The Difference Between the Truth and The Lie

truth and lie

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When you are living in a lie, you don’t recognize a lot of things, which happen to you, on a day to day basis.

You don’t even know who you are, because more than likely your real identity has been stolen, when you live in a lie, which affects your life.

You believe that your life, being as hard as it is, will never get better, because all you know is a lie, and the hard part about it, is that you don’t even know, how bad things are for you, because you don’t know the truth.

I have a piece of advice for you, always seek the truth, everything else will come into place.

Living in the truth, and living in a lie.

In today’s article, we are going to examine the difference, between living in the truth and living in a lie.

When you are living a lie, the world doesn’t feel good, and you have all types of questions, about your life, and about your situation in life.

When you live a lie, which is a big lie, I am not talking about a lie, when a kid lies to you about their homework.

A Lie, Which has a Direct Effect in Your Life and Can Ruin you Forever.

You will find in your life that some lies, are just not meant to be fabricated; however, people fabricate these lies anyways.

Whether, your situation is good or is bad, you will always question things, in your life, because they are just as rare as pigs flying in the sky.

However, people find a way to get other people, to believe that pigs can really fly and that they can come see them soon.

You never know though, we may see pigs, flying in the sky one day

Who knows, you know how crazy, we are with our science.

All the mutation that is taking places today, and all the science laboratory work, which is being done on animals. May someday, push rare animals to have wings and fly, such as a flying pig.

Anyhow back to the fact of the matter, a lie is something that we all must learn at an early age, how to do, so whenever you find yourselves, in a situation, that you don’t understand, because people lied to you, then you have to learn how to figure out the truth, before you can even begin, to make your situation better.

If you however, think that you are going to fix your situation, before you figure out the truth, then know and understand that you are mistaken and will have a hard time trying to make your life much better, because you live in a lie.

A Lie is Deceiving

You won’t realize a lie, until after, it is too late, so you have to learn early on, how to discern between the truth and a lie.

When you can’t tell, when someone is lying to you, then that person, makes you look foolish, because you start, taking decisions that are not, logically correct or don’t make sense.

You need to have the ability to know, when someone is lying to you, and this ability requires that you pay attention to the signs, and give heed onto that, which is considered to be the truth.

People will throw many signs at you

When people are not telling you the truth, you just need to know these signs, and learn to signs and pick them up from a person’s body language.

You will see these signs, when you know what they are and what a person looks like when they are lying to you.

Don’t be deceived and be as wise as the snake, which means that you are going to have learn how to lie.

Living in a lie, can have its devastating outcomes, so you have to be careful, that you are not put in a situation, where they lie to you, for a long time, but you chose to believe the lie.

Many people chose to believe a lie, because it sounded so good, they couldn’t refuse the offer.

Therefore, people choose to participate in a lie, and live in that lie themselves.

A good example of living in lie, is to be married to someone, for 30 something years, and on the fortieth year, that person tells you, that they don’t love you anymore, because you are not enough for your spouse, and that you need to leave them alone, because they have been seen someone else for eight years now, without you ever suspecting.

Many people go through that lie, and figure out later in life, that it was just a bad experience that they had to go through, in order for them to be better people and a better spouse, to the next person they meet and want to marry them.

Yes, life is funny like that

sometimes you go through a terrible experience, just so that you can be thought a lesson, or just so that your personality is made different.

Many people today are living in a lie, but they don’t even know, that they are living in such a lie, they don’t want to wake up, and when you tell them that it is time to wake up, they simply reject the knowledge and teachings that will someday help them to achieve better things.

People who are constantly rejecting help, don’t know that they need some fixing with their life and the way of thinking.

No matter what you do, to resolve a situation, if you have to get it fixed, you have to get it fixed. The Creator, will not allow, for you to be on this earth, and live any kind of which way you’d like.

Therefore, you will be fixed, either by force or by force, really there is no easy way to fix yourselves, but by force and working hard.

You have to pay sweat, blood and tears to fix yourselves, don’t be fooled and live a lie.

You have to always consider, and remember that you were created, by The Most High, and He decides, the type of situation that best fits you, to fix your personality.

Everyone needs to be fixed, because we are all sinners and fall short of God’s glory; therefore, we should all be fixed.

Anyhow, back to the fact of the matter, a lie is something we learn as kids, because we are told that Santa Clause is real.

A lie, has no type of basis

You probably will never figure out when someone is lying to you, because of the ability of the liar to lie very well.

Therefore, you need to seek truth and not lies, because you will be caught up in someone’s lie or your own lei, which can be worse then you may think.

The truth, that you are seeking to understand, can only come from one source, the bible, because the bible has the word of Him, who created you and me.

Who is better, to tell you the truth, than The Most High, Himself

He will be able to guide you through the life, that He created, and He will give you the tools you need, to really be blessed, in a world, which is full of demons.

Yes, my fellow reader, it is true, that we are living, in a spiritual world, and that our souls, are in great danger, because most of us, don’t know nothing about the truth.

Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free, and until you know the truth, you will forever remain in a state of enslavement.

The Truth, has Been Proven to be Fact and Reality

Most of the things, which you would find in the bible, are things, which have come to pass.

The bible is not just any kind of book, the bible is the most popular book in the world, and people have many things to say about that book.

If you are the kind of person, who does not believe in the bible, then you must not want, the truth.

Don’t rely on your own understanding, trust me, you are not God, you are not even like Him, because you duel in sin.

Many people today, live in fantasy land, such fantasies are very well documented and most people don’t want to wake up out of their fantasy.

When we celebrate, Christmas for example, and believe that, an old fat man, comes down a chimney, to give good behaving kids gifts, shows right there, how much we love to lie to each other.

We tell our kids, that Santa Clause is real, lol

When we are kids, we are told anything, but when they grow older, we figure out that parents lied.

Thus, now the children, who are adults now, naturally know, how to lie, because he/she learned to lie from the parents.

We don’t understand yet, the deeper implications of telling kids that, an old fat white man, really comes down the chimney, to give them gifts.

After a while, that child learns early in life, that life, is all a fantasy, and that many things are not to be taken, seriously, even when your parent told you that, you should do them, and believe in them.

Children are also told, that the Easter bunny lay eggs, as if bunnies really lay eggs.

The children believe these stories, and go and play with the Easter bunny all day long, looking for Easter eggs.

It is a shame, what we are doing, to ourselves and especially to our kids.

But hey, what can we say, this is just the way we like it, because everyone would faithfully and voluntarily participate in these celebrations, even when we are adults, and we know that the Easter bunny is not real, or that Santa Clause is a fraud.

It should make you wonder, what else isn’t a reality in the history books, because I mean, how did the Easter bunny came to pass, or the old fat white man, which we praise and love so much,.

Well I don’t really care for this old white man, and when I have kids, I will tell them that, I bought them their gifts, not no fat old white man dressed in red.

Heck, I don’t even celebrate Christmas

it has been proven, that Christmas is not of The Most High, and that He hates, such celebrations.

We don’t take anything serious though, but we will soon find out, how serious The Most High is.

We will soon find out, that when you don’t seek the real truth, which comes from the bible, because it is The Most High’s word, we are living in total lie.

We will soon find out that living in the truth is better than living in lala land, where nothing is real.

No wonder, why life, always feels hard and harsh, for most people, because we don’t know what we are doing, and we are living in lies.

Living in a lie, is not an easy thing to do either, because many people, expect you to prove your lie, but you are telling a lie, so you won’t be able to prove it.

The only thing, which can be Proven is the Truth

if you are not dealing with the truth, then you are on your way to death.

Remember that, when you live in a lie, your company, is the spirit of death, and you are putting your life, in danger, so learn to live in the truth, so that you can be happy all of the time.

You also, won’t have to worry about someone hurting you, or making you feel embarrassed, because you decided to live a lie, and was busted.

Live in the truth, and seek The Most High, by reading His word on a daily basis, so that you may know Him, and in turn, you will also know the difference between the truth and a lie.

Thank you for reading this article!!!