Do Women Need Men’s Ambitions?

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Women’s Ambition

Technology is not a child’s game when it comes to creating it and implementing it into our lives; as well as making cold hard cash, those in power can tell us better. When you hear them talk, “those in CEO positions” at the most known companies in the world, most of them are men. According to sources online Sheryl Sandberg mentioned that women need to be more aggressive in the technology industry if they want to achieve as much as men have achieved.

According to Sheryl Sandberg, women only hold 15 or 16 percent of the board seats and top level positions like CEO in companies, which are part of the technology industry. She confirmed that the tech industry, is not a place where women can find the level of opportunity that a CEO like her has found, in one of the world’s largest companies in the world. Although women have made tremendous progress in both high-level management and higher education, and are now the majority in colleges and graduate schools; the glass ceiling refuses to give women their fair share which hasn’t changed much in the last decade.

Sheryl Sandberg goes on to say that women do need mentoring and many other things to be a at the top of a well known company. As online sources mention on their website, Sheryl Sandberg thinks that women’s place in the economy of this country and in this country is a very big issue. Sheryl Sandberg said that both Mark Zuckerberg and her, care very much about the issue and are doing something to change things around. This age was called the stalled revolution of women age by Sheryl Sandberg. She said this because even though women became 50% of college graduates in 1981and made progress over the years, getting more college and graduate degrees as well as getting more manager positions; this progress have not moved in the last decade.

According to Sandberg there are a lot of reasons why women have not made any more progress in corporate America, in the last ten years. Sheryl Sandberg thinks that women need to stay in the work force longer and be more dedicated. Sandberg mentions that the gap that exists in achievement is caused by a lot of things, institutional barriers and all kinds of stuff. Sanders says that there is an ambitious gap as well and that men are more ambitious then women in college.

“Until women are as ambitious as men, they are not going to achieve as much as men” said Sanders.

Please don’t misunderstand Sanders or this story, personally I think that every one men and women are ambitious and want a good, abundant and long life. I am not here to say that the achievements of men makes men better than women or the achievements of women make women better then men. I can’t say that, because we are all human beings and we are driven by our situations and circumstances. But what I am saying is, women, you do need to do more, if you want to attain what men have in the world. However women will never be in power.

I just want to explore the role of women in the technology industry, and why are women not as active as men here in America when it comes to technology. Women have always been and always be needed to be part of the tech industry; the reason being is that for years the industry was given an image that was not very social and was very uncool. Technology has been regarded as a man’s world, but women in the tech industry are taking actions to change that. And the change is coming, women will rule the technology industry and lead most of the future successful start up companies. It is hard to imagine a world without the woman’s touch, I would love to see more women in power, and give women a shot at running the world, maybe things would be a lot more different because world leaders would be women and not men. But I say that with a grain of salt, men are not as a great of a leader, but I don’t know about women’s leadership.

Breaking the Myth

The fact that women are not as interested as men in technology, and are lagging behind men who are CEOs of technology companies, does not mean that women are not ambitious as men. The problem with women not being part of the industry and pursue leadership roles is really the fact; that women go through different struggles than men, when pursuing their goals and following their ambitions.

As I said before I am not here to measure who is better than the other; I am simply here to note the facts, so that we can do something about a problem if there is one.

Alright, so we need more women in technology, that is the bottom line, we can’t continue to have a technology department at a company be full of men. A woman’s touch in the world is so important that men wouldn’t know what to do without a woman. As a man I must say, I need women in my life, my mom, my sister and my wife, they are all very important to the development and understanding that I have in live and about life.

According to an article in on this website, women are as ambitious as men to reach the top but it requires women to do and struggle more than men and that is one of the reasons why there are not many of women in leadership roles in computer software and computer hardware companies.

What Works For Women Does Not Work For Men And What Works for Men Does Not Work For Women

The strategies that work for men to get ahead in the technology industry are not necessarily the same strategies women can use to achieve as much as men do in the tech industry. Because women can achieve as much as men, if not more than men; but the prize that a woman has to pay are very high, and women are most of the time found in a place, where they can’t have a successful career and a successful personality and personal life.

Men are not punished as severely as women are in society, when a men take a risk with a company; or makes a stupid mistake. His career is not over, because he couldn’t resolve an issue in due time, they might lose their job, but their willingness to continue on a leadership path is not attacked by society.

Many of us have witnessed how much more embarrassing it is for a woman to lose their leadership role at a company than it is for men. In the technology industry women are held to a higher standard when they are in a leadership role. Women are not expected to be pregnant when they are at the top of their game, it could turn out to be against of women because people at her job, would expect her to take some time off. And indeed she would need to take that time off; during the time that she is off, she could lose her job to someone else. The reason being is that she was in a leadership role and leaders can’t be absent from their jobs for too long.

It is not fair it seems, but life is not fair and I don’t expect it to change for the sake of women careers, women would just have to buckle down, and learn how to advance their careers while being pregnant on the job. Or things could also change to cater women on the job force more than men, specially during the pregnancy period.

Yes indeed, it is a shame how our society is still having issues with women who are in executive positions in technology companies. One example is that of Marissa Mayer who is pregnant as a CEO of Yahoo and received a lot of heat for it. She received criticism from both sides men and women, including women rights activist groups.

One of the reasons why Marissa Mayer got a lot of criticism was because she was viewed as, deciding to leave her motherly duties to go back to work so early. Is is fair that she was viewed as a bad mother or is it okay for her to leave her baby at home while she takes care of her professional duties? This is the dilemma that many professional women in the technology industry are facing when taking, CEO positions or positions that require leadership. If the woman takes to long to come back to work because she is taking care of her new born child, she could lose her job or if she takes too little time off work, to come back to work, she is viewed as a bad mother. Women shouldn’t work though.

It seems to me that society does not know what it wants from women, and women have to just do what works for them best, and not pay attention to what society have to say. Because we live in a world where things are not conducive to people, who don’t have the upper hand; it is true indeed that people who are not considered to be gifted or are able to compete because of something, which is viewed as a hold back, such as being pregnant.

Women Are Not Staying Back, They Are Not Taking It

I personally think that being pregnant should not be a reason to stall the professional career of women, this is why many women today are doing better than men in other industries. It has been shown that women are better leaders than men. And I personally think this is true, I mean we don’t see to many women in high post such as in the government. What would life be if more and more women held powerful positions in the world? I think the world would be a better place, for men and women.

Many women today are taking on high-level jobs, that require them to display their leadership skills, and they have done an excellent job, such woman are: Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz back in Nov. 16, 2010, Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay, Fiorina is a former CEO of Hewlett Packard Company, Journalist Arianna Huffington, Cher Wang co founder and chairman of smartphone maker HTC, Safra Catz the longtime president at Oracle and CFO as of April 2011, Padmasree Warrior Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Cisco, and Sue Gardner Executive Director at the Wikemedia Foundation. The list does not stop here, there are many other women that are heading or are part of the executive team, at many technological companies. So no, women are not behind in the technology industry; the input of women in the industry has been so important that we wouldn’t know what to do without women’s input.

Women have definitely defied the odds and conquer the obstacles that have been put in front of them; the strength and different perspective that women bring to the table in technological companies are that of understanding people and relationships. Whereas men are wired to naturally think of taking more risks and to logically think about situations. The fact that men have been the builders and workers, our brains have been wired differently, women are more likely to be more compassionate than a men would. Both men and women bring something that is of value to the table, and both perspective should be taken into consideration because, the combination of both values and perspectives would create a much better workplace, the products would have both a man and a woman’s touch and the future would be more sustainable because we are doing thing that cater to both men and women.

In the coming years the economy would require CEO at technological companies to cater better to their consumers. Therefore, soft skills is becoming a demand in the set of skills that are required in a CEO; intuitions, feelings, interpersonal skills, and knowledge will contribute to increased productivity and satisfaction. In an increasingly complex, multi-cultural and self-determined workforce, it is imperative that soft skills are used, it is logical and it makes sense to apply people skill in today’s business climate; instead of just logic to make money.

In this new economy

Female can lead companies better in this new economy where it is required, to connect the brain and the heart; and reason and emotions. And if we put together the strength of men in the mix, leadership in companies can become a powerful force. Female values contribute a lot to the marketing and making of a product in a company, and the success that the company experiences is because of the women’s touch.

So you see women are needed, and we have to make it a better world for them to be able to do their thing as leaders. We have to stop being so hostile toward those women who decide to go back to work so quickly after they had a baby. We need to show women that it is needed for them to take more leadership roles, if they are not already. Women need to know that without their leadership input our world will perish, because it is bored of seeing the same old men as world leader, causing the world to be destroyed and not doing anything about it.

Yes indeed I said it, men are destroying the world not women, because men hold most of the leadership roles in the world and look at how things are on the planet. I am not trying to throw men under the bus, but men have been in leadership roles more than women, for a longer time. We need to see what women can do, and what they can bring to the table, we need to let the world be more and more influence by women more than men. But men should never take a break and let the women LEAD.

The BEST LEADER of The WORLD is a MEN called Jesus, and Jesus is a man not a woman.

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