Are Social Networking Websites Losing their Cool Factors?

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Companies in the networking website industry have to be careful, that they don’t lose their cool factor, due to the fact, that the people using those websites, are using them, because they believe that these websites are the coolest websites to visit, in the whole entire planet.

In Today’s article, We are going to be looking into social networking sites

We are going to see if they are losing the main feature, which leads to a lot of people to use them, the cool factor.

A recent survey taken by the Pew Research Center, demonstrated that teens in the U.S. are finding some of the biggest social networking sites, to be dull and losing their cool factor.

That’s right, my fellow readers, many social networking websites are finding it hard to stay cool enough, for teenagers in the U.S. to stay interested and keep their enthusiasm about login into the networking websites and share personal information.

The evidence that the new study shows is fresh and reliable; teenagers who participated in the survey, often complaint of the websites to be less cool; due to the fact that parents, grandparents and other adults are also part of their friend’s list.

The complaints have not stopped social networking websites from growing of course.

Because many of the teenager are flooding these sites, however, these teenagers are not the smartest teenagers in the world.

Nevertheless, many teenagers, care that they can see family members, such as parents and grandparents, on these social networking sites.

Teenagers don’t really have the ability to hide from their parents on social networking sites, once they become friends with them.

And is not like teenager can deny their parent’s friend request, or block their parents from their friend list, once the parent becomes their teenager’s friend on social networking websites.

Parents are able to spy on their kid’s day to day life, if teenagers can’t find a way to hide, their online activities.

Teenagers don’t think that the behavior is cool and is blaming Facebook for it; because the website gives parents easy access to teenager’s lives.

Other social platforms are of course thankful that Facebook is letting many INTERNET users go, and find other websites, to start a new online social life.

If the social network giant, does not find other ways to keep parents from upsetting teens on their website and keep the “drama”, and the over sharing out of the site, the company will suffer major loses, which has been happening for some time but in minor scales.

I wrote a piece on Facebook’s future and posted the story at this website, check it out and let me know what you think

It is true indeed though, today the regular social networking webstie users have to maintain a clean Facebook profile, to protect their basic information and keep personal business out of other people’s mouth.

Some Social networking website users don’t realize that they have posted to many personal business about themselves on Social networking website, until is too late.

By that time many people already knows their personal business and the user is the talk of their town.

Social networking websites have managed to create an environment of hostility and incarceration

Users don’t feel free, to post anything they want without being personally judged for it.

When people post things on social media sites, users are looking to be heard by the world, not to be judged and criticized by the world that’s around them.

It has become a hustle and pain for many users to keep personal information from licking out into the wrong hands.

Therefore, users of the site are taking a variety of steps to protect themselves against online piracy hackers and spammers; which of course are becoming more and more popular weapons used today by advertisers and individuals who wish to do harm to innocent people.

The lack of enthusiasm that teenagers have for Social networking websites is not fading away due to the social network giant. Failing to anticipate the dynamics that a new community of users can bring into the site. How it would impact the site’s reputation and user experience.

The user experience at Social networking website is becoming less entertaining for teenagers and more exciting for adults

I guess one of the reasons why Social networking website is more exiting for adults is because, adults can go on the site and find out what his/her kids are doing online and in their personal life.

This of course frustrates the kids who are trying to live a parent free world from time to time.

I remember when these social network sites were nothing more but a place where people would meet and eventually develop relationships and have whole new lives with new people, that we’ve never seen before.

Some of those relationship would just stay online and some other relationship would end up in meetings, weddings and long lasting relationships.

Today though, with the way that many people think, everyone is just trying to make money and make it fast without putting in any work, time and effort.

Our generation wants the most out of life, but don’t want to pay the price for it, that’s why we share our lives online, because is more convenient and less demanding.

Teenagers and many adults including me, find it easier to socialize online

We forget about our real social lives, and how important it is to have good social skills.

This means that we must continue to socialize face to face to become better face to face social people.

However, many of us prefer to do our socializing online, and expect to have a good social life because we have 700 friends or 400 follows.

These social network sites contains information on what our generation is doing online and how we are spending our time sharing our lives with others.

We fail to realize sometimes that once we post something, our friends are not the only ones watching

The whole world is watching, including parents and friends whom we are not very amused when they find out personal business about us, because a friend posted a revealing picture or comment on Social networking website.

According to Pew

According to Pew, focus-group discussions with teens revealed “waning enthusiasm” for Social networking website for the reasons mentioned above, including feeling “drained by the ‘drama’ that they described as happening frequently” on the site.

“The stress of needing to manage their reputation on Social networking website also contributes to the lack of enthusiasm,” the survey said.

A prime example of the drama that happens frequently on Social networking website, is baby mama drama, I had a friend who was happily married to someone, they were together for at least five years, before they had their first child.

A year into the relationship, everything seemed good and as if things were going to last forever, but little did we know, they ended up having a divorce and it was nasty.

I know that feelings were hurt, the police was involved and the little baby almost ended in foster care, because the parents were focused bashing each other over Social networking website and not on the baby.

It was definitely a mess they had going on, and everyone was there to see it, unfortunately these and other issues go on on the famous social network giant.

The survey also found that 24% of online teens are now using other social networking platforms

which means that many social networking platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat are seeing major increase in their online users and subscribers.

“Those teens who used sites like Twitter and Instagram reported feeling like they could better express themselves on these platforms, where they felt freed from the social expectations and constraints of Social networking website,” the Pew survey said.

“Nevertheless, the site is still where a large amount of socializing takes place, and teens feel they need to stay on Social networking website in order to not miss out.”

It is not to be confused or misunderstood, the survey that the Pew Research Center conducted, did not prove that Social networking website is not the biggest and most popular social network in the world and among U.S. teen.

Social networking website is still able to reach 1 Billion

1 billion active users and remains the big fish in the social network pool of websites.

“We continue to have really high penetration rates among that age group, both in the U.S. and globally, and younger users remain among the most active and engaged users,” Ebersman said.

“Younger users are extremely active users of Instagram as well.”

Social networking website remains enthusiastic as they have found that their social network site is not losing any users, instead, they claim that more people are using other social networking site including Social networking website, more often.

“The urban legend (that Social networking website is losing younger users) flows more often than not from surveys people have done of younger users that indicate that they’re using other social services. much of the concern stems from the assumption that this is a zero-sum game, and that’s not how we see it,” Ebersman said.

“We think the overall amount of time spent on services that enable you to connect and share is growing and will continue to grow”

Jeff Hancock, a professor of communication at Cornell University and a frequent social media analyst, mostly agrees.

“Social networking website’s attraction to youth is based in part on being connected, but also on being an ‘ingroup’ and ‘cool’ thing.

To the degree that the cool of Social networking website wears off, we should see some migration of teens to other platforms,” he said.

“People are unlikely to fully leave Social networking website but simply to diversify their tools for accomplishing social interaction.

Instead of Social networking website being the Walmart of social media, it will become just one platform in a big ecology, including photo sharing with Instagram, broadcasting with Twitter, etc.

The findings that the survey demonstrated, was done by representatives of the Pew Research Center, done by phone

They called 802 teens that were between the ages of 12 and 17; the survey was conducted during July 26 and September 30 of 2012 and surveys were mostly conducted in English and Spanish, with a 4.5% margin of error.

In addition, two online focus groups of teenagers ages 12-17 were conducted by the Pew Internet Project from June 20-27, 2012 to help inform the survey design.

The first focus group was with 11 middle schoolers ages 12-14, and the second group was with nine high schoolers ages 14-17.

Each group was mixed gender, with some racial, socio-economic, and regional diversity.

The groups were conducted as an asynchronous threaded discussion over three days using an online platform and the participants were asked to log in twice per day.

Pew Found

Pew found that the typical (median) teen Social networking website user has 300 friends, while the typical teen Twitter user has 79 followers.

These finding are not accurate however, because as we can see Social networking website is still very much used, although it is for purpose other then socializing; the site still enjoys a very large amount of visitors.

The Future of Social networking website

People are talking about the way mobile is the future of the INTERNET and how Social networking website should and is taking advantage of this, in the future it seems as if more and more people are going to a mobile device to access the INTERNET, and not a pc or a laptop.

PCs and laptops it seems will be part of companies and not for personal use as more and more people are going to mobile and not PC and laptops.

The Social networking website’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, says that Social networking website’s experience is most absorbing and more enjoyable when users have an Android phone; although ads are still being served up heavily the experience is so much better, according to the executive.

Mobile devices are the future of Social networking

The executives at Social networking website have decided that mobile devices are the future of Social networking website and that is where most of their focus and effort will be.

“To say that mobile is important to Social networking website is the under-exaggeration of all time, For the first time last quarter, users had spent more time with Social networking website on their mobile phones than on the desktop.”

Although Social networking website was late to the party of the mobile revolution, and made plenty of mistakes, the executives of the social networking giant are still making major transitions toward the mobile world.

“We made a pretty big bet on HTML5, hoping we could build our applications once and it would work on all the different operating systems,” Ms Sandberg said.

The future of Social networking website, then, is as a company fully integrated into your mobile experience, serving adverts that you enjoy as much as an update from your friends.

If the Sandberg/Zuckerberg dynamic duo can pull that off, then the huge valuation put on their company last year may not look so outlandish after all.

What Social networking website Needs To Do

The social networking site needs to create value to its users, because the company only offers a social platform, but that’s it.

Social networking website is getting a lot of criticism because of this reason, the company does not provide anything else other than a social networking platform.

This means that no matter how long a post is on Social networking website, people are eventually wasting time on the website.

See websites as large as Social networking website, need to offer something of value to keep people coming back

Else users will eventually figure out that they could be doing something better with their time than wasting it on Social networking website looking at other people’s lives, which might not have to do anything with socializing.

Social networking website needs to offers its users valuable information, or something valuable that they can take home and meditate, before the website becomes obsolete and people don’t find it amusing to visit the website.

Because of the simple fact that reality is setting into people’s minds, and people are realizing that is better to spend time online reading about something valuable than about other people’s lives that won’t bring value to their own.

Thank you for reading this article!!!