Your Circle of Friends is a Very Important Piece of Your Life


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The way you live your life is going to follow you for the rest of all of your life; therefore, be careful with the thing you choose to do in life.

Because you are responsible for the choices, you make in your life and with your life, you can’t blame anyone except yourselves.

Of course, there are situations, which you would not be able to control, but never the less, you should always be able to find a solution, to your problems; even when they don’t originate from you.

According to the bible, once you are of age, you are responsible for the things that you do with your life.

Many people don’t know this but, your surroundings also dictate the decisions you make in life.

Therefore, you must be aware of your surroundings and the people, who are around you as well, the people you call, your circle of friends.

The friends you keep in your circle

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the friends you keep in your circle, who form a very important part of your life, and the friends, who should let go, because they are energy drainers, and they are never going to do anything with their lives.

Stay away from those types of people, people who are seriously not serious in life.

Also be aware, of those flakes, type of people, whom you call friends, because they can help you turn into a flake.

Your circle of friends, will determine how far you go in life, if you don’t believe me, then you go ahead and keep people who are negative and pessimistic about life all the time, around you, then you too will become the same way, because you won’t have a chance to see life, in your own way.

The friends you keep around you, can and will have a major impact in your life, so be careful of those who you decide to call your friends.

You may be thinking…

Well, I don’t care what my friends do or don’t do with their lives, their poor choice of life, does not affect me.

Well let me tell you something, you probably already know already, there is a proverb that says tell me who you are with, and I’ll tell you who you are and who you are going to become.

There is also another proverb, which I am sure you know as well, which says, that a rotten tomato can rot a whole bag full of tomatoes.

It is very important that you surround yourselves, with winners and with people who are trying to achieve their goals.

You cannot allow yourselves to associate with people, who are not going anywhere in life, who don’t care for themselves.

The people who are seriously not serious at life, those people don’t see the special meaning of life, and therefore, they give up their dreams very easily.

People who are not pursuing their dreams and goals in life, die inside before their actual death.

Therefore, they die inside, before their grave in dogged up, if you don’t want to be similar to those people, then you need to make a decision and separate yourselves from those friends who are not helping you achieve anything; because they themselves are not achieving anything for themselves.

You need to stay away from those people, Who Mean You Harm

Because although, you may think that they don’t affect you, because you are somehow, different than them, well they do.

Picture this, you are an actual tomato, and the composition of your body is as the composition, of the other tomatoes, around you, which are actually part of your circle of tomato friends.

Of course, there is no such thing as a tomato friend, but you are imagining here.

Anyhow, now let’s say that a friend of one of the tomato friends, which is touching you, is somehow, sick.

A crazy disease that sweeps through the bag of tomatoes, in which you are part of; if you don’t manage to stop touching that close friend, who grew up with you, and now you are the best of friends, you will surely become sick, as your friend.

The reason why this is going to happen, is because you are made of the same stuff as the other tomatoes; therefore, you will be sick, because your body would be susceptible to the same things that your friends are susceptible to.

The circle of friends that you keep around you, always determine, the decisions that you are going to need to take with your life.

You will be taking important decisions in your life; therefore, make sure that you are very meticulous with these decisions, if you don’t want to regret them, for the rest of your life.

Your friends have tremendous power in your life

Don’t let them determine where you go in life, or how far you are going to go in life.

This is why you need to stay away from those people, who are seriously not serious at the game of life and all they think about doing is, hang out at the corner of the street, and in front of their local stores and gas stations.

When people do this, they are wasting their time, and life is just passing them by, they don’t actively seek, something greater than them, to help them grow and become a different better version of themselves.

You will find out that most people on the face of this planet, don’t have a clue about what they are doing with their lives.

Most people don’t even know that, we are all naturally stupid,

We are dumb and don’t know what to do with ourselves, for this reason, we all should go to school and refresh our minds.

We all need to think a bit more differently, then the way we think today, because the way we think from birth is not the way we should think all of our lives.

As our physical body growth, our spiritual life has to grow, as well as our minds, need to grow.

Many people believe that, the fact that they are grownups, and have been out of high school for years that they don’t need to learn anymore.

Well I got new flash for you, the learning journey never stops, and the minute that you stop learning that’s the time that you have given up your mind, and soul; therefore, you too shall pass away.

Once you give up your mind and soul, then that’s when you do die and pass away to the fourth dimension.

Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen’s, your life expectancy is dependent on how much you learn in life.

When you continue to keep the same people around you, which were hurting you, and didn’t have your best interest at hand, because they are either jealous of you or they just don’t like you.

You have to become self-aware and be careful how you deal with these people.

The envy in people is real and it can hurt you

if you are not careful with envy, someone will stop you and stomp on your dreams.

If you let people come and kill your dreams, because you want them to stay in your life, remember that you did that to yourselves.

No one is going to talk about how you got to a destination, all they will see is, that you are there, the way you get there will matter little to people.

So let’s say that you end up being a drunk, because all your friends are drunk; people will perceive you as a drunk and not your friends, and you will forever regret the fact that you never took care of your business and rejected that friend, who ruin your life, out of your life.

You need to understand that the power of your life, lies in you

It is you who dictates, what happens to you.

It is you who decides, the type of circle that needs to stay in your life; therefore, you need to always seek knowledge.

Seeking knowledge, will push you to change your circle of friends, because you are going to always meet someone who will tell you something, which will most certainly change the way you think and the way you look at the world.

Once the way you think changes, then your circle will be forced out of you, if you don’t do something to change it.

Seeking truth and knowledge should always be your main purpose in life, because without it, as mentioned earlier, you are dead.

You may not be physically dead

But you will be spiritually dead, and if you are dead inside, you might as well, just say that you are dead in the physical.

In life, you need to continue to grow, don’t ever stop growing, even though your body has stopped growing, you should always seek for ways to expand your mind and grow your horizons.

Most people believe that growing means, to reach a certain age or to have knowledge about something very important in your life.

But oh boy, how wrong can many people be, because that ideology is far from the truth, real growth takes place, when you have been through a storm and you have to figure out a way to take yourselves out of it.

When you are in a tight situation, and can’t find a way out

when you have been knocked out and can’t get up, when you don’t have your health, and can’t seem to gain your health back, then you are put in a position where is do or die, sink or swim.

Once you are put in a tight situation, then you’ll realize that you have been made stronger then you think.

Life doesn’t become hard, so that you can see how difficult life is, instead life becomes hard so that you can discover how strongly you have been made.

Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, you can do it

But you are going to have to change your circle quick. If you want to be able to reach that next level in life.

Let us please clarify something quick, when we speak about your circle of your friends. Wwe are not talking about those friends, who look out for you when you need them. Oh noooo, we need to understand this, you need friends in life, but you need the right type of friends, don’t you ever just become friends with someone, just because that person is someone you admire.

Remember, the feelings we have right now, will only last but for so long.

Therefore, you need to control your feelings, and make sure that they are not controlling you, because your feelings will be looking more and more appealing to you.

Therefore, you will gravitate toward them, and if you have a friend, who you gravitate to, but that person doesn’t feel the same toward you, then the envy of that person, will drive them to commit a crime against you and you will be surprised, because you never thought that your own friend would betray you the way that he/she did.

So look into your life, careful, and examine the friends that are around you, once you have examined them; they will be classified into two main categories, the real friends, those who are there to help you become a better person, and the fake friends, those who are there to waste your time.

A real friend, will always be there, when you need them the most, not just to play games or shoot some hoop.

Your friend will be exited for you and they will not be jalousie or envious of you, for the things that the Lord gives you as a blessing.

Don’t allow other people’s thinking, destroy you, and if these people are your friends from childhood, then you need to examine them and those who are not helping you become a better person, you need to let them go.

Don’t give up on yourselves, when you encounter an obstacle and those friends who are your obstacles, need to be dismissed.

Don’t complicate your life, with the problems of others, because life is complicated all by itself.

Don’t allow your friends to take away your blessings

If you let them they will take everything out of you. They will tell you how your life should be guided.

Remember though, it is not going to be an easy transition, for you or your friends, because your friends will always want to be in your life, and you will always want them to be part of your life.

So whenever you feel as though, you can’t let go of your friends, then the next thing you need to do is to give them some distance, if you can’t completely get rid of those unnecessary friends.

Thank you for reading this article!!!