Emotional Control – First Draft!!!

emotional control

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One has to always be careful when it comes to emotions, we don’t usually control them, they can go crazy and force us to do things we don’t want to do or do want to do.

I am not talking about extreme changes where an individual decides to change the way they look because of emotions.

I am talking about the peace, anger, stress and fear type of emotions.

Those emotions that keep us bound sometimes to a situation or someone or thing.

I’ve got lots of bad experiences because my emotions were being expressed without any type of control

We let emotions sometime be who we are, and we take decisions that can even change our life because of how we feel.

As humans I think we are getting smarter and we are more awakened to something really great, emotions are now being controlled more, we know how to meditate and bring down those emotions that forever wanted to bound us down and ultimately kill us.

I believe that we also have feelings that can make us shine and help us achieve great things in this physical and the spiritual life we each of us have.

Those are the feelings we need to let develop inside of us so that they can take control of the positive things that happens in our lives.

The Emotional Ride of The Start of An Informational Website

As an informational website grows I have to say that there must be obstacles, from writing articles to building the site, hiring the right people and making sure that all the legal paper work is in order; not to mention the plan that one would need to implement to maintain the company growing strong.

I have to say that one of the things people may find as an obstacle is to deal with the emotional rides that the informational website takes a person from day to day, whether they are positive or negative emotions.

When we drive our emotions…

When we drive our emotions there are also many things present that may distract us from doing so, one emotion that we feel the most is a certain level of fear.

Even when we look relaxed and have everything under controlled, I think that most humans are always paying attention to what the next driver is doing because most people don’t want to get into an accident, I mean emotional accidents.

Emotions are part of who we are they are not who we are; they are to be controlled, but when we can’t control them then we must let it blow over and see what will happen.

Meditation is a good way of doing this because feelings are connected to what we think and if we are able to control our thoughts then feelings will fall behind.

Even though I think there are sometimes when feeling overrule what the brain says.

The Ability of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the one feature that computers and machine can benefit from, the differences between computers and humans still remains the biggest which is emotions.

However; emotions could be incorporated into machines, but it has to be intelligently done, it can’t be half way done, because we don’t want machines running around being emotionally uncontrolled.

Emotional intelligence has been around since the 1900s

It refers to the cognitive aspects of things, such as being able to think and solve problems while at the same time having the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions.

So one might ask why should we incorporate emotional stress into computers, and I say well because it will help them become in tune with the world around them.

See I am not saying that computers and machines should start having emotions

They should not hate and love each other, I am speaking more about the general idea of emotions.

We have to deal with them on the day to day basis and sometimes we are blinded by them and make the wrong decisions.

However; most times, we do make the right decisions when we just feel is right to do right thing.

So what am I saying here, machines and computer software should learn that concept.

Devices should understand to not freeze up

It feels is the wrong time to do it, although the user is overworking the machine, a different fail mechanism should kick in.

See this is not all we must also understand that computers in the future will have to be extremely reasonable, in order for us to rely on them as much as we are planning to do.

One important aspect why computers softwares and machines should know about feelings, is so that they can understand our own.

In this quest for emotional control

We are all victims of uncontrolled feelings, and we tend to make the wrong decisions about our lives and chose the wrong path.

We need machines that will be able to understand that part of life, if we are going to rely on them that much.

While computers today may make a very good assessment about a person, just by video taping them, computers software cannot make decisions about a person based on their feelings and emotions, but merely on the facial expressions.

Computer softwares must be emotionally intelligent, they must be able to perceive emotions, reason with emotions, understand emotions and manage emotions, to give the user a better experience with the software they are using.

The Ability of Computers To Feel Emotions

If one day a computer software is able to feel, then that mean that they will feel tired, and we won’t have use for them anymore, pretty soon they’ll want a live, and then they will think that it is their time to shine and that every human being should be erased from the face of the Earth.

Who know it might just happened.

So why would we want computer software to feel? Well we don’t, besides is impossible, we will never make a living thing out of computers software, NEVER.

Well who knows we just might, but for right know we will not achieve that, what I am saying here is that computer software will not feel a thing because then we would be creating a living thing.

The ability to feel emotions was given to us for a reason

We may perceive a positive or negative experience that is associated with a particular pattern of physiological activity.

So you see we are able to think better because of the way we feel, the way we perceive things and the fact that we can reason with the outside world.

Computer softwares need something that is part of being able to feel emotions, which is perceptions, according to online sources the ability to organize, identify and interpret, information by way of sensory in order to represent and understand the environment is perceptions.

Steps to Making The First Computer Software That Can Feel Emotions

Remember we are only taking the principles of feelings to have an emotionally controlled state kind of software.

One that can think like you, and feel the emotions you feel to make better decisions about the responses it gives to its users.

With this new feature a compute software will not only listen and execute a user’s commands but it will also be able to make reasonable decisions about how users use the particular software.

Okay enough about that here is my idea about how software could start to feel

Real human feelings give us a much personal, much better user experience.

So the first thing one must find out about a computer software to give it real human emotions, is the environment in which the computer operates, we must understand cyberspace and be able to create the same scenarios that would make one feel, sad, loved, or hated.

Once the environment is found the next step is to build behind the scenes programs and software that would operate behind the software analyzing every choice and activities the user makes using the software.

Computer could feel

These activities and choices would be stored in memory space where the computer would be able to reflect on them.

Play them back and forth and be able to decide which response to present based on how the person would feel.

The responses will be calculated by means of statistics instead of the adding things and calculating things to be the exact measurement, the software would have statistical analysis before reaching a final response.

See sometimes we go on websites looking to get rich quick and we forget about the scams that are out there.

Some of us don’t really pay attention to the red flags, because we are duped into thinking that there will be a monetary return in the investment.

But little do some of us know, that it was all a scam.

What If This Software Existed

If there is a software that was able to monitor a person’s activities and options online and the computer, a person could be spare from losing a lot of money to scams.

Imagine a software that advices you when you are going to hit send, to send personal information online, or one that spares you from getting into monetary troubles online.

There should be a software that know you from start, from the day that you are born till the day, that one day you may not exist, and one that helps you live better, help us prolong our lives.

A software that is connected to us

We should all have software that can advise us on what we should do during tight situations. When our own reasoning is not functioning.

We indeed need that, we need some kind of guide to help us sometimes find our way in life, we are were not born knowing it all. So we there was a software that would see past our logical sense and more into our feeling senses I believe that we would have a much better life.

We would indeed have knowledge about ourselves that our parents couldn’t share with us because it only happened inside of us.

As humans only we know what we are feeling at any moment

We should be able to share that feeling with something, something that will not judge, something that would guide in our decision making, something other than the brain, a helper.

And I mean we do use computers for all kinds of stuff, why not build an app that can feel our emotions and be able to better interpret what we want our of life at the moment in our lives, or how to get out of tight situations.

I am not by all means saying that these machines should think and reason for us, all I am saying is that two heads can always think better than one.

And if computer software are not thnking just yet we need to get one to think and feel emotions like us, it would be necessary for the world that we are going to live in the future.

A Software Should Grow Emotionally

Software as we all know are updated every certain amount of time, a software must be constantly updated to become up to date and better serve its users.

However; a software does not mature in the emotional sense, in our human lives we know that a baby needs someone to sooth the baby, however, an adult needs to sooth themselves.

We need software that understands when is time and is able to update on its own.

One that can repair itself because it can pensive its environment and be able to understand that it is missing something. So all it does is either write code or grab the update from somewhere.

AI Technology Artificial Intelligence

At this point a software would have reach software responsibility, because it would be responsible to fix itself, software would discover that external uses are not the cause of their errors, and be able to fix things withing itself.

Computer software though, in order for them to reach that level of maturity where they are responsible for fixing errors within themselves, have to know their states, computer software should be able to consciously know the states that it is in, so that users can have a much smoother experience.

Not pop ups

Computer software would be able to be of more use if they had suggestions box, not pop ups with because they are annoying but more like a not, or an action that let’s the user know that the particular software wants to share the reasoning with its users.

Taking the right actions and making appropriate choices about a user’s experience with a particular software, would be the purpose of introducing an emotional way of thinking for computer software.

However, just like anything else we create, this mixture of emotions and machine software could have its risks, because nothing is created risk free.

Therefore, one must be aware of the future aspects of introducing emotional feelings into computers.

I personally don’t think that anything would happen but I don’t dismiss the fact that there is nothing guaranteed in life, and I know for certain that machine having emotional feelings to perceive their world and ours could turn out to be a negative thing to do.

Final Thoughts!!!

In our quest to a better life and more comfortable we seek to share the way we feel and our lives with other people, we have friends, family, and significant others.

We are emotional beings, more than anything else, more than definitely logical beings.

We do think but we feel more; therefore software that can sense how we feel, would be better equipped to serve us and meet our needs on a day to day basis.

Thank you for reading this article!!!