner, with polished skills.

They shouldn’t be just for your employers either, you should also know that when you get your certifications, you are also getting them for yourselves.

You, of course, have to be the entrepreneur type of a person; a certification will help you in your career as well as in your business because you will have current knowledge in your field of study.

Admired by those around you

When you obtain your certifications, you will also be admired by those around you, and sometimes, they may even be a little jealous at your accomplishments.

You will be faster, better and have more knowledge in your career, than those people around you, who don’t have a certification.

Another thing, which we must not forget, of course, is that when you get your certifications, you will gain more money.

You need to know what you are doing,

If you don’t, then you need to know what you are doing, fast and don’t let your employer exploit you.

Exploitation exist and if you don’t know what you are doing with your knowledge and skills, someone you don’t like or know will use your brain and pay you the crumbs, you wouldn’t even give to your dog.

When you earn a certification, your salary should quickly increase at least 20%, if not then you need to find yourselves a new job, or start your own business, you’ll be better off.

Starting my own business

I personally prefer starting my own business, which is, of course, harder than having a job, but it does pay off to start your own business.

Another skill that you will definitely develop, is that you will be able to evaluate the skills of others better than anyone else in your team.

If you have a company, you would be able to better choose your talent, and succeed with your company, because a company is successful, depending on the employees that work for that particular company.

The right talent on this market

Choosing the right talent in this market, is very crucial, if you can’t find the right people for your company, your company will never grow in the right direction.

The reason why you would be able to evaluate the skills and talents of others better is that you would be able to evaluate your own strength and weaknesses in the process of obtaining a certification.

As a result, you will have a better understanding, of what much effective skills and tool sets, is supposed to be.

You will not be in the dark, when it comes to know, what a good programmer is supposed to know, at any level of programming.

Also if you are one of those people who like to change careers, from time to time, a certification in that career, will get your foot in the door and give you a better chance of breaking into that area of study.

Pursue a certification

You should pursue a certification, for many reasons; but first you need to have a plan and goals, once you have set your certification or professional developmental goals, then it’s time to go into action.

Also, if you are employed, talk to your manager, so that he/she can understand what it is that you are doing, and so that they can also understand, the value of a certification, so that you can talk to him/her into investing in your certifications, if they are willing to pay you to obtain them.

Also remember, if your manager, does not pay you more after you obtain your certification, then know and understand, that you need to get to work and find you a new more paying job, if you believe you can go and get a new job.

You should also keep in mind that, certifications, were developed with employers in mind, you will learn new skills, which will have an impact on your job immediately and your knowledge will be relevant and current.

Therefore, you should be paid, for your hard work, because you deserve it

You would only be hurting yourselves, when you don’t exploit the power of your certification, so don’t waste your time and get to the next job, if you don’t see an increase in your salary, once you have obtained your certifications on your current job.

Something else you should keep in mind, is that with the knowledge you obtain with your certifications, you would be able to use it globally, and where ever you go, people are always going to come to you as their go to person, because you are a reliable person, that can get the job done, and are not afraid to meet the new challenges of the work space, due to the fact that you have obtain your certifications.

In closing I must say, you should also enjoy, the work that you do, so that when you obtain your certifications, it is not a burden to you, but a piece of cake.

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