The Technological Revolution in our present world

technological evolution

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The world must understand that we are living in a technological era, where your mind is being used to the fullest.

When you don’t know how to use your brain, you will fall by the way side, and you will be last, in the scheme of things, because you didn’t want to educate yourself, in something.

You need to you use your brain, in order to keep up and stay alive on the face of this planet.

When you are not using your brain, then you can become brain dead, even though you are a normal functioning human being.

In today’s article we will discuss the technological revolution, which is happening all across the globe.

The technological revolution, which is happening all around the world, is not going to accept for people, to not use their brain.

This means that if you are not a smart person, or an educated person, who know what you are doing, in your craft, then my friend, you will always need help to do your job.

Don’t procrastinate, or cheat on yourself, because you could end up being a victim of the technological revolution, which is taking place, on a daily basis.

Technology is an ever changing world, and as it is its own world.

Similar to our world, the world of technology also goes through seasons and these seasons, dictate who will be the next technological master.

The time of success and good trends of technology, are always marked by a revolution that happens, because people are usually bored with the current technology and demand more and better technology every day.

The technology industry saw any kind of real benefits and profits, from all the hard work of people who decided, that they will develop the technology necessary to satisfy people’s thirst for more and better technology.

People were never able to make any type of real change in their lives until they made a real change in the technology industry.

This is the reason why, many people wanted a better technology, which would help them maintain a level of comfort, which they couldn’t find at any other place.

Technology is indeed changing my life, on a day to day basis, because I am constantly working in the industry of technology to make a change in the world of technology.

I am also constantly working, to bring new, reliable and valuable information to my readers.

But it does take a revolution of the mind to be able to make significant changes in technology.

It takes hard work and dedication, it takes for many to realize that the technological advantages we have right now, can really make a change in the world and the life of many.

However, a revolution of the mind must first take place

Then and only then, will technology help you make your world a better place.

A revolution of the mind would means that a change in power takes place, that in the battle that is taking place in the mind of each technological savvy human being; a winner has to be decided.

Is this a battle against time and innovation? Who would be the next person to revolutionize the social network industry, or the medicine world? It does take afford, time, energy and a lot of mind work to get something real working online.

It is not an easy task, and the level of knowledge that a person must have, has actually increase, tremendously, and it is increasing on a daily basis.

The world we live in is often affected by the changes in time of the technology industry

Therefore, we pay close attention to what’s happening with the biggest technology companies of today.

By staying current, with the moves that major technological companies, are playing in the technology field, we are able to anticipate, what would come next in technology.

The world also keeps a close eye in the pulse of the online world, because many things in the real world start in the online world.

It is truly amazing how a company can start out from a room at mom’s or grandma’s house, a basement or a garage, and become one of the biggest companies of the world.

We all know of all the amazing stories, which have changed our lives, forever.

We are all part of the story of the world, which is being written today, and if you want to be part of that story, then you must also make your contribution.

In order to decide the next level, that technology will take in its upcoming days, one has to also pay attention, where the tension is being built right now.

Where pressure is being applied the most in the world of technology

In order to do that, you must look for market trends, what are people interested in lately, what are they seeking to do in technology and outside of technology, if they could ever live off the grid for a long time.

It is important to pay attention, to the industry of technology, because, that is where the next revolution of technology will take place.

You must remember back in the day, when people were still walking around with walkman, you must remember, because that what happened to the Walkman when Cd’s and Cd players were discovered.

The pressure was applied on Walkman to be better, and deliver music in a much better and cool style and fashion.

This was why it was replaced by Cd’s and Cd players.

If people were not expecting and asking to have better musical technology, at their finger tips, then the CDs and CD players, wouldn’t exist today.

The same thing happened, to the CD players, which you could carry, around; but of course today you won’t see anyone carrying these types of media players.

Today’s media players, have revolutionized tremebdously, we have available to us, many different types of medial players, such as our mobile devices, and MP3 players.

We have seen technology, unfold right before our eyes, and we will continue to see technology grow, and impact our lives tremendously.

In many ways, technology is changing and is changing the world we live in today

We are going from nature to space, and can’t stop the process, because it will all be a technological revolution that will happen to the world.

Every one of us at a very personal level, will experience the change, which will take place in the very near future, in the twenty first century.

Of course you are not going to be able to feel the change, just like you didn’t see the chance happening, when we didn’t have the Internet, to today; where the Internet is very important.

The Internet is the most important part of our world today, without the Internet many companies wouldn’t be functioning.

Many of the students today, wouldn’t know how to write a paper, because they don’t know how to use the library, to search for valuable information without the Internet.

We didn’t have the Internet before though, we were without the Internet, and the world was functioning normally.

However, today, even many power grids are being operated with machinery, which need to be connected to a network, that uses the Internet.

It is trully a technological revolution, which has taken place, right in front of us, but we didn’t pay attention, to the impact that the Internet, was having in the world.

Instead, we wanted more of the Internet and demanded that the technology was made better

We not only asked a lot from the Internet, and those who developed the Internet and made it available to each and everyone of us.

But we also demanded that technology, should affect and have a great impact in many areas of our lives.

Of course you may find this hard to believe but, if you don’t believe me let’s look at the technological revolutions that have shaped our world by industry, you will see how much has the technology, that we so much love, impacted our lives.

In the music industry per example, as I mentioned before, Cd’s replaced Walkman, and I mean a Walkman is not even seen on the streets any more, if you find a Walkman in the streets, you probably won’t even know what it was.

It is prehistoric to walk around with a Walkman, therefore, you won’t find one in the streets

So is a Cd player as well, you will not find a CD player on the streets anymore, because people believe that the CD is prehistoric.

Well what about the real to real, I bet you don’t know what a real to real is, and have never seen one before, well just look at the image of this article.

Now all we see is Mp3 devices that hold many digital music, is so easy to load up the digital music player with music and listen to the best music in world; on our way to work.

People also use their phones, to stream music, so you won’t have to download any music onto your device

The bluetooth technology has also helped us, keep our music with us every where we go, even when we drive somewhere.

We can plug and MP3 device or our mobile devices to the car, through Bluetooth technology or through a USB cord; and be zoned out, while waiting in traffic, or we could listen to it while at work, if you work in front of a computer all day.

If you don’t work in front of a computer all day, then you could listen to your MP3 player, or mobile devices with your headphones.

I know you see how technology has impacted the music industry today, for those of us who listen to music

Technology also impacted the music industry, for those of us who make music, because, musicians don’t make music the same way they use to make music back in the day.

Music making is like magic today, because technology has allowed it to upgrade the tools used to make music, music making went from using reel to reel <img alt=””reel” src=”””” /> to record music in the early 1900s, to using computers to simply record the music and sell it online.

The music industry today is produced at the studio, and delivered directly to people’s personal digital music devices or phones.

As long as you have an account with a major music distributor online, such as iTunes, you will be able to purchase music online and receive your music instantly.

You won’t have to wait until it comes to the store, stay in a long line and pay a cashier to purchase a CD

Cd’s still exist today though; therefore, music also gets printed on Cd’s and sold on stores.

However, the sell of Cd’s have been declining, as we all know, due to illegal downloads online.

Many more people prefer to download music for free instead of buying it online.

Some of us do buy it, but there are more free music traveling the webs of the INTERNET right now than bought music.

Therefore, people prefer to just listen to the song of their preference, on Youtube

In healthcare industry, we have also witnessed the many revolutions of technology that have changed our lives.

Technology is very active in the healthcare industry, because the people that lead it, understand that a significant change in the technology of healthcare could mean that our lives, may be better lived.

In years to come people are going to be replacing more body parts than we are replacing today, I don’t know if you have seen Repoman, but the movie shows how people are seeing themselves, if we had a better and real way to replace our body parts.

This will truly be a cyborg era where people’s body will probably be built, with metal and machines parts.

This era is yet to be seeing though, but I am sure we will see it; because the way healthcare technological advances are progressing today, I can see that we are headed that way.

Thank you for reading this article!!!