PHP – PHP Hypertext Processor


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PHP (PHP Hyper-text Processor):

If you really want to become a great programmer, you must study the art of programming language, the core of the different type of programming languages that exist today.

You must also study, what is the basic structure, for accomplishing tasks and solving problems, using any programming language.

It is in your best interest, to know and understand things, which most other people wouldn’t be able to grasp, because they have decided that they would rather, not learn and understand, as much as you do.

Instead, they look at the surface of things, and don’t go in deeper, to look at the details and figure out why things, are the way they are in programming.

Once you have mastered the craft of any programming language, and you understand the basic structure of that particular programming language.

Then and only then, will you be able to learn any other programming language easily.

You should be able to learn any other programming languages easily, because you have mastered a programming language already, and all you’d need is to apply, what you have learned, with your first learned programming language and how you have learned to program with your first programming language, to the other programming languages you would like to learn.

Therefore, become a programming language master with one programming language and become Jedi first with that one programming language, so that you’d be welcomed to the force.

My point exactly, there is a force out here, and you need to be part of that force, if you are not you will be left behind.

In Today’s article, we are going to talk about a programming language, which is very popular among developer

When they embark on the rigorous task of developing websites and website application.

The programming language we are talking about here is the PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor).

In order to develop a website or a website application, you must be prepared to go through hell, and back, and still be sitting in front of your computer.

Nevertheless, in your mind, you know you went through hell, just to get a table to act right, or a div tag to display correctly, in the position of the page, where you desire.

When you are developing applications, that must function online, it can be a pain to learn how to pass variables form one page to the other.

As a programmer, you may never escape, hell until you are able to make hell respect you.

But I have not seen this happen, because many programmers, including experienced one, can become stuck and go through hell when certain applications or websites don’t function correctly.

Programming certainly is, a pain and can leave you with a headache, at the end of the day; however, it is up to you to make the best out of your programming journey.

You can either let the setbacks, and all the hard work that you must put into programming, for an application to work, or a website to be put online; to build you up and make you a better programmer.

Or you may allow, the tremendous amount of work, the hardship and all of what you have to endure to develop a working website, or an application, which can change the lives of many, to destroy you and make you go back and quit using a programming language, so that you are able to develop a working website or an application, which can change the world.

The Field of Study Which You Have Chosen is not an Easy One

It is not supposed to be easy, because, if it is, you will never grow as a great programmer.

Instead you will be, a programmer who does not have, the powers to change the world and the way people perceive the world with your programming skills.

In today’s world there are many examples on how people are change the world and changing the way that people perceive the world.

One good example of programming languages at their best, is the ATM machines.

The way in which these machines work, allow for people to have instant access to their finances, without talking to the teller.

The great thing with the ATM machines, is that it puts people at easy, because they know, that at any time of the day, they can freely access their money, without having to speak to someone, or identify themselves, in order to obtain their money.

As long as these people have their ATM cards and they know their pin number, they should be good to go, because programming takes care of the rest.

A piece of code, that was carefully crafted by programmers, is at the core of the ATM machines, making sure that every transaction is done right, so that they don’t lose customers.

Banks with ATM machines have to also make sure that their client. Doesn’t accuse them of taking advantage of their people.

Many banks around the Globe, have suffer, from people who are trying to still other people’s identity.

The people who are hacking into other people’s identity, to access their banks, don’t understand that crime does not pay, and that Yahawashi, the Son of The Most High, will judge us all, from the top people in the world, to the bottom people in the world.

We are all going to have to answer for the evil things, we have all done at one point or another in this world, anyhow back to the fact of the matter.

As a scripting server-side language like ASP, PHP supports several databases such as MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Generic ODBC, PostgreSQL, and others.

PHP Scripts are Executed by The Server

This programming language is an open source software, which can be downloaded for free.

PHP is a great programming language, for you to start learning first, if you want to become an expert programmer.

Files that end with .php, .phtml, or .php3 are files returned to the browser as plain HTML, these are PHP files.

Therefore, there has to be a server, running in order for a browser to be able to display a website, which was developed in PHP.

Programmers who use PHP understand that, PHP operates great on any functional server; these programmers also understand that it is very easy to learn PHP.

Many programmers and developers also understand that PHP is compatible with many servers today, PHP is also easy to run on any operating system (OS).

PHP is widely used, because PHP is popular, and it is a general purpose open source scripting language.

Thereby PHP has a lot to offer, those developers, who use PHP and have mastered the PHP language.

In web development, PHP is widely used because unlike other languages. Such as C++, they require a lot of commands to output HTML, when PHP can be embedded into HTML easily and accomplish some programming task very easily.

When you don’t use PHP as your core language, to develop websites, which can change the world, you may have a hard time.

Unless of course you have already mastered another language, which can do what PHP does, for websites.

The start (<?php) and end (?>) processing instructions, are tags that enclosed the PHP code and allow users to go from PHP mode to HTML mode easily.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any special coding to output HTML code, into your PHP code or vice versa.

One of the Benefits of PHP

its code is executed on the server and then sent to the client, this distinguishes PHP from other scripting languages such as JavaScript which is a client-side scripting language. The client is not able to know what the underlying PHP code is when the PHP script runs, the client would only receive the results.

Whereas JavaScript, is visible to the user, if they figure out how to view the code of a website, from the browser which is very easy to figure out, by an experienced programmer.

Although PHP is extremely simple for newcomers, it can offer many advanced features for professional programmers.

PHP is a server-side scripting language

PHP allows users to send and receive cookies, collect data from forms and generate the dynamic page content.

The data can then be presented to a user, formatted with HTML coding and CSS styling, according to how the developers, desire to display the data.

All major operating systems are able to host PHP, this includes Linux, Microsoft Windows, RISC OS, MAC OS X, and many variations of UNIX such as HP-UX, Solaris and Open BSD and others.

Most web-servers also support PHP today, these web-servers include Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS) also known as Internet Information Severs and many others.

PHP can be used as a CGI processor or as a module as well.

PHP has many uses, and developer are starting to see that PHP is more valuable than, what they previously thought, which is the reason why PHP has become extremely popular.

PHP scripts are used in three main areas: Server-side scripting, command line scripting and desktop applications.

The most traditional and main target field of PHP is the server-side scripting, which needs three things to work: a PHP parser such as a CGI or server module, a web-server and a web browser.

The web server needs to run with a working installation of a connected PHP, which then lets users access PHP program output on a web browser.

A new PHP programmer can run PHP programs on a home computer if all the required elements are in place.

PHP programs can be run without any server or browser as well, but a PHP parser is needed if a server or a browser are not used.

A user who uses PHP this way is usually working on a command prompt on Windows or an interpreter on Linux and UNIX computers.

This type of usage of PHP is generally good for scripts that are executed on a task scheduler on Windows or cron on *nix and Linux.

PHP is not ideal to write desktop applications that have a graphical user interface, but PHP-GTK could be used if the user is very familiar with PHP and know how to use some of PHP’s advance features.

PHP-GTK though is not available in the main distribution of PHP and users would have to visit the PHP-GTK website to download it.

PHP is very popular Today Because of the freedom that it offers its users

Users have the freedom of choosing any operating system and web-server to accomplish PHP tasks, and they also have the choice of using object-oriented programming (OOP) or procedural programming or a both at the same time.

PHP do not limit its users to output HTML, so is great for web based applications and users can output images, PDF files, text files, XHTML, XML files and Flash movies using swf and Ming.

Dynamic content are handled very well with PHP

Because PHP is able to save and auto-generate the content and save it in a file system instead of printing it out.

PHP makes it easy to work with a verity of database-enabled website, PHP supports a wide range of databases and makes the process of creating a database driven website easy and simple.

Protocols such as COM (on Windows), LDAP, IMAP, HTTP, SNMP, NNTP and others are services that PHP is able to establish communication.

Virtually all web programming language can establish data exchange with PHP. Instantiation of Java objects are also supported by PHP.

The Perl compatible regular expressions (PREC) are also part of PHP’s powerful language package; PREC make it easy for users to parse and access any text file such as XML documents.

As you can see this page is not enough to list all the features and benefits PHP can offer but PHP is a powerful language and a lot can be accomplish with PHP if it is used the right way.

Thank you for reading this article!!!